Posted by Biscuit on 15 November 2017 07:40:10 AM (Edited by Takaia 3 years ago)
Hello everyone! 

We wanted to release an update news post since it has been a while since we last released one, but also because we have exciting news!  

Art Fight Secret Santa 

We are proud to announce that Art Fight will be officially hosting a Secret Santa on the official Art Fight Discord!

What is a “Secret Santa”?

Secret Santas are pretty simple. Once you sign up to participate, you’re put into a pool of participants. Then, you will be randomly assigned to a person to be their secret santa, meaning it’s your job to secretly give them a nice gift. You will, of course, also get a random secret santa of your own, who will be giving you a gift. Since this is Art Fight, we are limiting gifts to be art created by the secret santa themself. It’s basically like Art Fight but more structured, and in winter.

How To Enter

You will need to enter using this form. The form will be open for the rest of November, closing on the 30th at 11:59pm (AF time). You will then be DM’d through Discord sometime between the 1st - 3rd of December with a notice of who you are to draw a gift for. The deadline for finishing gifts will be 31st of December. It is required you are in the Discord Server to be able to participate. The level of finish of your completed piece should, at minimum, be colored. If you use lines, you should at least refine your sketch.


A few weeks ago on the Art Fight Discord, we started a bi-weekly drawing prompt event, and we thought it was about time we told everyone else about the fun! Every 2 weeks, a new prompt will be released. Each prompt will rotate between situation based prompt, a character based prompt, and an environment based prompt.

At the end of each prompt, we release a collage of all the entries and a collage for the staff’s favorites! It’s completely optional to participate, just something fun for the Discord to help it stay alive!

More info can be found in the Discord Server at #prompts-info.

Theme Poll

Like last year, we released two polls concerning next year’s theme. The first poll (first stage) had around 20 options you could vote for, and you could vote for as many as you would like. We would give that a few weeks, and then release a second poll (second stage) with 3-5 top voted themes from the last poll. Whichever theme got the most votes on the second poll would be the theme for next year!

We expect to release the first voting stage of the Art Fight 2018 Theme poll December 17th, so look forward to that!


Thank you for being so patient on waiting for your achievement badges! More news on them will come soon.

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Aaa!! I'm so excited!!
I wanna vooote!
Biscuit said:
Idakatta We assigned everyone who was in the Discord server. We tried to get a hold of you through both of your secondary forms of contact to ask you to join, but were unable to get a response. 
If you didn't respond before the 11th, you were probably removed from the event, I'm afraid. </3
Idakatta said:
I submitted a form but i havent gotten a DM yet
Are yall still working on it? 
Biscuit said:
CheesyRobotMacaroni @BirdoBird
We are messaging everyone as soon as possible about their Secret Santa giftee. It will take a little bit longer than we expected due to the amount of users who singed up. 
Please bear with us.. It won't be long now! 
Thank you so much! 
royalred said:
Will the prompts be out soon? I don’t know if they got out yet...
I submitted a form. Should I expect a dm relatively soon??
AAAAGGHH I missed the deadline for this DX 
I was just thinking I wished artfight was more often T^T 
No1fan15 said:
DAMN I missed it :(
nooOOOOOOO XD I only just noticed this, and now it's December first XD
But I didn't get my achievements yet...
Stereo said:
What a fun community this is! I absolutely love the team and people here, always having fun even when the event is over! 
Biscuit said:
EarthlyBlur I don't believe there will be a way to sign up for multiple people to gift for, aside from offering to be a back-up Santa. 
However, you're totally more than welcome to make more gifts for anyone around the server on your own! 
Can you draw more than one piece?