Guide to Epilepsy Warning

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This page includes descriptions of what we consider epileptic imagery.

Epileptic Imagery

Covers images which can potentially trigger epileptic episodes or may cause visual strain.
Notice: Art examples are still being developed and will be added over time.

  • Images with bright colors usually do not need this filter unless the entire image is extremely saturated.

  • Images which cause optical illusions (including extreme chromatic aberration) need to be filtered.

  • Animation with a rapid flashing/strobe effect require this filter.

  • Animation utilizing very bright colors, especially red, green, yellow, and cyans, require this filter.

  • Cheat Sheet:

    Needs Filtering

    Doesn’t Need Filtering

    Flashing imagesSingle bright color
    Extreme Chromatic Aberration/Fake 3DSlightly fast moving images
    Fast moving images
    Multiple very bright colors