Posted by Takaia on 3 August 2017 12:04:13 PM (Edited by Takaia 3 years ago)
To end another great round of Art Fight. Please stay tuned as we make some last-minute adjustments and make sure everything is in order. This may take a while, but you should hear from us by the end of the day Art Fight time at the latest. Also please be aware that the winner of Sun vs Moon isn't official until our announcement later. 

In the meantime, you can go tell us your theme ideas for next year (please no joke ones, the first couple can be funny but when there's tons it gets old) or chat with us while we do our last minute house cleaning.

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Sekaiju said:
Yall so exited t!his is my first art fight! 
Not signing this form.
Don't get me wrong, I want to. I'm not signing this form until it drops the dang requirement of a google account to sign it. }[
I'm not wasting however much of the infinite internet there is on a new profile just to vote on this poll.
Spakle said:
Fire vs ice
Nightmares vs dreams 
imagination vs reality
cats vs dogs
Space Vs Sea
Teewicck said:
Space vs earth
Monsters vs aliens 
Superheroes vs vilains
Cowboys vs astronauts
Fire vs ice
Aliens vs astronauts 
And my personal favorite: Waiters vs Baristas!!!

West vs East
Lemon vs Lime
Dragons vs Royalty
Dragons vs Knights
Nebuxlae said:
Astronauts vs cowboys!
Cats vs Dogs
Salty vs Sweet
Speed vs Power
Canvas vs Paper
Love vs Hate
Marshmallow vs Chocolate
Wings vs Fins
Smile vs Frown
Biscuit said:
kryticalcanine and mackstarr You can no longer officially submit attacks to Art Fight until the next event. However, you are more than welcome to still make gifts for people and send them through PMs! In our Discord server as well, many people stick around and do art trades all year round!

monsters if you notice any duplicate attacks, please report them! We re doing our best to go through them all and remove them, but it is possible we may miss a few!

I did not know the fight was only once per year... isn't there a way to do it more often? Or maybe just let us exchange art amongst each other without having to count points, just for fun? I was really enjoying practicing my art with this site and am genuinely sad I didn't get to participate more...
hope VS despair
edgy vs uwu
demons vs angels
neon vs nature
time vs space
sea vs land
animals vs humans
tea vs coffee lol
despair vs hope
war vs peace
rural vs urban
traditional art vs digital art
limejun said:
how about edgy vs pure
Is there a winner yet?
Spicy Vs Sweet sounds delicious! For my first art fight this was a blast! though I did join late.... I still got to draw some amazing Oc's!!! I cant wait to try again next year!