Posted by Biscuit on 1 July 2019 10:36:40 PM (Edited by Axel 5 months ago)
Hello Art Fighters! Welcome to Art Fight 2019. We’re all excited for you to participate!

As you already know, the theme of 2019 is Dream vs Nightmare!

Here is some general information for those who are new!

How to get sorted:

Now that the event has officially started, you can click “Current Event” in the upper right hand corner to check it out. Once there, you can go ahead and get sorted into a team. Team sorting is done manually to help prevent teams from being flooded with abandoned and inactive accounts.

Which team you get sorted is mostly based on how many users are on the teams already, to help make sure that the user count is balanced and each team has an equal chance based on member count. 

How to attack:

Once you’ve been sorted into one of the two teams, you are then able to click the Submit button in the navbar and there should now be “Attack!”. 

What is rating?

Once the fight has started, you may notice a Rate Attacks option show up under Browse. Here, you can rate attacks that have been submitted, giving them a small addition to their points if you upvote them. You can only vote on each attack once a day.

This is not a required part of gameplay! It’s just if you want to take part in it. You also do not need to be on a team to rate! Spectators, if you want to have a little part in the game too, now’s your chance!

Is friendly fire a thing? What is it?

Friendly fire in Art Fight means to attack someone on the same team as opposed to attacking someone on the opposite team, and It most definitely is a thing! You’d attack them just like you would anybody else, except since the goal is to attack people on the other team, friendly fire will not count for points.


  • Name changes are no longer accepted for the duration of the fight, with the exception of donators! 

  • We updated our attack categorization and our maturity ratings a month back. Please check them out as they have a lot of changes!

  • Other

    Here’s a few helpful links to get you started:

    To show your team pride, use the badges made by Sangtanic on your Art Fight profile and DeviantART! 



    Dream, left to right: AlienAlfredoCearaTentaJennGyroTechCityspacerSilverpinerock

    Thank you to  Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.

    View the banners in HQ on our DeviantART group here

    Let the battle begin!

    Comments (75)

    Holy crap team dream was behind almost 3,000.00 points and it skyrocketed to 15,000.00 like what have people been lying about
    GG guys
    Dodger99 said:
    Is there a specific date for when the winners will be announced?
    AhHhHHHh!! This year was really better! GG dudes UwU
    Oh boy, well Nightmare or Dream I'll have to wait unilt art fight 2020.

    You know, if there's a 2020.
    Rainy said:
    Sorry for the delay. You were changed!

    Also, the newpost banner is a bug we're looking into!
    Howee same! Is there really a new news post or is it just a glitch?
    bunowi said:
    hello! im new and id really like to be on team dream, but while i was figuring out how to change to spectator on mobile, I accidentally used all of them by clicking the back arrow twice. is there any way i can contact a mod to be on team dream?
    I am new. 
    Could I be on team Nightmare??
    Zastie said:
    Is there any confirmed date for the end? I know the obvious answer might be that it ends at the end of July, but staff on Discord mentioned there might be a day or two extended due to the outages at the beginning of the event. Don't know if that was ever mentioned more.
    Cokei said:
    Howee same, i thought it was just me
    Bonnieb said:
    I think it would be more interesting if the drawings had to be related to the theme.
    Ya veremos que tal, soy nuevo aqui xD
    KiRAWRa said:
    T̙͚̹h͙̺̻̣͟e͇̗̖̗r̞̥͝ͅẹ̭̼̭̣ i̭̥̤̞ͅs͙̩̙̣ ̥̙̩̪̕a̹̩̗̼̯͕̥͠ ̡͙͈͙n̤̲͚ḙ͉̣̰w͏͖͇ͅ ͍̯̬̦̱̀n͕̮̘͟e̗͇̭̙͖̣͘w̖s̺͇̭̲ ҉̪̪̳̫͕̙p͔̕o̻̝s͓ͅt̳͖!̡̱̣̠͕̮̩̪