Filtering Guides

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Filtering Guides

Descriptive and visual guides for how to filter your art, writing, and characters.
The filtering system applies to uploaded character profiles, character images, character thumbnails, attacks, and attack thumbnails. If you have written content on a character profile that needs a filter, please apply the filter to the character page.

Currently, our filtering system is unable to apply filters to comments, user profiles, and user icons. Due to this, please refrain from having content that requires a filter on your profile, icon, and in comments.

By participating in Art Fight, users acknowledge that their uploaded content filters may be changed by moderators if found to be improperly filtered.
If you continue to not use, or improperly use the filter system, your account may be subject to moderator action.

⚠️Warning: The linked guides contain descriptions and depictions that may make be triggering or cause discomfort. Please only go forward if you are comfortable with such content. ⚠️

Gore refers to any sort of violence, harm, or physical trauma to the body.

Body Horror refers to an unnatural additions or distortions of the body
that is commonly unsettling.

Nudity refers to any sort of unclothed figure/character.

Suggestive themes is anything drawn with adult or suggestive intent,
such as pin-ups.

Eyestrain refers to any images which can potentially cause visual strain.

Sensitive Content refers to things that may be disturbing in writing or imagery
but is not specified in any other filter categories.