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Posted by Rainy on 1 July 2020 01:58:44 PM (Edited by Rainy 11 months ago)
Hello Art Fighters! Welcome to Art Fight 2020. We’re all excited for you to participate!
As you already know, the theme of 2020 is Sugar vs Spice!


Here is some general information for those who are new!


  • Name changes are no longer accepted for the duration of the fight, with the exception of donators!

  • We have heavily updated our attack categorization.  Please check them out as they have a lot of changes!

  • You may have noticed that we implemented a dark mode! You're able to switch to it in settings.

Here’s a few helpful links to get you started:

Team Badges
To show your team pride, use the badges made by Sangtanic on your Art Fight profile and DeviantART! 

Sugar, left to right:

Spice, left to right:

Sugar, left to right: 
Unknown LakeLake Vanderdeer  reshirama @dogantlers ClockworkRhapsody
Spice, left to right:

Thank you to Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.

View the banners in HQ on our DeviantART group here

Let the battle begin!

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Heck yea!
Okay then-
nimreth said:
litty spaghetti 
HEck Yeah ^^, thanks for the hard work !!
I just wanna give all the staff a HUGE THANK YOU! I always look forward to July and all of the hard work. Art Fight is my only art platform right now and i love it to death. Thank you thank you!
SkipAJ said:
Arrow, you have to type in the character ID in the attack submission page. The IDs can be found next to the character's name on their page.
_Arrow_ said:
It won’t let me select a character for an attack and I can post an attack with out it
Any help this is my first year so I don’t know what to do
Haseo said:
Hope the ping on the 2nd banner gets fixed soon ;w; i changed usernames and now its not correct.
Hi. Can somebody please change me from team?? I've requested moderators but still don't have any response, i've been waiting for three days and i really want to start drawing 😭
Na-chan said:
Even if the button is disabled, you can still attack; use browse -> random user/character to find what character you'll draw and then go to submit -> attack!
the find somebody to attack button is greyed out, help?
We can't fight yet? Is that normal?