Attack Rating Frequently Asked Questions

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Attack Rating FAQ Sections

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  • General
  • SIze Ratings
  • Drawing / Painting
  • 3D Models
  • Crafts
  • Animation
  • Mass Attacks


1. Can I use references?
Yes, as long as you do not directly trace or heavily reference someone else's art. Heavy referencing is left up to moderator discretion; you are welcome to ask any moderator about specifics if you have questions.

2. Can I add a canon character to my attack?
One-to-one recreations of canon characters cannot be added to an attack; there must be at least one noticeable change from their canon design. This can be as simple as changing their outfit. You can also draw canon characters on accessories such as T-shirts or plushies, but they must be hand-drawn renditions.

3. Are photos allowed for backgrounds?
Yes, photos are allowed for backgrounds, but they must be rated as “no background". The photo should be credited to the original creator/photographer/copyright owner if you have it.

4. Can I do an attack where the character is cosplaying a canon character?
Full cosplay is allowed!

5. I’m not sure if I should mark my attack as polished?
Polish can be used if you have spent extra time or effort on a piece, or if you simply are very happy with it and feel like it’s some of your better work.

6. How many of my attacks can I mark as “polished”?
As many as you want, as long as you feel like you’ve put in extra effort, extra time or are extra proud of the work. Moderators may check for misuse if you have rated a majority of your attacks as polished though. Otherwise, we do not heavily police it, as it is subjective.

7. Can I make an attack that is literature/writing or a composed/music piece?
While you can not submit these as pure attacks, you can make a drawing / 3D model / craft, and then attach writing or composed music in the description of the attack. This definitely counts for polish!

Size Ratings

1. I copied and pasted a character, but I gave them new outfits on each copy. Do they all count as full bodies?
If you draw a character once, then copy and paste that drawing to draw new outfits on top, you can only rate the full character once, then each additional outfit would count as a simple shape rating.
(Note that premade bases are not allowed!)

2. I have a generic character in my attack (ex: a waitress serving a character), can I get points for them?
Yes! Just add the Artfight character you are drawing twice in the character field - this will allow you to receive points for the generic character without having to create another profile. Make sure the character count represents the amount of characters you have drawn in the end.

3. I made unique art for the thumbnails of my attacks, may I include this in my rating?
You may if the artwork is truly unique, meaning you have not used a base to make several thumbnails, and it contains nothing re-used from the main attack art. If you drew the head of the character on the thumbnail, you may add a headshot to the ratings.

4. How do I rate a three-headed character?
Add to the attack the same character more than once with: 1 Fullbody and 2 headshots.

5. What about extra limbs?
Extra limbs do not get an additional size rating and are rated the same as a human character with two arms.

6. If a character has missing limbs like missing their legs because of an injury or being born without legs, do I rate them as a fullbody?
Yes, if you have drawn the whole character, then that is a fullbody.

Drawing / Painting

1. Is traditional art okay?
Yes! Traditional drawings are just as welcome as digital drawings.

2. Where can I find free art programs/software?
You can find a list of free art programs for computers, tablets, or phones here.

3. How should I rate my attack if the background is unshaded, but the character is fully shaded?
Characters are the main focus of attacks. If a character's rating differs from the background, it is the character ratings that takes precedence over the background. In this case, the attack would be rated fully shaded because the character is fully shaded.
If the background differs too much in quality, for example, the background is a sketch while the character is fully rendered, the background may be rated down to the “scene elements” background category.

5. I spilled some color when making a traditional piece and tried my best to clean it up. Do I have to rate it as a rough color?
We are aware traditional art is a bit unforgiving and has no undo button. If the spills aren’t severe and you did your best to correct the error, it can still count as clean color or painted if that was your intention. You can also ask a moderator for input if you are unsure. ♥

6. Is it okay to use mirroring or a symmetry tool? (The left and right side of the drawing are identical)

7. How do I rate a sketch page that has different ratings? For example both colored and uncolored characters doodles.
Rate it according to the part that is the main focus of your sketch page.
Note: If there are 10+ character doodles on the same sketch page of varying rating, either consider separating it into multiple attacks, or rate the extra doodles as props. This is to avoid point abuse or farming.

8. Are tattoo attacks on real skin, and on fake silicone skin allowed? How do I rate it?
Tattoos are allowed and should be rated the same as a traditional drawing. You must get permission from the character owner before tattooing onto real skin.. You can tattoo on fake silicone skin or fruit without asking for permission ahead of time.

3D Models

1. How do I upload a 3D attack?
You can take a screenshot of the model or render an image via the program you are using. You can also search youtube for how to make a turntable video. (This will not count as animation unless the character itself is moving independently.)

