Guide: How to Categorize Your Attack

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Size - Drawn / Painted - 3D models - Crafts - Animation

If you have a question about the ratings, check out the Attack FAQ

Attack Rating Guide

A descriptive and visual guide for how to categorize your attack.

By participating in Art Fight, users acknowledge that their attack ratings may be changed if found incorrect. This is determined by moderator discretion, to best ensure artists are receiving the amount of points deserved.

Players will be informed of any corrections, and retain freedom to appeal them if considered unjust.


When artists go above and beyond to attack with such a ferocity that is deserving of higher rating, they’re encouraged to select this option! Polish should include extraordinary work, effort, or time that can be seen throughout the piece.
Frequent misuse of the polish button is discouraged.

by Anolee

Guide to rate Size

Refers to how much of a character is visible in the attack.

Guide to rate Drawings and Paintings

Drawings are 2D works of art, and can be made digitally on a device, or traditionally with physical art tools.

Guide to rate 3D models

3D art is made with a computer and occupies space through the dimensions of height, width and depth.

Guide to rate Crafts

Crafts refer to hand-made, physical works of art. Most components used in crafts should be hand-made by you. Patterns and stencils are allowed, but please credit these when possible.

Guide to rate Animation

This category is an add-on for attacks that include movement. All animations must be original and made by the artist.