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NOTICE: June 6th, 2024
Art Fight's rules have been majorly updated to reflect our updated Filters Guidelines, our disallowance of AI-generated content, and general information regarding allowed characters and content on the site.

LAST EDITED: July 23rd, 2024
- Upload Rule 1: Added clarification to Art Fight's disallowance of tracing/heavily referencing from all visual mediums (e.g. photography and 3D models).

Definition: Art Fight space refers to anywhere on the site, on the Discord chat, or associated with any of our social media accounts. All of the following rules apply to all Art Fight spaces.

General Rules & Safety

1. You must be 13 years of age or older to register for and use Art Fight.
2. Only one active account is allowed per person. Joining teams on multiple accounts during the event is prohibited.
3. Do not attempt to impersonate any site members, especially staff.
4. Art Fight aims to be a safe place for all users. Hateful or discriminatory content and behavior is prohibited site-wide and will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Transphobic and homophobic views
  • Racist and xenophobic views
  • Ableist views
  • Sexist views
  • Use of slurs
5. Sexually explicit content in any form is prohibited. This includes user-submitted content, such as characters and attacks, profiles, user permissions, and character/user icons, even if the content is cropped or censored. Click “show” to see what we consider to be sexually explicit.
6. Content that is illegal to depict under federal United States law is not allowed in any form. This includes user-submitted content, profiles, user permissions, icons, etc., even if cropped or censored. In addition, do not spam or link any potentially malicious and/or illegal content on the site.
7. Any content that requires filtering under Art Fight’s rules is not allowed in user profiles, comments, or icons, due to the inability to filter them as with characters and attacks, unless under a spoiler with a warning.
8. Content that may violate, harm, or threaten the safety or personal rights of anyone is not allowed, including disclosing personal information.
9. Disrespect and/or harassment of other users will not be tolerated. This includes publicly calling out others and "Do Not Interact" (or DNI) lists. Please bring concerns directly to a moderator or use the report button.

  • Minors may request for adults to not interact, and adults may request for minors not to interact. This is the only exception.
10. In the event someone wants to physically send their crafted/traditional attack to you, Art Fight takes no responsibility for any shared personal info. Exchange of address happens at the person’s own risk. We do not recommend minors to give out their address without permission from a parent or guardian first.
11. Fetish mining, which involves soliciting fetish art without the knowledge and consent of the user involved, is a bannable offense.

Upload Rules (Attacks, Characters, Profiles, etc.)

1. All artworks and characters posted to Art Fight must be your own or ones you have explicit permission to use with credit. Art theft and character theft is strictly prohibited on Art Fight.

  • We define art theft as directly using an image you didn't create, tracing, directly referencing someone else's artwork, or using someone else's art as a component of your work without permission.
  • Art theft applies to all visual mediums, such as photography and 3D models. Attacks may not incorporate elements that are heavily referenced or traced directly from the works of others, which includes their photos, 3D models and artwork.
  • The use of AI generated images falls under our definition of art theft. AI is NOT allowed to be used to generate images for characters and attacks, or in order to generate designs for characters. This includes using websites like Artbreeder, Midjourney, DALLE, Sora, etc.
  • This also includes the use of copyrighted materials, including canon characters (see Upload Rule 5), mascots and official images of logos (redrawn logos are allowed, but you may not upload a logo as its own character) in both attacks and characters.
  • Using character creation tools from video games, or from websites like Picrew, HeroForge, or other doll makers are not allowed to be used as an attack, but are allowed to be uploaded as a character with proper credit.
  • You may not upload characters of real life people.
2. All attacks must be wholly original. The usage of bases, while allowed for character images, is NOT allowed in attacks. This includes bases made by yourself and bases made by others.

  • Pre-made brushes and assets are okay, but excessive use of pre-made brushes (such as for trees, etc.) must be rated as "No Background".
3. Generally, the use of photos/photography in character profiles and attacks are acceptable. Crediting photography is encouraged, but not necessary.

