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Social Media

Twitter - @theartfight
Tumblr - ArtFight
DeviantART- OfficialArtFight
Twitch - theartfight

You can contact one of the following moderators, get help through Discord on #af-help, OR email* [email protected]

*A site PM will probably get you a faster response than email.

Takaia - donations, tech support, bug reports, site issues, deleting notifications/hidden bookmarks
Rainy - Name Changes, Team Switches, General Help
Axel - Team Switches, General Help
Biscuit - Name Changes, Team Switches, General Help
Mellochi - Name Changes, Team Switches, General Help
nona - Name Changes, Team Switches, General Help

Team Switches

If you would like a team switch, please contact one of the above staff members through a site PM, or through a Discord DM. These methods are preferred to a support email, as you will get a much faster response.

Name Changes

You do not need to explain why you want your name changed. Please note we do not allow any symbols including ! , . @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) [ ]
Please fill out the following form when you send your email:


Username Change - [your current username here]

Body of email:

Current Art Fight Username:
Desired Art Fight Username:
Comments: I realize that I only get 1 free username change and any additional username changes are a donation perk. I confirm that my old username will become available for anyone to use in the future after the change.

Ban Appeals
[email protected]

Please include the following form when you submit a ban appeal email:
Art Fight Username:
Email address associated with your account: (if different from sender address)
Discord username: (If you're looking to get unbanned from the discord in addition to the main site, or if you'd like us to contact you through discord)
Ban reason: (If known)
Reason you think your ban should be lifted:
Any additional relevant information: (such as your full birthday if you were banned for being under 13)

Bug Reports
[email protected]