Site Update

Posted by Rainy on 3 July 2018 05:27:02 PM

Hey guys, just want to say that we're still working on making the site speedy again. There is no ETA of when it should be up, but we're aiming for at least tomorrow. 

  • For the mean time, you can go on the site, but do expect huge slowness and errors when uploading attacks and characters.  There isn't anything we can do right now, because the site is still not stable right now. Also, please be aware that the issue does not lie in the server - we updated it waaay before the fight to prepare. This is an unexpected problem.

  • We will update you when it's finished. We've got a great team of volunteers helping us at the moment. There is no ETA on when it will be fixed, however. 

  • If you haven't registered, once the site is stable you will be able to. Don't worry about missing out! 

  • Also, the fight will be extended again to make up for the lost time. We'll definitely be extending it 3 days at least. 

  • Team switches are NOT in priority of moderators right now. You may have to wait a little bit to be switched. 

  •  Feel free to join our Discord for more instant updates, and also to talk with other users. Lots of users have been sharing their characters on there. 

Sorry this had to happen, and I know it's off putting to new users, but I assure you if you stick with us for a little longer we'll figure things out. Our devs are working day and night to get it fixed. 

Comments (107)

i love the art fight and Its fine about the slow site. Its because to many good artists are on here that the site is just fangirling too much! XD
Great job on the fight! ^^ 
You guys are doing an amazing job, don’t worry too much!
No worries!
You guys are doing such a great job!!
Aaahh No Worries!! It Will All Work Out Guys! ;3
It really sucks I can't attack anyone 
I just registered and it seems I also have the problem of not being able to upload attacks :'>
I was having some issues with uploading due to the timing out- 
Seems like images with a resolution higher than 300dpi just take too long to upload. 
I got mine to work by putting the resolution down to 144dpi.
Can someone give me the code to the TEA team BADGE? I wanna put it on flight rising, c.s., telegram, waja, eldemore, instagram, and more. 
Aw man.
Will we be able to search up certain members? It is very hard to find specific people when you can't search for them.
I’m glad the website is working again, but i still cant submit my attacks ;u; idk if anyone else has this problem or not??
thank you so much for your time in getting everything under control!!
PawzTheDrFoxFan I can't promise when for sure, but hopefully sooner rather than later!
Biscuit So it'll come back next year or whenever the site's completely fixed?