Posted by Takaia on 3 August 2017 11:25:56 PM (Edited by Takaia 3 years ago)
We diligently skimmed through your attacks looking for stuff like missed duplicates and making sure we got the blob characters fixed. We were hoping that by doing so, it would cause the score to trend in an obvious direction, but instead throughout the day it went back and forth. Since the score so close even now, I've decided the mods need more time to go through everything so that we make sure the final verdict is fair. I've also decided that they need some rest as well, so we're delaying our final call. I appreciate your patience. Please also note that your chance to report any incorrectly rated attacks has also been extended a little bit, and you're encouraged to do so!
Thank you all so much for participating in Art Fight this year! I'm so happy you're here.
- Takaia

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Rainy perhaps u can get specific staff for different events? it might be hard because i know its a lot of work for all the mods but maybe you could find people who would make it easier and be okay with helping work on/host multiple throughout the year nwn happy to hear that u are considering though!!  
Take your time. We're all happy to have participated. ^-^ Congrats on meeting your 6k goal too! 
Dakaido said:
I would personally LOVE for it to be biannual, and I know that many of my friends would too! That's would be amazing, simply!
This was my first art fight and I had so much fun! I'm excited to do it again next year
It'd be awesome to have Artfight even twice a year :0 seasonal would be great too but I'm sure it's a lot of work. If seasonal or twice a year was done it may be hard to come up with teams. Maybe it would be easier to have rounds. Like round 1-4 or 1-2 and then just have the two teams for those rounds in which whatever team wins the most rounds win if that makes sense! Also more team ideas could be: cake vs pie  , police vs criminals/ cops vs robbers, royalty vs peasants, poison vs antidotes, ruby vs sapphire, crystals vs space, or earth vs space, Halloween vs Christmas, war vs peace, or Angels vs demons. I'm sure of these have already been suggested ha. 
This is my first time doing art fight, although I'm sad I couldn't draw more- I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I think the biannual idea is great if the mods (etc) are up to it, keep up the great work everyone (btw don't feel too stressed about the results, the event itself is the best part).
tesla said:
I would love if art fight was biannual instead of yearly. It snuck up on me this year and this wasn't a very good month for me, so I didn't get to participate as much as I'd like - but I love art fight and I can't get enough of it! 
Ryan said:
i'd love for a seasonal artfight ;o;

Takashi said:
Take your time moderators and admins!! This is my first time in art fight, sadly, I didn't drew tons of artworks since July is a hectic schedule in my school, and I regret that I haven't done much ;-;
I really enjoyed drawing every picture just to make others happy, and I honed some of my abilities too! Thank you for making this year's art fight a memorable moment for me
I hope to participate again next year~
I don't mind waiting, so take your time, mods. It's the event that's fun for me, not so much the result. ^^
This is my first time participating, I didn't realize it only ran for one month a year. That's a bit sad. I was hoping to use this as a year round practice incentive. :<
The suspense is KILLING ME!
Rainy said:

We are considering doing a biannual event. If we did, it would be hosted in Jan, but you have to realize running it for only one month is a lot of work, and we just got the site developed last year, so we are still working on things. But this is something that has been suggested a lot and we are definitely considering it, but no promises. :) 

I definitely think more than once a year would be great! And if seasonal is too much for the mods and owners to handle, I would think even twice a year would be really good for both halves!
I agree with Sleepy as well. I'd love a seasonal art fight ! Even if it was just one fight per season (Fall, summer, etc) I know a bunch of people that wish there was more than one fight a year. 
kaprui said:
I second sleepystarpup's comment, a seasonal art fight would be super great < 3