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We use all donations for expenses related to the site. While these are considered donations, we do want to give back to the generous souls who choose to donate. Here are the rewards you can get for donating, but keep in mind these are not automatic, so you will need to give the staff time to verify your donation.

Please give us 24 hours to update your donation information. If you don't get your rewards in part or in full within 24 hours of your donation, it was an accidental oversight so please contact Takaia and she will fix it for you! If you have a Discord in the Art Fight server, make sure to contact a moderator in #af-help to get the donator role on the server.

Donations are stackable within the same year. If you donate $25 today and $25 tomorrow, or before the fight year is over, you can get the perks for $50.

If you donate after the fight is over, your donations go towards the next fight.

Feel-Good Tier

$2 or more - Donor
  • You will get the ‘donator’ title.
$5 or more - Supporter
  • You will get the ‘supporter’ title.
  • We will add a special symbol to your profile name.
  • You also get a chance to change your username again
  • You will get the Donator role on the Art Fight Discord Server.

Site-perks tier

$10 or more - Supporter

$25 or more - Premium

  • Previous
  • Extra special symbol next to name
  • Wallpaper package to use on your AF profile (Coming July 2018)
  • Ability to edit profile CSS
  • Ability to react to messages on Discord

Art tier (or, the “we don’t have any other perks to give you but you are incredible, THANK YOU, tier”)

$50 or more - VIP $100 or more - VIP
  • Previous
  • You will get linked in the front page and the ‘VIP’ title.
  • A small commission of your choice from [TBA] Terms and conditions apply (see below)
  • Custom symbol next to your name
  • Access to special VIP chats in the Discord server.

$200 or more - VIP

Upcoming Donation features:

*Terms & Conditions:

  • All donors must follow the rules and ToS like any other user, and are not exempt from these.
  • The artist has all rights to decline a character or commission if they do not feel comfortable with it. If this happens, you will be asked to pick another one.
  • Do not bug/harass the artist to finish
  • The commission should be completed within 6 months after ArtFight ends for the year. If an issue arises then you will be provided with the option for a backup artist.
  • Character must be appropriate for the banner, at the staff's discretion, and you will be asked to choose a different one if it is deemed inappropriate.

2018 Goals

coming soon!

If we get more than enough to cover costs, we will use the extra to bring you new features as well as compensate our coders for their hard work.


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