  • Photos of your own/others’ traditional artwork MUST have artist credit.
  • Real life photos taken of pets as a character reference are allowed, alongside photos of yourself as a character reference so long as you are not a minor. This is to ensure the safety of underage users on the site.
  • Note: Photo backgrounds in attacks must be rated as No Background.
  • Uncredited photography may NOT be posted by itself, ie. you can post a moodboard within a character's reference image, but not post the moodboard as an image all by itself.
4.  Fandom characters that expand upon any pre-existing media, setting, or species are allowed on Art Fight, but credit to the original media must be given somewhere on the character's page.
5. Alternate universe fan characters and characters that are visually inspired by canon characters are allowed, so long as they are not one-to-one exact copies of the canon character. Credit to the original inspiration must also be given somewhere on the character's page. This only refers to officially published work, larger franchise or media that has gained notable cultural influence & recognition online. You may not make an AU out of a smaller creator's character unless they explicitly allow it. If you're unsure if a creator is small enough and can't find their stance on AU characters, do not upload the character.
6. Historical characters who have associations with Nazis or any real world genocide are not permitted on site. Characters based off tragic current events are likewise not allowed. Any other historical characters based on a tragedy must be respectful, have a sensitive content filter applied, and may be removed at moderator discretion.

  • Additionally, personifications of countries or geographical regions (such as Countryhumans) are not permitted on site due to potential for harmful stereotyping.
7. All art submitted as an attack must clearly display effort and respect the original characters’ designs and form. Any art that differs greatly from the original design is subject to removal at moderator discretion, examples being:

  • Art with an extreme over-simplification of a character’s original design.
  • Intentional changes to the character’s design which renders them unrecognizable as the original.
  • Respect the character permissions of the user you are attacking, especially permissions regarding maturity rules.
  • Mass character design attacks (wherein a user compiles several characters designed for two or more users into one attack), or multi-design attacks, must have clear indications within the attack itself as to who each design is intended for. Mass/multi design attacks that are not labeled with the intended owner of each design are subject to deletion, as they do not count as viable attacks.
8. Do not insult or mock anyone’s art or characters. This includes bashing certain species or art styles, as well as your own art!
9. All users, minors included, are allowed to post content containing nipples of all genders (with a mandatory moderate nudity filter applied) as long as it is purely artistic with no suggestive themes present. Minors are prohibited from sharing, receiving, or requesting art that contains genitals and/or suggestive themes.
10. Any form of content onsite that necessitates a Suggestive Themes or Extreme Nudity filter must have the appropriate filters applied. Art Fight is a site suited for ages 13 and over; failure to filter this content puts underage users at risk and will result in strict consequences.

Spirit of Art Fight Rules

While Art Fight features a competition between two teams, it is, at its core, a game that celebrates characters and giving back to fellow creators. Our goal is to create a positive environment where artists of all skill levels can participate and make art for one another.

1. All attacks must be made specifically for Art Fight during the duration of the event. In other words, you may not create attacks (this includes preparing sketches beforehand to complete during the event) before the event officially begins. Failure to abide by this rule will result in your removal from that year's event or a ban from Art Fight altogether.

  • Art from the Art Fight Minigames, commissioned art, previous artwork, and other art events does not count, and should not be uploaded as an attack.
2. Art Fight is not a marketplace. Do not sell or trade any designs you receive by others, unless you receive permission to do so by the creator. Similarly, uploading characters as an advertisement is disallowed.
3. Do not use art gained from or made for Art Fight for profit (e.g. character sales, trades, auctions, etc). Creating a character to gain art with the intention of selling it is prohibited.
4. No user is obliged to attack back. Do not beg or otherwise manipulate others to attack you: this includes comments, attacks, and messages.
5. Do not collaborate with others when making attacks. This creates an unfair advantage.
6. Attempts to point farm will be removed at moderator discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, repeatedly creating inaccurate recreations of characters and base usage.
7. Being aggressive and combative to the other team is not acceptable in any form. Be kind to users on the opposing team!
8. Point-keeping, defined as regularly announcing the current scores of the teams, is not acceptable onsite or on the Discord.
9. General art sales are allowed to be advertised on your profile via links. Commission sales must not include 18+ content and cannot be used as a tax or bargaining chip (e.g. attack for payment, payment for attack, etc). Doing so will result in severe consequences.
10. Respect the character permissions of every user. Failing to properly do so will result in attack removal.
11. All art created as attacks must be for another user. While users are allowed to draw their OCs with others’ in attacks, or make “Design Me a Character” type characters, works that encourage attackers to draw solely for themselves (i.e. “Design Yourself a Character”, etc) are not allowed.