This page has been updated to include information pertaining to the 2024 roadmap & budget. Please read the newspost for full details.

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Monthly Contributions

Monthly Contributions are temporarily unavailable, and will return at a later date.

One-time Contribution

Contribute a custom amount or choose one of the tiers.

Your contribution will directly support running Art Fight! Funds go towards server and image hosting, site assets, and other expenses directly related to Art Fight and its development.

There are several tiers of rewards for helping support the site- please read the FAQ below for a thorough explanation on how they work.

2024 Art Fight Tiers

These are our projected tiers for 2024. These numbers are not meant to be set in stone, but rather a rough estimate that can better communicate our future goals for the site.

The tiers are representative of paid work; we still have devs who wish to remain volunteers and are free to work on features they'd like to implement, so some features may be added or completed outside of the tiers.

The contribution bar is back. We have 3 goals for 2024, plus extra stretch tiers. If a tier is reached, certain features and goals can be achieved, which will be outlined below.

Moderation Tools
  • Ability to perform moderation changes on multiple attacks, characters, etc.
  • General improvements to mod tools and report system
  • Merch
  • Produce merch
  • Compensate staff members with merch
Tech Debt
  • Upgrading laravel, bootstrap
  • Configuring AWS
  • Creating a setup guide
Security Features
  • Implement 2-Factor Authentication
  • Improve the blocking system on site
User QoL Updates
  • Allow users to delete their own accounts (with proper security measures while removing mod strain)
  • Bookmark improvements: folders, mass delete, bookmark icon in searches
  • Turning off user CSS by default in settings
Moderation Tools
  • Implement a modmail system to allow moderators to message users without using their personal account. Includes templates/canned replies.
  • General improvements to internal tools
New Feature: Discovery Page
  • A new page on the site that allows for different search options, replacing the old search feature
  • A place to showcase different types of users (e.g new to the site, low battle ratio)
  • Contributors relevant to each respective search will be marked with a special decoration to indicate what type of contributor they are (Supporter, Supporter+, Premium, VIP, VIP+, Sponsor)
  • Tally Pro (used for surveys, internal work, and applications, allows us to connect's domain)
  • Notion Pro (for internal staff work)
User QoL Updates
  • Auto-crop icons and thumbnails
  • Reply button on comments
  • Attack button directly on character, autofills character information
Contributor Features
  • Extra character images for Supporter+
  • Character CSS for Premium Members
Overhaul the filtering system
  • Introduce tags to allow users to block certain content
Moderation Tools
  • New tools for the proposed filtering system change
User QoL Updates
  • Convert BBCode text editor into HTML
  • Character pinging (instead of a link, it shows the character's name)
  • Separate credit option for Art Fight users
  • Various email notifications (when you get attacked, when you get messaged, etc.)
Paid Co-Owners ($22k)

Stretch Goals

As we become closer to these goals, we will work on expanding and developing them. If we do reach a stretch goal, we'll keep you involved in the process.

Contributor Features
  • Introduce tags to allow users to block certain content
    • Change depending on if you are a Supporter, Premium, VIP, or VIP+
    • Visible by your username and icon
  • Develop an Art Fight Discord bot to manage contribution roles
Paid Staff
  • Hire admins (5hr/week)
User QoL Updates

New Feature: More Themes
  • Add specific site color schemes (instead of just lightmode vs darkmode)
  • Create ways to utilize Art Fight in the off-season
  • Develop forums on Art Fight
  • Complete site redesign!

Contribution FAQ

Rewards on are automatic! Your payment will appear in your Contribution History a few minutes after it's completed, at which time you will receive any site-based rewards you have earned. Discord-based rewards are manually distributed, however.

Please contact an Admin if you haven't received your site rewards after 4 hours from the time of your payment, or after 48 hours for Discord rewards.
Your contribution will be active for one year from the date you made the payment. For example, if you make a $25 contribution, you will have the 'Premium' reward tier for one year.
Name changes earned from supporting the site remain on your account until you choose to use them.

Yes. Any contributions made within a year from the current date will become part of your 'active contribution total', which determines your current reward tier.

For example: if you pay $5 on February 1st, and $10 more on March 1st, you will have an active contribution total of $15 which puts you at the Supporter+ tier. You would remain at Supporter+ until February 1st the following year, as your active contribution total would drop back to $10 and set you back to the Supporter tier.

For the banner reward, the cumulative amount must be received in between the end of the previous fight and the end of the fight the year before you qualify for the banner reward, instead of a rolling total for a year. See FAQ #4 for specific dates.

Contributions for the 2025 banner must be received before the fight ends ( 3 August 2024 12:00:00 PM )

See FAQ #2 for more details about paying in smaller amounts over time to qualify for this reward.

The first 10 featured members are the users with the highest contribution totals. They are followed by 4 rows of additional supporters who are chosen on a weighted random basis. The chance of being chosen, or the weight, is directly proportionate to the amount the user has contributed.

Please note the featured users section uses your active contribution total, not your lifetime total.
Should you need to cancel your monthly payment, you can do so through PayPal itself. See this PayPal FAQ for more instructions.

Terms & Conditions:

  • If you have a problem with a payment or rewards, please contact @classicturtle, @axel, or @Rainy.
  • All contributors must follow the rules and ToS like any other user, and are not exempt from suspensions, bans or account termination. Any administrative actions taken on your account will not extend your benefits, and any such actions do not qualify you for a refund.
  • * The character you choose to include on the site banner must be appropriate, at the staff's discretion, and must not need a mask applied to them according to our Filter Guidelines. You will be asked to choose a different one if it is deemed inappropriate.

Contribution Rewards

Bonus Name Changes

Regardless of reward tier, for every $2 you spend within a single transaction, 1 name change will be added to your account as a bonus.
Your account can hold up to 12 name changes at a time.

Please view the 'Change Username' section in your settings for more information on name changes.

Reward Tiers


$2 or more
  • ‘Donor’ title
  • Our gratitude (every little bit helps!)


$5 or more
  • ‘Supporter’ title
  • A will be displayed by your username
  • Access to the attack, characters, and user search engine on the website
  • A special role and the ability to react on the Art Fight Discord Server

Supporter +

$15 or more


$25 or more
  • Previous rewards
  • A will be displayed by your username
  • Ability to edit profile CSS


$75 or more
  • Previous rewards
  • A will be displayed next to your username
  • The VIP role on the Art Fight Discord Server
  • Access to VIP discord role and channels


$150 or more


$800 or more
  • Previous rewards
  • Your character will be featured in 2025’s Art Fight Banner*