2. Is it okay to use a base model for sculpting characters?

3. Does using Paint 3D for Windows count as a 3D attack?
Yes. As long as it is a 3D artwork, you can rate it in the 3D modeling category.

4. What 3D programs are there? Are any free?
You can find a list of free 3D programs here.

5. May I use premade animations for my 3D model?
Yes, but it has to be free to use, credited, and you cannot rate your attack as an animation since you did not do the animation work yourself. (This also goes for re-using animations you have made yourself.)

6. Can I build a statue, construction or flat “pixel” block piece in Minecraft as a 3D attack?
Yes, rate it under crafts and "beads and brick builds".

7. Can I make a Minecraft skin and rate that as 3D?
Yes, rate it as a "3D Doll Paintover" in the 3D Model section.

8. If I make a 3D model and print it on a 3D printer and then paint it irl, would I rate that as a 3D model or as a craft?
You can rate it as a 3D model and then count the painting as a self-produced 3D texture.


1. Can I submit a cosplay as an attack?
Yes! Cosplay goes under “Paintovers and Cosplay”. Keep in mind you have to make at least one major part of the cosplay by hand. Just dressing up with clothing you have around will not count.

2. Can I submit doll or squishy paintovers as attacks?
Yes, as per 2021 there is now a category named “Paintovers and Cosplay”.

3. Can I rate my cut-out traditional drawing as papercraft?
It can only be rated as paper craft if there is a layering of multiple sheets of paper. A single sheet of paper with a drawing on it should be rated as drawing.

4. I made some attacks in the form of buttons, pins, badges, keychains, and/or laser cutting wood. Can I rate this as craft?
No, it should be rated the same as a traditional drawing.

5. Can I rate my wood burning attack as craft?
No, it should be rated the same as a traditional drawing.

6. I made an attack using washi-tapes for the hair, clothing, and background. Do I rate this as papercraft?
No, It should be rated the same as a traditional drawing. If the washi tape doesn't stay within the lines it's rough color. If you took the time to keep the tape within the lines/shape of the character then it's clean color.

7. I did a traditional painting on a canvas board/stretched canvas, should that be rated as craft?
No, traditional paintings of any medium should be rated as a drawing.

8. Can I mail the crafted attack to the one I attacked?
In the event someone wants to physically send their crafted/traditional attack, Art Fight does not condone or take responsibility for any shared personal info. Exchange of address happens at the person’s own risk. We do not recommend minors to give out their address without permission from a parent or guardian first.

9. Can I make an attack out of an aspect of a character or craft an item that belongs to a character? (For example DnD dice inspired by a character, or a bracelet belonging to a character.)
You can! As long as it resembles the character or is a belonging of the character. These kinds of attacks are usually rated as "Simple Shaped Character" for size.
Note: This exception is only for crafts. Your attack must depict the character itself in the other categories.

10. What do I rate a 3D printed attack as?
If you modeled it in 3D, printed it, and painted it, you can rate it as 3D with self-made texture. It does not get rated as craft.


1. My animation contains music or is too long to put into a gif, is there a way to submit it as a video?
Not currently. Though you may upload a still image or a shorter gif from the animation to the site and then link to a youtube video or other video service in the description of the attack. You can rate it based on the video and not the still/gif you uploaded.

2. What is an “unique frame”?
An unique frame is a frame that is completely different from other frames. In a frame-by-frame animation, an unique frame is a redrawn frame.

3. Can I add the animation check if only the background elements are animated and not the characters?
Yes, we now have a category named “Minor Animation / Animated Background”, which will cover this type of attack.

4. Can I add the animation check to my spinning 3D Model?
Yes, this can be rated as "Animated Background".

Mass Attacks

1. What is a mass attack?
A mass attack is an attack with a lot of characters in it. There is no strict definition of a mass attack; it’s a term created by the community over the years.

2. How do I post a mass attack?
You submit the attack as usual, but you can add an extra character with the “Add character” button. You can add up to 100 characters to an attack. Any more than 100 characters can not be added to your attack by the staff team, this is the absolute character count limit.

3. Since there is only one main recipient, how do I notify the other character owners that I included their character?
They will be automatically notified in their attack notifications! ♥

4. I made a mass attack containing characters from both teams. How will this affect the points?
If the main recipient (the one you wrote the username of) is on the opposite team, you will get points for all characters, regardless of their team. This also goes the other way, so if the main recipient is on the same team as you, the whole attack will count as friendly fire and give 20% of the full points.