Posted by Rainy on 13 July 2020 05:59:50 PM (Edited by Rainy 5 months ago)

Art Fight 2020 Extension & Updates

Hi everyone! The team hopes you've been enjoying the fight so far! 

We've got a few updates and reminders for you all. 

Please read below for more information.

Art Fight 2020 Extension

You may have noticed that the site was slow for a few days after the event started. We apologize about the inconvenience it may have caused you all. 
Due to the site being inaccessible for a few days, we've made the decision to extend the fight until August 10th, 2020 12:00PM MDT.  The site wasn't down for that long, but we wanted to surprise you all with a longer extension this year. We hope you all enjoy the extra time! 

Known Site Issues
Art Fight should be running pretty smooth now, with the exception of an error you may get on the front page, and the statistics page being temporarily inaccurate. There may be some slow patches, but it should be generally stable!

Rating Update - Animation Balancing, Simple Characters & Minimal Form
Our rating system isn't perfect, so we've made some important changes to it for the rest of the fight that we think you'll like!

On July 4th, we recently balanced animation points, since animation was giving a bit more points than intended. All attacks uploaded after that have the intended amount.

Simple Characters & Minimal Form

There has been some controversy surrounding the Simple Shaped Character size rating. We've heard your concerns, and are implementing a new size rating called Minimal Form. 

Sometimes referred to as 'blobs', these doodle-like characters are drawn with minimum effort. They generally feature singular simple shapes or silhouettes. Characters that can be drawn in only a few strokes or lines can fall into this category.

The team will be updating existing attacks we deem fit with this rating. We'll also be doing some point recalculations too, so you may notice some point changes! 
We urge you to all check out the new rating description by clicking here.

Art Fight 2020 Questions
Here's some general information for newbies to help aid them in navigating the site!

Please be reminded that our Moderators are always available for general Art Fight questions, and our Adminstrators are available for anything a Moderator can't answer!
If you haven’t already, we also encourage you to join the Discord server here! Discord is one of the fastest ways to get contact with moderators and the latest information regarding the site. 

How do I get sorted?

Now that the event has officially started, you can click “Current Event” in the upper right hand corner to check it out. Once there, you can go ahead and get sorted into a team. Team sorting is done manually to help prevent teams from being flooded with abandoned and inactive accounts. Which team you get sorted is mostly based on how many users are on the teams already, to help make sure that the user count is balanced and each team has an equal chance based on member count.

How do I attack?
Once you’ve been sorted into one of the two teams, you are then able to click the Submit button in the navbar and there should now be “Attack!”.

What is rating?
You may notice a Rate Attacks option under Browse. Here, you can rate attacks that have been submitted, giving them a small addition to their points if you upvote them. This is not a required part of gameplay! It’s just if you want to take part in it.

You also do not need to be on a team to rate! Spectators, if you want to have a little part in the game too, now’s your chance!

Is friendly fire a thing? What is it?
Friendly fire in Art Fight means to attack someone on the same team as opposed to attacking someone on the opposite team, and it most definitely is a thing! You’d attack them just like you would anybody else. However, since the goal is to attack people on the other team, friendly fire will not count for points.

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Ahhhhh I'm so glad it got extended, I only found out abou this now but it means I'll still have a chance to take part-
TC said:
Very happy for the extension since I started like a week late. I'm glad!
Oh i really appreciate the extension! I'm busy with college prepwork this month so this really helps me out! Thank you so much!
Yay! I got t-boned and that sucked away several of the days where I knew I had time to draw from me. Thank you for this!
Oh pog..
LaNeuro said:
Oh well thank you! My birthday is the 1st of August and I didn't want it to end that day x3 Also I wanted to do 50 pieces for my first year on here, I will have some extra time! 
Potakun said:
Hi! Second year of art fight for me! Thank you for working so hard, Art Fight Team! I look forward to this event every year!! :DD
Brittdub said:
Oof man awesome thanks for the enxtension!
I was kinda worried about the lag i just joined today and thought it was my internet..
when are yall gonna update the shop?? I'm dying for new stickers
Haha yes extension lezgo team spice
Thanks for the extension I might actually be able to attack now
manatiki said:
Yay! Now it's during my birthday haha
Thank you so much for the extension!! ^^
The sugar and spice emoticons don't work for me.
You guys are working really hard this year, we really appreciate it!