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Definition: Art Fight space refers to anywhere on the site, on the Discord chat, or associated with any of our social media accounts. All of the following rules apply to all Art Fight spaces.

General Rules

1. You must be 13 years of age or older to register for and use Art Fight.
2. Only one account is allowed per person.
3. Do not attempt to impersonate any members, especially staff.
4. Illegal and Sexually explicit content is not allowed in any form. This includes submissions, profiles, icons, ect. Click “show” to see what we consider to be sexually explicit.

5. Content that may violate, harm, or threaten the safety or personal rights of anyone is not allowed, including disclosing people's personal information.
6. Do not insult or mock anyone’s art or characters. This includes bashing certain species or art styles.
7. Disrespect and/or harassment of other users will not be tolerated.
8. Do not spam or link to malicious or illegal or potentially malicious or illegal content.
9. To preserve the spirit of the game, do not advertise art sales (commissions, adoptables, YCHs, etc.) on the site and Discord server while Art Fight is running. You may advertise art sales when Art Fight is not running.
10. The use of slurs is not allowed.
11. Art theft is prohibited. Art theft is defined as using any content in your art that you didn't originally create in any way without the original owner's permission. This includes, but is not limited to, directly using an image you didn't create, tracing, referencing someone else's artwork, and using someone else's art as a component of your work.
  • Attacks must be your own work, with some leeway stated below in the Attack rules.

  • Character images may be created by others but you must have their permission to upload it as well as give proper credit.

12. Do not use icons or profile elements that could cause major eye-strain or seizures through the use of rapid flashing colors or movement. Attacks or characters with such must have the “Other” filter placed.

Attack Rules

13. All art submitted as an attack must be unique per attack and have been created during the duration of Art Fight. Pre-made or reused works, partially or in full, including bases, and reused lines, reused backgrounds, or other reused elements are not allowed as they allow for an unfair advantage.
14. Generally, photos are not allowed in or as attacks. Exceptions are:
  • photo backgrounds are allowed as long as you have taken the photograph yourself, or permission is given by the photographer. Credit must always be put in the description of the attack, even if you are crediting yourself (so it won’t be flagged by moderators). If you use a photo background, you need to set the background rating as Photograph.

  • Photos of your own traditional artwork are just fine, as we do allow traditional as well as digital work on Art Fight.

Character Rules

15. Do not upload images that you do not have permission or the rights to use.
Only upload characters that belong to you, or you have permission (with proof ready, just in case a moderator asks) to use.
16. Fan characters are allowed, however, you need to give credit to the original artist/media inspiration for said character in the description of the character.
17. Do not directly copy characters from any media. Alternate universe fan characters must be immediately visually recognizable as creatively different from their original appearance to be accepted on Art Fight. Please also include credit to the original inspiration as well.