Guide: BBCode Guide

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BBCode is a type of markup mainly used on boards and forums. A function generally consists of an opening tag, such as [i], and a closing tag, such as [/i]. The table below is aimed to guide you in understanding the BBCode that is supported here at Art Fight.

BBCode formatPosted resultsAcceptable input/notes
[i]italicized text[/i]italicized text
[b]bolded text[/b]bolded text
[s]strikethrough text[/s]strikethrough text
[u]underlined text[/u]underlined text
[small]small text[/small]small text
[sub]subscript text[/sub]subscript text
[sup]superscript text[/sup]superscript text
[url=]hyperlinked text[/url]hyperlinked text
[img]image.png[/img]Make sure you use a complete image url that ends with .png, .jpg or .gif. Images that are too large will be automatically resized.
[color=#679e4b]text color[/color]text colorAny hex color.
[size=5]text resize[/size]text resize 1 - 7
[h1]header text[/h1]

header text


[font=Georgia]font style[/font]font styleArial, Arial Black, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Sans-Serif, Serif, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana
[right]right-aligned text[/right]
right-aligned text
[center]center-aligned text[/center]
center-aligned text
[left]left-aligned text[/left]
left-aligned text
Note: A horizontal rule does not need a closing bracket.

Introduces a new line within the same line.
[quote=@username]Named quote[/quote]
Named quote
The quoted name does not have to be a user ping.
[spoiler]spoiled text[/spoiler]
This will be displayed in full in the WYSIWYG editor as a preview, but will be hidden when displayed normally.
[ code]non-transforming text[ /code]non-transforming text
  • [list=A]
  • [list=1]
  • [list=A]
  • [list=a]
  • [list=I]
  • [list=i]
  • Notes: Leaving the option blank will result in an unordered list. [*] (no closing tag) can be used for bullets.
    [table][/table]Required to start the table.
    [tr][/tr]Required to have a row in the table. Inserted between the opening and closing tags for the table. You may have multiple of these in a table.
    [td]table cell[/td]Required to have information in the table. Inserted between the opening and closing tags for the table row. You may have multiple of these in a row. Each row should have the same number of cells.
    [th]table header cell[/th]For header cells. Can be used in place of normal table cells.
    [table][tr][td]cell 1[td][td]cell 2[td][/tr][tr][td]cell 3[td][td]cell 4[td][/tr][/table]
    cell 1cell 2
    cell 3cell 4
    Table sample
    Art Fight Specific
    @admin adminNote: In comments, this will notify the user that they were pinged and turn into a link to their page. The username will not turn into a link if the user does not exist.