Attack Guide: 3D Models

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3D art is made with a computer and occupies space through the dimensions of height, width and depth.

For voxels and minecraft block builds, see the crafts guide.

Art examples are under the spoilers.
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Refers to the degree of base usage.

Vroid / 3D Doll Paintover:

The artwork is made using a pre-textured base. This includes programs like VRoid. At minimum, attacks must include handmade custom hair, modified clothes, and full retexturing of hair, eyes and clothes. Minecraft skins also go under this category. Dollmakers such as Heroforge, where you cannot upload your own textures or make custom adjustments, are not allowed (see paintover for exceptions).

Premade Base:

The artist is using a very simple base to start off their 3D piece. Essential features should be made/added by hand and the finished model must look like the attacked character. Base usage with only slight change of features will be removed at moderator discretion. Base usage is ONLY allowed for 3D attacks, NOT drawings. Please remember to credit the base!

No Base / Made From Scratch:

The artwork is made from scratch. No bases or premade assets have been used.


Refers to placing an image or bump map on 3D art to imitate detail.


No textures have been applied other than a standard material texture.

Photo / Pre-made Textures:

Contain a photo texture/bump map that the artist has made, bought, or has permission to use. Any pre-made or purchased assets must be credited to the artist who created them.

Self produced textures:

Features a texture the artist made specifically for a character using 3D texture programs or 2D imports of painted elements. The texture must be made within the fight to count. Otherwise it counts as pre-made. Applying paint to a 3D printed version of the model also counts as a self produced texture.


Was the model rigged by you?

Not rigged:

The model has not been rigged, or is using a premade/automatic rig.


Rigging is to create a digital skeleton for a model to be able to move. The rigging MUST be manually done by you to count.


Refers to elements that are included in an attack, but are not related to the character.


Features no background, a self-made/free-to-use photo background, or premade assets that are permissible for use. Any pre-made or purchased assets must be credited to the artist who created them.

Pattern / Abstract:

Background is a 2D and self-drawn backdrop, or made in 3D but simple or flat.

Props / Scene elements:

Can include some grounding props, objects, or non-characterized animals, but character(s) are not being portrayed in a complete scene.


Distinct setting established by 3D objects in a fore-, middle-, and/or background.