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When is this Art Fight starting?
Art Fight 2018 will most likely begin in the summer!!

How do I join a team?
There is a button labeled "Current Event" in the top right corner next to your username. If an event is currently running, there will be another button to “Get Sorted”. This will put you on a random team.

Can anyone still join?
Anyone can join at any time, and can still participate in any event that is currently active.

How long will Art Fight last?
The fight lasts for about one month each year.

What happened to art-fight.com?
Art-fight.com belonged to the previous owner and sadly was not passed down to us, the new staff, when we obtained Art Fight in 2015.

What do the different colored usernames mean?
The different colors represent the different teams. There are three different colors representing the Spectator team and both of the fighting teams. When teams are released, team colors will be apparent.

How can I switch teams?
On the Event Page, you may click to become a Spectator again. This will give you the option to roll again to try and get on your desired team.

What if I used up all my Team Switches?
If you use up all of your team switch attempts and are continuously put on the undesired team, you may contact a staff member from the Contact Us page and ask for a manual team switch.

Can I change my username?
All users are granted one free username change.. Any name changes after that will be available as a donation perk. Please contact a staff member listed under the Contact Us page for a new username.

How can I volunteer for Art Fight?
If you’re interested in becoming a moderator or having any other role in Art Fight, please fill out the volunteer form and we will go through the applications when the need arises.

Can I contribute to the event without creating art?
Take a look at the Rate Attacks page where you can choose to give bonus points to randomly chosen attacks.


How do I get featured on the front page?
A maximum of 12 people are featured on the front page. If you donate $100 or more during the current year, you are guaranteed to be featured on the front page. If less than 12 people have donated that much, you have a chance to be featured if you donated at least $10 during the current year. Everyone above a $10 donation is on the featured members page.

Where does money from donations go?
Any donations given are put towards the domain name, server hosting, and other website expenses of Art Fight. Once basic expenses are covered, money goes towards development.

How do I become a Supporter?
You obtain Supporter status by donating to Art Fight! However, please be aware that this is not an automatic function, and you'll have to wait for staff to review the Paypal transaction. You'll need to include your Art Fight username in your Paypal donation so that we will know who the donation is from. Please do not include your account password! In the event that you forget to include your username, please contact an admin as soon as possible and include your Paypal's email so that we can cross-check receipts and get you your Supporter status!

Text Entry

Can I use HTML here?
No, but you can use BBCode. We have a BBCode guide all set up for your convenience!

How do I reply to a comment?
Until we get actual replies coded into the site, you can reply by adding a new comment and pinging the recipient with @username.


Is it okay if I submit a character from an existing piece of media? Or my headcanon, alternate universe version of them?
Fandom-based OCs are perfectly fine, but taking an existing character can be copyright infringement and is not allowed. Therefore, fan characters are fine, but headcanon, AU versions, or the character themself is not ok.

Can I submit my real life pet, or myself, as a character?
Yes! However, please be aware of the risks in posting pictures of yourself online.

Is there a limit to how many characters I can submit?
You can submit as many characters as you want but we suggest you limit it to the ones you most want art for if you have a lot. You can also upload your main characters and a spare "character" (or more than one if you want to do categories) that links to a list of the rest (such as on toyhou.se) in the description. People can then attack that spare character in place of the rest of your characters.

Can I rearrange my characters after uploading them?
Yes! We have added the ability to rearrange your characters. The higher the number you use, the closer to the beginning your character will be.

Can I edit characters after submitting them?
Yes, character profiles can be edited at any time.

Is there a way I can save characters I would like to draw later?
You can use the bookmarking feature on the top right of a character's profile to bookmark it for later. This will not notify the artist so you can keep your attack a surprise. Bookmarks are saved under your profile dropdown on their own page.


Are we allowed to include characters in our attacks that do not belong to us or the person we are attacking? (Couple partner, Friends, etc.)
You may include others' characters in your attacks. However, you must have explicit permission from the character's owner that it is okay to include their character. Please have proof you had gotten permission with a screenshot just to be safe.

Why can't I edit my attack rating?
You are prevented from editing attack ratings to preserve the correct score. If you believe you have made a mistake when you submitted your attack, please contact a moderator.


Why is it giving me an error that says either “image field required” or “Oops, something went wrong!” when trying to upload an image?
The maximum image file size you can upload is 5MB. As long as you did in fact submit an image file, the "image field required" error happens when your image is somewhat over 5MB, and the "Oops, something went wrong!" error happens when your image is very large compared to the 5MB limit.

What do I do if my icon isn't updating after I changed it?
Try doing a hard refresh with either Ctrl+F5 (Windows) or ⌘+Shift+R (Mac).