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Thank you so much for your support! As thanks, you will qualify for rewards based on your donations.
(please read the FAQ below for a thorough explanation on how donations and rewards work)

Donation FAQ

Rewards on are now automatic! Your donation will appear in your Donation History a few minutes after your payment is complete, at which time you will receive any site-based rewards you have earned. Discord-based rewards are still manually distributed, however.

Please contact an Admin if you haven't received your site rewards after 4 hours from the time of your donation, or after 48 hours for Discord rewards.
Your donation will be active for one year from the date you donated. For example, if you make a $25 donation, you will have the 'Premium' donation tier reward for one year. Name changes earned from donations remain on your account until you choose to use them.

Yes. Any donations made within a year from the current date will contribute to your 'active donation total', which determines your current donation reward tier.

For example: if you donate $5 on February 1st, and $10 more on March 1st, you will have an active donation total of $15 which puts you at the Supporter+ tier. You would remain at Supporter+ until February 1st the following year, as your active donation total would drop back to $10 and set you back to the Supporter tier.

For the banner reward, the cumulative amount must be received in between the end of the previous fight and the end of the fight the year before you qualify for the banner reward, instead of a rolling total for a year. See FAQ #4 for specific dates.

Donations for the 2025 banner must be received before the fight ends (approximately July 31 2024)

See FAQ #2 for more details about paying in smaller amounts over time to qualify for this reward.

Featured members are ordered by the 10 highest donors. Those are followed by 4 rows of additional donors, who are chosen on a weighted random basis. The chance of being chosen, or the weight, is directly proportionate to the amount the user has donated.

Please note the featured users section uses your active donation total, not your lifetime donation total.
Should you need to cancel your monthly donation, you can do so through PayPal itself. See this PayPal FAQ for more instructions.
Previously, we had a progress bar in the site footer that indicated our progress towards monetary goals. Since site expenses have gone towards the same things every year, but also tend to fluctuate dramatically depending on the amount of users and their activity, accurately maintaining the progress bar and goal amounts has become infeasible for normal everyday funding/expenses.

Should there be a specific goal in the future (for example, running the fight in 202X) that we project needing additional funds for, the donation progress bar will return for that goal. If the donation progress bar is not present, it means that we're receiving enough donation funding for current operating costs, and will be putting any further donation funds towards future costs.

Terms & Conditions:

  • If you have a problem with your donation or rewards, please contact @classicturtle or @axel.
  • All donors must follow the rules and ToS like any other user, and are not exempt from suspensions, bans or account termination. Any administrative actions taken on your account will not extend your benefits, and any such actions do not qualify you for a refund.
  • * The character you choose to include on the site banner must be appropriate, at the staff's discretion, and must not need a mask applied to them according to our maturity rules. You will be asked to choose a different one if it is deemed inappropriate.

Donation Rewards

Bonus Name Changes

Regardless of donation tier, for every $2 you donate within a single transaction, 1 name change will be added to your account as a bonus.
Your account can hold up to 12 name changes at a time.

Please view the 'Change Username' section in your settings for more information on name changes.

Donation Tiers


$2 or more
  • ‘Donor’ title
  • Our gratitude (every little bit helps!)


$5 or more
  • ‘Supporter’ title
  • A will be displayed by your username
  • Access to the attack, characters, and user search engine on the website
  • A special role and the ability to react on the Art Fight Discord Server

Supporter +

$15 or more


$25 or more
  • Previous rewards
  • A will be displayed by your username
  • Ability to edit profile CSS


$75 or more
  • Previous rewards
  • A will be displayed next to your username
  • The VIP Donator role on the Art Fight Discord Server
  • Access to VIP discord role and channels


$150 or more


$800 or more
  • Previous rewards
  • Your character will be featured in 2025’s Art Fight Banner*