Posted by Rainy on 20 March 2019 04:04:17 PM (Edited by Rainy 2 months ago)
Hello everyone! 

Since Art Fight is coming up quickly, we wanted to get your feedback on our current rules about the maturity ratings. It will go through examples of our current rules, and you will be able to give your opinion on each. There will be illustrations, but you can opt out of seeing them and give your thoughts without seeing the illustrations. It is completely optional to fill out the survey. 
You can fill out the survey here. We appreciate everyone who gives us feedback! 

As well, moderation and coder volunteer applications are still open to those who are interested. 
Moderation volunteer application
- You must be at least 18 years old to apply
- You must have participated in one Art Fight Event.
- Reminder we will most likely look at users who are more active in the chat/site/reporting than those who are inactive. 

Coder volunteer application
- You must be at least 18 years old to apply.
- Looking for those experienced in server administration, Javascript, MySQL, git, etc.
- You must have participated in one Art Fight Event.

Hope you guys are excited for the event! See you around soon! 

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KiRAWRa said:
Just finished filling out and submitting the survey, only to immediately think of a suggestion I forgot to include DX
I hope it's okay if I write it here? I didn't see anything in filter options relating to guns or other weapons? I know violence/blood is accounted for, but perhaps the addition of a filter for guns would be nice.
Elon musquito
twenty third
Seventh : D
Fifth ¯\_ʘᗜʘ_/¯
elesezra said:
Fourth ;>
Third. >;3
Akivaq said: