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Thank you for considering making a donation!

Donations made to Art Fight are used to keep our site going (and growing) strong. Donators qualify for appreciative rewards depending on the tier of their donation, including exclusive benefits on the site and on our Discord server as well as art rewards.

Before you donate, please be aware that:

  • Rewards are not automatic
  • Donating in parts over time will stack
  • All (excluding art) of your rewards will last 1 year

(please read the FAQ below for elaborations)

Approximate Funding Breakdown

2018 Goals

$5000 Tier 1: estimated 2018 site costs FUNDED

$6000 Tier 2: + unexpected costs that inevitably crop up FUNDED

$13,000 Tier 3: + development

$16,000 Tier 4: + a buffer for next year's costs

$20,000 Tier 5: + more new features for next year

Donation FAQ

When do I get my rewards for donating?

Rewards are not automatic, so you will need to give staff some time to verify your donation. Donations are now processed once a day on the day following when the donation is made. Therefore, please contact Takaia if you haven't received your rewards within 48 hours from the time of your donation.

Can I donate in small amounts over time?

Donating in parts over time (from the end of the previous fight to the end of the upcoming fight) will stack, so if you want a certain tier, you do not have to donate the amount all at once. You will receive the appropriate reward whenever your total amount paid matches that of a reward tier, not before. Please be aware of your donation goals and the cutoff period for new donations.

How long do rewards last?

Rewards last approximately (but not exceeding, save human error) one year, as they are currently handled manually. This excludes art rewards, which received when the artist completes them, and the banner reward, which will become available at the beginning of the next fight and be displayed throughout the month.

What determines the order that people are listed as featured members?

Featured members are ordered first by amount donated and then by how recently they donated. The person who donates the most will be the first one listed, but if two or more people donate the same amount, the person who donated more recently will be listed fist.

When do I need to donate to get ... character in the banner in 2019? Donations for the 2019 banner must be received before the fight ends (approx July 31, 2018)

...a certain tier's benefits guaranteed for the entire 2019 event? In order to receive the benefits of a particular tier, you can start donating immediately following the end of the current Art Fight. If you wish to donate incrementally through the year to achieve a specific tier reward by the start of the next fight, you may choose to donate monthly. Be sure to budget out the amount you need beforehand!

Possible upcoming Donation features:

*Terms & Conditions:

  • If you have a problem with your donation or rewards, do not make a paypal dispute/chargeback. Instead, communicate with Takaia.
  • All donors must follow the rules and ToS like any other user, and are not exempt from any consequences.
  • The artist has all rights to decline a character or commission if they do not feel comfortable with it. If this happens, you will be asked to pick another one.
  • Do not bug/harass the artist to finish your art rewards
  • Your art should be completed within 6 months after ArtFight ends. If there is an issue with receiving your art, the option for a backup artist will be given. Please contact a moderator if you have not received your art rewards within the appropriate time frame.
  • The character you choose to include on the site banner must be appropriate, at the staff's discretion, and must not need a mask applied to them according to our maturity rules. You will be asked to choose a different one if it is deemed inappropriate.

Donation Reward Tiers


$2 or more

  • ‘donor’ title.


$5 or more

  • You will get the ‘supporter’ title.
  • A will be displayed by your username
  • An extra opportunity to change your username
  • The Donator role on the Art Fight Discord Server

Supporter +

$10 or more


$25 or more

  • Previous rewards (except changed symbol)
  • Ability to edit profile CSS
  • A will be displayed by your username
  • Wallpaper package to use on your AF profile (Coming July 2018)
  • Ability to react to messages on Discord


$50 or more

  • Previous rewards (except changed symbol)
  • A will be displayed next to your username
  • The VIP Donator role on the Art Fight Discord Server
  • Access to VIP discord channels


$100 or more

  • Previous rewards
  • A small commission of your choice from [TBA] Terms and conditions apply (see below)
  • Choose the symbol by your username


$200 or more

  • Previous rewards
  • You will get featured on the front page
  • Your character will be featured in 2019’s Art Fight Banner**