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Social Media

Twitter - @theartfight
tumblr - artfight
deviantart- officialartfight

you can use the email below or message one of the following staff members
[email protected] - please include your username in the subject line!

Takaia - all
Rainy - team switch, login, name change
Axel - team switch, name change
Biscuit - team switch, login, name change

Please include the following form when you submit a help email:
Art Fight Username:
Email you used to sign up: (if different from sender address)

The subject field is for a short reason why you're contacting us and is usually one of the following (but can be something else): bug report, verification email, team switch, login.

The comments field is for describing in detail what you need help with. For example, if your subject was "team switch", your comments field could include "I used up all of my team switch chances but it put me back into the same team. Could I please be switched from team magic to team technology?"

Team Switches

If you would like a team switch, please contact one of the above staff members through a site PM, or through a Discord DM. These methods are preferred to a support email, as you will get a much faster response.

Name Changes

You do not need to explain why you want your name changed. Please fill out the following form when you send your email:


Username Change - [your current username here]

Body of email:

Current Art Fight Username:
Desired Art Fight username:
Comments: I realize that I only get 1 free username change and any additional username changes are a donation perk. I confirm that my old username will become available for anyone to use in the future after the change.

Ban Appeals
[email protected]

Ban appeals will be handled by Deerspine. If you need it to be handled by someone else, please email the help email above, instead.
Please include the following form when you submit a ban appeal email:
Art Fight Username:
Email address associated with your account: (if different from sender address)
Discord username: (If you're looking to get unbanned from the discord in addition to the main site, or if you'd like us to contact you through discord)
Ban reason: (If known)
Reason you think your ban should be lifted:
Any additional relevant information: (such as your full birthday if you were banned for being under 13)

Bug Reports
[email protected]