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Hello everyone!

We have one more survey for you. We’re currently reviewing our attack ratings, and wanted to get your feedback on our current rules on it. In this form, we’ll ask you how you felt about the ratings last year and if you thought you got the correct amount of points. We value your opinion, so please check it out! You can fill out the survey here. We appreciate everyone who gives us feedback!

We also have one quick announcement to make. With the exception of donators, who will still be able, we will not be taking username change requests during the event (July 1st - August 1st) due to strain on moderators. If you would like to change your username, you still have about 2 months to do so. See the contact page for more information on how to do change your name. The FAQ has been edited to reflect this.

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Maybe there should be an option for if the attack was drawn in a simplified/less effort version of your normal style, so not technically chibi but still has the idea of giving less points to the attacks that have less effort put into them. This would not put the people who only draw chibis or the people that put as much effort into chibis as they do with non-chibis at a disadvantage as this would not apply to them.
@RayvnByrd I believe it starts July 1st like last years art fight 
I had an idea for team names! 
How about Username vs. Password?
The Username side can be a bunch of whackey characters based off the username floating over their head like "Marshmallowsoup" or whatever, or have a bunch of characters with hovering usernames all happily mingling.
And Passwords would be all secretive and mysterious, some 0's and 1's in the background, maybe in a dark room with wires and stuff hanging from the ceiling with sneaky looking characters skulking around! 
Just an idea I thought I'd throw out there
I don't really like the point difference for chibis tbh. If you're purely a chibi artist you shouldn't get less points just for that, especially if you put in as much effort/detail as possible.
I think the old score system was fine the way it was.
Tekki said:
I disagree with the point difference for chibis idea. Even if proportionately they are easier to draw than full bodies, it doesn't account for the amount of detail, and chibi characters can still be difficult and complex to draw.

(Plus, some people's characters might appear smol, cute, and anyone who draws them would be put at a disadvantage.)
One more month
I also agree with a point difference for chibi art ! it, generally speaking, takes less time than regular full bodies
asechii said:
My only thought would be to add a point difference for chibi art.
With the system as it was, you could get big full-body points for something super simple and quick by just making everything chibi. Regular full body usually takes much longer but was worth the same amount, putting non-chibi artists at a disadvantage.
Beyond that, it worked well, I think.
Rainy said:

It starts July 1st!
The scoring system in my opinion isnt bad at all ::3

Do we have a date for art fight this year?
I personally never found an issue with the old scoring system, I think it was fine as is c:
Ah! Also I was wondering when artfight is starting this year? 
The rating system was understandable and easy to control; I cant find anything wrong with it. :DD
the scoring system is super fun!!! I don't think there's anything wrong with it and can't wait for this year's art fight
I personally had zero issues with the scoring system. It as a good year to join in on as my first experience.