Frequently Asked Questions

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When is this Art Fight starting?
Art Fight will begin on July 1st!! It starts on this date every year unless other info is stated.

How do I join a team?
There is a button labeled "Current Event" in the top right corner next to your username. If an event is currently running, there will be another button to “Get Sorted”. This will put you on a random team. You then have 2 team switches.

You can also become a spectator again at any time if you should not want to participate in the fight anymore while the event is still active. An alternative to becoming spectator is to hide all your characters. This way you keep your team color, but no one can attack you. Switching to spectator and back again does not use up a team switch.

Some years there is also an "early bird" google form you can fill out right before the fight starts that allows you to pick the team you want. The form can usually be found in a newspost and in the announcement channel of the discord server. If you fill out the form, you will automatically be assigned to that team when the fight starts. (Please make sure you read the instructions carefully, or the process may not work because of missing information.)

Can anyone still join?
Anyone can join at any time, and can still participate in any event that is currently active. Also, you can upload characters all year round.

How long will Art Fight last?
The fight lasts for about one month each year.

What do the different colored usernames mean?
The different colors represent the different teams. The grey usernames are "spectators" which means they are not on a team and thus cannot be attacked when the fight is ongoing. The two other colors represent the fighting teams. When teams are released, team colors will be apparent.

Do I have to use the themes in my attacks or uploaded characters?
The themes are just for fun and to more easily tell apart the teams. You are not required to use the themes in your attacks or uploaded characters, it is completely up to you.

Can I change my username?
All users are granted one free username change when they make an account, and will receive another name change every year on January 1st. Additional name changes can be earned by making donations. To change your username and view more information regarding this, please visit the 'Change Username' section in your settings.

How can I switch teams?
On the Event Page, you may click to become a Spectator again. This will give you the option to roll again to try and get on your desired team.

What if I used up all my Team Switches?
You have 2 team switches after you have gotten on a team. It is not possible to be granted more. If you use up all of your team switch attempts on accident due to the site being slow at the 1st of July, you may contact a staff member from the Contact Us page and ask for a manual team switch.

How do I block someone?
You can block someone by hitting the block button on their profile. When you click it, a window pops up that explains what you are about to do. Blocking someone will:
- Make the user not able to contact you through messaging, comments, attacks, and pings.
- Make the user unable to submit attacks containing your characters.
- If the user is following you, they will be removed from your followers list and cannot follow you, and vice versa.
- The user will not be able to view the content of your profile.
- The user will not be notified of the block.

Please note that there may be some delay to the visibility part of the block feature at the moment. The person should be unable to see your profile within 24 hours. The other effects will happen immediately after you press the block button.

Can I deactivate my account or make a new one?
If you would like to learn about how to deactivate your account, please read the privacy policy. Please note that our ToS forbids anyone to have more than one account, so please request deletion for any extra accounts.

I forgot my credentials, can I make a new account?
If you forgot your credentials, like your username and email, we urge you to contact us via [email protected] We will be able to assist you in recovering your account there.

I don't like my attacks, can I delete them?
We currently don't allow attack deletion off-season, but are working towards it. However, if you don't like an attack, you can change the thumbnail to something else as an easy solution. An example is this!

How can I volunteer for Art Fight?
We announce when we are accepting new volunteer applications. They will be announced via the news page. Keep in mind you must be at least 18 years old to apply and have participated in at least one Art Fight event (minigames do not count). You must also be on the Art Fight discord server, and be relatively active on both server and on site. Familiarity with rules, filters, and attack categories is also a bonus!

Can I contribute to the event without creating art?
Take a look at the Rate Attacks page where you can choose to give bonus points to randomly chosen attacks.


Where does money from donations go?
Any donations given are put towards the domain name, server hosting, and other website expenses of Art Fight. Once basic expenses are covered, money goes towards development. You can see more information about where the money goes here.

How do I become a Supporter?
You obtain Supporter status by donating to Art Fight! This process is now automatic, and you will be getting your perks shortly after donating. Your username should automatically be filled in from the donation page, but please input your discord ID if you want your perks in the discord server too. If you have not received your discord perks 48 hours after donating, please contact a mod here.

Can I donate on behalf of a friend's account?
Yes! By accessing the donation page while logged off (you can use an incognito window for this), the page will allow you to fill in your friends username in the "username" field. This way, you can donate in their name.

How do I get a custom symbol?
Becoming a VIP+ grants you access to a symbol of your choice! If you're already a VIP+, you can find the list of symbols here. Please contact an Admin with your choice.
* Some symbols are off limits and you may be asked to pick another symbol.

