Posted by Rainy on 2 January 2022 11:47:17 PM (Edited by Rainy 2 months ago)
Ever wanted to help out Art Fight? We have positions for both site and chat moderators open. If you think you have what it takes to be a moderator, please apply below!

If you have already applied in 2021 and have nothing new to add, please do not re-apply. We are still heavily considering and processing those applications.

• You must be at least 18 years old to apply
• You must have participated in one Art Fight Event (does not include minigames)
• We are looking at users who are active on the Art Fight site or Discord server
• Being in the Art Fight Discord server is a requirement. Any applicants that are not will be ignored

Please apply here.

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yesile said:
mfw when you're in your twenties and you read all the comments from underage people more interested in modship than you are.


That is my face, because I am an emotionless rock.

Yukaz said:
mfw youre 15 :sob:
welp- i’m not 18 yet so uh-
Sp said:
Why tf do we need to be 18 to apply
Unlucky said:
Good luck applying y'all >:)
Babyuwu said:
Im wishing yall good luck :>>
good luck to those applying!!! <3
Mystical said:
GL who those who apply :D 
Good luck to the ones applying! :D
Wish everyone who is applying good luck! :) 
CrispinAsheYA Best of luck to you!
Wish me luck next year, guys!
zamnn 😍 im too young 
reddteas said: