Due to unforeseen events, the Discord AMA and Theme Reveal stream are being postponed a bit. The new date for AMA and theme reveal stream dates/times can be found on the front page.

Contact Us

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For general help and questions, you can contact one of the moderators listed here, get help through Discord on #af-help, OR email* [email protected]

*Emailing will most likely take longer than a site PM. Please try to be descriptive in the subject of your message! For example, instead of putting "help" as the subject, try putting "I can't submit an attack because of an error".

For team changes, name changes, ban appeals, account deletion or bug reporting, please read the sections below:

List of administrative moderators and what they can help you with:
Takaia - Donations
Axel - Donations, Team Switches, General Help, Symbol Change, Minor name changes
Biscuit - Donations, Team Switches, General Help, Symbol Change, Minor name changes
Rainy - Donations, Team Switches, General Help, Symbol Change, Minor name changes
Kingfauna - Team Switches, General Help, Minor name changes
classicturtle - Team Switches, General Help, Minor name changes

Team Changes

While we allow team changes, please be aware they may not be responded to immediately. Please make sure you have actually used up your team switches before messaging one of the moderators listed above.
In the subject, include the team you would like to switch to.

Name Changes

Name changes are now automated. All users get 1 free username change, and additional usernames may be purchased by donating $2.
Please see your settings page to change your username!

However, if you made a typo or only want to change one letter, one of the moderators listed above can be contacted.

Donation inquiries

If 48 hours have gone by and you still do not have your donation role on the discord server, you can message one of the above moderators. (The ones with "donations" behind their name.) They can also help you out with other donation issues or questions, though have a look at the donation FAQ first!

If you have reached the VIP + donation tier, you can contact one of the staff listed above to change your name symbol.

Ban Appeals
Send a mail to [email protected]

Please include the following form when you submit a ban appeal email:
Art Fight Username:
Email address associated with your account: (if different from sender address)
Discord username: (If you're looking to get unbanned from the discord in addition to the main site, or if you'd like us to contact you through discord)
Ban reason: (If known)
Reason you think your ban should be lifted:
Any additional relevant information: (such as your full birthday if you were banned for being under 13)

Account Deletion
Send a mail to [email protected]

Deleting your account is now a permanent thing and will delete everything associated with account. Please remember that it is unrecoverable.
We do still retain username history, any reports, and messages received from the account.

To delete your account, please email [email protected] with this form. PLEASE USE THE EMAIL THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ARTFIGHT. If you do not do this, your request will be ignored.

Subject: Account Deletion Request: Username
Link to Artfight:
Email associated with Artfight:
I agree that deleting my account is permanent and is not recoverable. All my personal information, attacks, characters, messages, etc will be removed.