How do I get cool backgrounds on my profile? (CSS)
Those cool backgrounds are done through CSS. You can get CSS on your profile by donating $25 to Art Fight.

I need some help with my CSS. Who can I ask?
Our discord server has a #css-help channel where you can get help from moderators or other users!
Here are some guides and templates you can use: Click here.

Text Entry

Can I use HTML here?
No, but you can use BBCode. We have a BBCode guide all set up for your convenience!

How do I reply to a comment?
Until we get actual replies coded into the site, you can reply by adding a new comment and pinging the recipient with @username.


Is it okay if I submit a character from an existing piece of media? Or my headcanon, alternate universe version of them?
Fan characters are allowed. However, you need to give credit to the original artist/media inspiration for said character in the description of the character. Do not directly copy characters from any media. Alternate universe characters must be immediately visually recognizable as creatively different from their original appearance to be accepted on Art Fight. Please also include credit to the original inspiration as well.

Can I submit my real life pet, or myself, as a character?
Yes! However, please be aware of the risks in posting pictures of yourself online. Minors may not share pictures of themselves, as this is unsafe.

Can I have two or more characters in one character slot?
Yes! If someone attacks you, they can put input the character ID a number of times that represent how many of the characters are in the attack. You should also keep in mind that there is currently no way to "move" attacks made on a character onto another character slot if you should later decide to separate the characters into their own character slots.

Is there a limit to how many characters I can submit?
As of June 2021, there is a character limit of 100 characters. We suggest uploading the characters you most want art of. You can also upload your main characters and a spare "character" (or more than one if you want to do categories) that links to a list of the rest (such as on in the description. People can then attack that spare character in place of the rest of your characters. You may exceed the 100 characters limit by using our "archive" feature, which will archive the character's name and attacks.

Can I rearrange my characters after uploading them?
Yes! We have added the ability to rearrange your characters. The higher the number you use, the closer to the beginning your character will be. You can also drag and drop the characters to change their order (note that numbers will reset if you do this).

Can I edit characters after submitting them?
Yes, character profiles can be edited at any time.

Is there a way I can save characters I would like to draw later?
You can use the bookmarking feature on the top right of a character's profile to bookmark it for later. This will not notify the artist so you can keep your attack a surprise. Bookmarks are saved under your profile dropdown on its own page.

Why do male nipples require a censor/filter?
Due to United States law, we are obligated to enforce the censoring of female nipples to minors. To stand strongly against sexism and avoid problems around characters of non-binary genders, we have decided that all nipples must be censored on Art Fight, regardless of gender.


Are we allowed to include characters in our attacks that do not belong to us or the person we are attacking? (Couple partner, Friends, etc.)
While you do not need permission if the character is registered on Art Fight, characters that are off the site must have explicit permission from the character's owner that it is okay to include their character. Please have proof you had gotten permission with a screenshot just to be safe.

What is "friendly fire"?
Friendly fire is when you attack someone from the same team as you. This gives 20% of the full points, but the art will make someone happy nonetheless. ♥

Can I attack more than one person in one attack?
Yes, this is called a "mass attack". Just add the characters of the people you have included in your attack. Though only the main person you entered the username of will be able to revenge it. (With our current system.) You will get points for all characters included, no matter the team they are on, if the main recipient is from the opposite team. If the main recipient is from the same team as you, you will get 20% of the full points, as this counts as friendly fire.

Is there a limit to how many characters I can include in an attack?
Yes, in the 2021 fight an upper limit of 100 characters per attack is introduced. This is to lessen the strain on moderators.

Is there a limit to how many attacks I can make?
You can make as many unique attacks as you want! There is even a special mention of the person from each team who made the most attacks when the winner team is announced!

Why can't I edit my attack rating?
You are prevented from editing attack ratings to preserve the correct score. If you believe you have made a mistake when you submitted your attack, you can delete the attack and repost it with the correct rating. If the attack has already gotten comments and you don't want it deleted for this reason, please contact a site moderator who will help you change your ratings.

Known Bugs

Why is it giving me an error that says either “image field required” or “Oops, something went wrong!” when trying to upload an image?
The maximum image file size you can upload is 5MB. As long as you did in fact submit an image file, the "image field required" error happens when your image is somewhat over 5MB, and the "Oops, something went wrong!" error happens when your image is very large compared to the 5MB limit.

What do I do if my icon isn't updating after I changed it?
Try doing a hard refresh with either Ctrl+F5 (Windows) or ⌘+Shift+R (Mac) or clearing your cache. If nothing has changed after doing this, wait up to 24 hours for the changes to show on your end. Another way to check is to ask someone else to visit your page and see if the changes have applied on their end.

Where can I report a bug?
You can report a bug here: