Contact a Moderator

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Contact a Moderator - Administrative Assistance

General Help

• Contact one of the moderators listed here
• Get help through Discord on #af-help

Administrative Help

You can get help with the following by messaging admin
• Contribution rewards (banner art, etc.)
• Concerns regarding staff behavior or actions
• Business inquires
• Site related emergencies/concerns

Username Recovery

[email protected] / Discord Server
If you are unable to login due to forgetting your email or password, please contact the above email or contact us through Discord. Include as much information as possible, including possible email addresses, usernames, etc. that you may have used.

Contribution Inquiries

If 48 hours have gone by and you still do not have your contribution role on the Discord Server, please message a Site Moderator below. If you have reached the VIP+ tier, you can also contact any Site Moderator to change your name symbol.

Report Information

Please use the REPORT BUTTON if you see anything that goes against our rules or guidelines. You can use the report button for reporting:
• Rule breaks
• Missing or wrong maturity filters
• Misratings
• Character/Design Theft
• Spirit of Art Fight rule breaks
You will remain anonymous. Only the Art Fight staff team will know who reports who. We do not disclose the details of the report to anyone.

Note: It's okay to make reports when you are unsure if something is against our rules or guidelines. You do not have to quote the exact rule break in order to file a report. Please be sure to keep your report titles and descriptions informative of what you are reporting.

During an active Art Fight event, you can report your own attacks if you have misrated them, forgotten to mark them as revenge, or forgotten to add a character. During the off-season, we do not adjust or respond to rating reports.

Please also check our nifty FAQ to see if your question has been answered before you ask a moderator.

Please do not Private Message multiple moderators about the same issue


These moderators respond to reports, and can help you with anything regarding the site!

You can contact any Site Moderator listed below for help with the following:

  • General Art Fight help
  • Attack rating help
  • Report-making help
  • Making changes to attacks after submitted (only if the attack has gotten a comment, otherwise delete and repost)
  • Donation Roles and VIP+ symbol changes


These moderators mostly help out on the Art Fight Discord. While you can send questions to them on the site as well, they are not able to do any moderating actions on the site or handle reports submitted via the site.

You can contact any Chat Moderator listed below for help with the following: