Attack Guide: 3D Modeling

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3D art is made with a computer and occupies space through the dimensions of height, width and depth.

Art examples are under the spoilers.
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Refers to the form and level of detail of the 3D art.


Minimally detailed form, with textures and bump maps creating an illusion of detail. Often has a fairly low poly count, and is optimized for games and/or animation.


Smoothed out and has high-attention to details, mainly in the structure itself. Often reaches an extremely high poly count in comparison to a model and is not optimized for games nor animation.


Refers to placing an image or bump map on 3D art to imitate detail.


No textures have been applied other than a standard material texture.

Photo / Pre-made Textures:

Contain a photo texture/bump map that the artist has made, bought, or has permission to use. Any pre-made or purchased assets must be credited to the artist who created them.

Self produced textures:

Feature a texture the artist made specifically for a character using 3D texture programs or 2D imports of painted elements.


Refers to the way the 3D art is lit in the final render.

Standard Lighting:

No additional lighting is added to the model/scene. Minimal adjustments are made to the default settings, if any.

Complex Lighting:

There is an evident focus on lighting, working with colorization and placement to add dynamic shading to the character/scene.


Refers to elements that are included in an attack, but are not related to the character.


Features no background, a self-made/free-to-use photo background, or premade assets that are permissible for use. Any pre-made or purchased assets must be credited to the artist who created them.

Pattern / Abstract:

Background is a 2D and self-drawn backdrop, or made in 3D but simple or flat.

Props / Scene elements:

Can include some grounding props, objects, or non-characterized animals, but character(s) are not being portrayed in a complete scene.


Distinct setting established by 3D objects in a fore-, middle-, and/or background. Elements are made by the artist.