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Final Score...
 6325438.24 vs 6332569.03

Top Attack
The attack that did the most damage, with the most amount of characters from the opposing team is "Big Bertha" by tsotea with a whooping 17,323 points, featuring 720 characters... What a madman! 

Top Attack
The attack that did the second most damage is "the great wave off catagawa" by sunminny with a whooping 6,865 points, featuring 503 characters. What a unique piece! 

Featured Attacks: Highest Points
These are the top attacks that did more than 3000+ points of damage. Click to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Character Interaction
These are some attacks that have strong character interaction. Click to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Film / Animation
These are some attacks that have strong animation or great video editing. Click to check them out:


Featured Attacks: Crafts
These are some attacks that were uniquely done with physical materials! Click to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Comics
These are some attacks are comics!

Featured Attacks: 3D Render
These are some attacks that were done using a 3D software. Click to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Game
These are attacks that are made in a video game format, which seems to be a new trend this year. How cool!


General Statistics
A total of 635,253 attacks were made!
Sugar  made 317,339 attacks, resulting in 6325438.24 points
Spice made 317,914 attacks, resulting in 6332569.03  points

User Growth
We have over 267,000 users total. Of those users, 115,773 of them took part in the fight!

63,897 new users participated in their first fight. 51,876 are returning users!
Our Discord Server also saw amazing growth and now boasts 57,000 users!

User Statistics 
Sixbane pumped out 1775 attacks for team Spice, the most out of anyone once again. In total, Sixbane has done over 4,823 attacks!
This is followed by Ressy who graciously made 291!

@Okapolar did the most attacks for team Sugar with 1131 attacks, and in total has done 2343!
This is followed by Creamflame who drew 384 attacks!

The longest attack chain belonged to mooneria and EmojiGamez with an amazing level 452 revenge chain?!? Wow.
Another impressive chain between Kometan and Eter contains 80 amazingly rendered attacks, great work you two!

Staff Picks
These are some attacks that were selected by staff to showcase!

Helpful Members
Thank you to these users that were helpful in all different aspects this year. All of these users did something worth recognizing. Give them a follow! 

A big thank you to the entire Support Team for diligently helping out. 


You might have noticed the attack and team achievements were automated this year. If you don't have a certain badge, don't panic! There will be scheduled maintenance to make sure everyone is up to date. 
Also, we're still in the process of making the winner badge, traitor badge, loyalty badge, etc for this year. We'll announce when we are finished with them.

Answers to Common Questions

The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before, just without the ability to attack.
If you’d like to continue attacking others, a good alternative is an art trade conducted via PM here, our Discord, or other platform of your choice.

Minigames 2020-2021
In a few weeks, the Discord sever will start up a thing called Minigames. Minigames are art related games that you can play when Art Fight isn't active. We've currently got 5 different minigames. It'll be announced when they start up.

Here's a preview of some of the games:

Give some art and get some art! Claim a spot by posting a character or characters you would like drawn, then draw the character the person above you posted!

Design a character and auction it off for free through a guessing game! Adopts are encouraged to be based on a theme (a food, bath bomb, song, ect), whoever guesses the category right gets the adopt!

Draw your or your friends' characters using the given prompt! Prompts change the 1st and 15th of every month and range in theme from palette prompts to drawing your characters doing specific activities.

If you're interested, join the Discord Server for more information!

We want your feedback!

We have a variety of different feedback forms this year. This will aid us in development for Art Fight 2021. We would really appreciate if you took the time to fill these out!

General Feedback Form 
Want to give some general feedback surrounding Art Fight as a whole? This form is for you!
Art Fight Usability Form 
We want to hear your thoughts about the layout/UI and how you use certain features!
Ratings Feedback Form
Ratings are an integral part of Art Fight. We're always looking to improve them, so please give your thoughts about them here.
Art Fight 2021 Theme Poll 
Vote for your favourite theme in the Art Fight theme poll for next year!

Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2020: Sugar vs Spice!
Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

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Comments (407)

Gg y’all, see you all next time :)
Damn its been only a week or two and Im highkey missin everyone aaaaaa
jagurz said:
AWWWW. good game, spice!!! i didn't participate that much but damn i didnt know sixbane was so good-
cydanite said:
Great game everyone, this was a lot of fun this year!!! :D
i didnt participate much but gj everyone! cya next time!
Congratulations to everyone on Team Spice, and Good Job to Team Sugar, it was very close, hope to see you all in the next Art Fight
Good job everyone!

This was my 1st time in artfight so i'm super happy of the end result! :O
Good job everyone! I really wanted to win but this was super fun!
Seeing those stats though made my job drop tho, like DAMM XD
Good job everyone! See you all next year!
My first loss in 4 years of being on ArtFight, it stings a bit, haha. Congrats to team Spice!
this was my very first ArtFight year and even though I didn't do much I really enjoyed it! I'm really hyped for next year! And even though it's stressful and stuff it's still cool, kinda sad that Sugar lost but eh. Congrats to Team Spice!
Kiwiboom said:
awesome job everyone! ^^ already excited for next year LOL!~
This was so fun! Thank you to everyone who made my first year so enjoyable, can’t wait to come back next year!
This was fun for my first year. See y'all next year!
It was so much fun in my first year, so many lovely characters and everyone was so friendly! Really excited for next year and congrats to team spice!!