Guide: How to Categorize Your Attack

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If you have a question about the ratings, check out the Attack FAQ


There are updated changes as of June 1st, 2021. Please read through each guide carefully to view the changes.
Note that there may be more changes in the time before the fight. We recommend giving this guide a look right before the fight too!

1. June: Annual attack guide rehaul + added "Paintovers and Cosplay" to crafts
27. June: Removed Pixels as their own "Finish" option. You can now rate pixels like you would any other piece.
30. June: Made major changes for how to rate Animations. Short Film has been removed, and Animatic has been moved to technique instead of type. + other edits to wording. We apologize for the last-minute changes and urge you to read through this part of the guide again.

Attack Rating Guide

A descriptive and visual guide for how to categorize your attack.

By participating in Art Fight, users acknowledge that their attack ratings may be changed if found incorrect. This is determined by moderator discretion, to best ensure artists are receiving the amount of points deserved.

Players will be informed of any corrections, and retain freedom to appeal them if considered unjust.


When artists go above and beyond to attack with such a ferocity that is deserving of higher rating, they’re encouraged to select this option! Polish should include extraordinary work, effort, or time that can be seen throughout the piece.
Frequent misuse of the polish button is discouraged.