Posted by Rainy on 10 August 2020 07:10:42 PM (Edited by Axel 5 months ago)
Reports on attack ratings will be temporarily disabled after 4PM MDT. If you wish to report attacks for reasons not involving ratings, (i.e. Harassment, tracing, etc.) please report the User’s profile and describe the problem accurately in the report. Once again thank you all for your help!

I apologize about the sudden site slowness yesterday and today. Due to this, the event will be ending August 11th at 7pm MDT (Art Fight time). Here's a countdown timer if you need it
After the event ends, the moderators will spend a few days responding to attacks and double checking things. The official newspost will be posted after that with the winning team. 

We appreciate the patience this last month. We hope you've all had a great fight!


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I'll probably be more prepared next year, maybe better art for some of my characters.
I'll be coming back next year for sure, although this year did give me a goal- to try and make 75 attacks each year that I can.
Like so many other people here, I wanted to do more but was busy and unprepared and it was my first time, etc. Definitely coming back next year! Thanks for all the hard work, mods!
This was my first year for art fight and I had a lot of fun! I was looking forward to do a lot of drawings but I ended up getting busy on a project. I'm hoping to participate again next year and draw more!
MannePL_ said:
It was my first year of art fight and it was very fun :3
But I feel that I could do better..
See you next year! Can't wait!
I had a lot of fun! I especially had fun drawing people's characters!! See you guys again next year! ^^
So excited for the results!!
Ooooo Im actually so excited guys!!! Did team spice pull thru? I hope so
Art fight was really fun! I think I did good for my first year, I'll be back next year! see all of you then :D 
I definently will be joining next year again! Thank you for this.💕
eastofoz said:
my gosh, this whole kashoot kabang was a lot funner than i expected! thank you all, artfight staff, for such a fun first artfight. i and many others will definitely be back next year! 
Yonni said:
Had an absolute riot at my first Art Fight ever.
I'll see ya'll next year.
 。◕ ‿ ◕。
First art fight, had fun, got to see my seal and turtle cat in SO MANY STYLES, definitely going to try attacking more people next year, had a busy year this year.
Wiq49 said:
[font=arial, sans-serif]IT WAS FUN[/font]
Azokcium said:
See y’all next year! I had a lot of fun drawing characters and going out of my comfort zone.