Guide to Epilepsy and Eye Strain Warning

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Gore - Body Horror - Nudity - Sexual Themes - Eye Strain / Epilepsy - Sensitive Content

Epileptic Imagery

Covers images which can potentially trigger epileptic episodes.


This page includes descriptions of what we consider epileptic imagery.

Optical Illusions & Chromatic Aberration

Images which cause optical illusions (including extreme chromatic aberration) need to be filtered.

Flashing & Strobe Effects

Animation with a rapid flashing/strobe effect need to be filtered under Epilepsy.
"Flashing" refers to content that contains more than 3 blinks per second.
⚠ This example below shows what is okay WITHOUT a filter. We do not have any examples of what would need to be filtered in fear of putting users with epilepsy at potential risk.

Eye Strain

Covers images which can potentially cause visual strain.

Bright Colors

Images with bright colors usually do not need this filter unless the entire image is extremely saturated.

Animation & Bright Colors

Animation utilizing very bright colors, especially red, green, yellow, and cyans, need to be filtered.