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Hello Artfighters,

Based on staff discussion and user feedback, we have made adjustments to the rules regarding suggestive themes. The edited rules can be found here.

   First and foremost, we’d like to clarify the reason that the changes to our suggestive themes filter had been made, specifically the section related to removing fetish art from the site, even if tagged under suggestive themes.

   Previously, we have had issues with a certain subset of users intentionally drawing art for (or requesting art from) unsuspecting and non-consenting users, some of whom were minors, that contained fetish art. This is called “fetish mining,” a practice wherein a user intentionally ropes another into participating in fetish works without the other user’s knowledge and consent. In order to combat this and reduce mod strain, we decided to remove fetish works from the “allowed” list under suggestive themes.

   Ultimately, after careful consideration of user feedback as well as several rounds of internal review, we decided that the removal of all fetish works was not going to help us combat this issue. Instead, it led to more uncertainty (as it is difficult to define what isn’t/is a fetish when it comes to suggestive work), as well as more moderator strain due to needing to delete all prior attacks/characters involving fetish. Instead, we have edited the filtering guide to once again allow fetishes, with the caveat that any works have to be non-penetrative (i.e. no people/objects are allowed to enter the body), cannot involve ageplay, consent play, or bodily fluids/waste, and MUST be filtered under suggestive themes. For those affected by moderator action following the previously made changes, you are free to reupload your characters so long as the works they are involved in keep in mind our guidelines. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!

   Additionally, we have also added General Rule 11 to combat fetish mining. It reads as follows:

  • 11. Fetish mining, which involves soliciting fetish art without the knowledge and consent of the user involved, is a bannable offense.

User Questions

1. What is considered fetish art? How does staff determine what is/isn’t fetish?

  • Fetish art consists of content that is intended to provide sexual gratification to the viewer/artist via a specific scenario/object.  The artwork may or may not initially appear “SFW” to someone who is not aware of said fetish. Regardless, if any content is intended to satisfy a particular fetish, it MUST be filtered under suggestive themes.

2. Are drawings of trans characters or characters who do not conform to gender norms considered fetish art?

  • No. Trans characters and gender non-conforming characters are not inherently fetishistic and would never need a sexual themes filter on this basis alone.  We have been and always will be an LGBTQ+ positive and friendly space. We care deeply about making other LGBTQ+ folks comfortable in all of Art Fight's spaces and ask that if you see any homophobic, transphobic, or other forms of discriminatory content on-site to please report it or contact a moderator about it as soon as possible.

3. Are drawings of fat characters considered fetish art?

  • No. Drawings of fat characters on their own are not inherently fetishistic and will not be considered fetish art. The same goes for any body type, whether exaggerated cartoonishly or not. The initial wording of “over-exaggerated proportions” was intended to refer to fetish art, not cartoonish works or different body types. We recognize the initial wording was poor, and it has since been removed.

4. Will I get banned if I unintentionally create fetish art?

  • No. We only ban for fetish mining if we are sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is both intentional and targeting minors or non-consenting adults. Users who have unintentionally appealed to a fetish will not be punished. For fetish characters needing moderator action, such as those without a suggestive themes filter or characters participating in fetishes that are disallowed on Art Fight, you would simply be alerted to the changes made by a moderator after the necessary actions were taken.
  • If you have any specific questions about particular characters or fetishes, feel free to DM a moderator that is okay with receiving questions about suggestive content.
Other Updates

  • A minor update has been made to the phrasing regarding NSFW content involving feral characters. Previously, the text had stated: “This includes characters who are sapient, alien creatures/animals, or monsters/fictional creatures.” This text was intended to specify that ANY feral creature, regardless of being made-up or real, couldn’t be drawn in suggestive or explicit situations. Due to confusion regarding these rules, we have altered it to read: “This also includes fictional or made-up animals.”

Additionally, we’ve made some minor changes to the following rules:

  • General Rule 7: Specified that comments are included
  • Upload Rule 1: Added additional bullet point
  • Upload Rule 3: Added additional bullet point regarding uncredited photography
  • Upload Rule 5: Specified policy on smaller creators
  • Upload Rule 6: Clarified that characters based on current real life tragic events are not allowed
  • Spirit of Art Fight Rule 6: Clarified that "point farming" is not allowed
  • Filtering/Attack Guides: We're currently working on updating visuals and removing old/inaccurate images from our guides

   We acknowledge the unfortunate timing of this newpost. We’ve been actively working on these changes throughout the week, and believe it'd be ideal to sort everything out on-site before the stream so as to not confuse the influx of users that become active once the theme has been revealed. We understand the importance of this issue, and want as many people as possible to see the changes made, so we will be linking back to these updates in the next few newsposts to ensure that all users are well aware of the changes made.
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Theme Reveal Date

The Art Fight Theme Reveal stream will start at 2:00pm UTC and run until 8:00pm UTC, at which point the team reveal animation will play!

Art Fight Theme Reveal Stream

  • Please join us on June 15th for the 2024 Art Fight Theme Reveal, which will stream live on our YouTube. The stream will start at 2:00pm UTC and run until 8:00pm UTC, at which point the team reveal animation will play! 
  • The Art Fight Theme Reveal is an animation made annually by the talented Axel that announces the theme for this year's Art Fight. We hope you can make it, but don't despair if you can't - after the stream, the themes will be announced onsite, and the animation will be posted to our YouTube.
  • Leading up to the reveal, we'll also have a ton of in-stream activities hosted by mods like Quiplash, Gartic Phone, and some fun art games! We've also got word in that there'll be an exciting announcement after the reveal, so make sure to stick around. I mean what, who said that?
Graphic by scribedhearts | Illustration by Axel

Art Fight Start Date

  • Like every year, Art Fight 2024 will start on July 1st at 6:00pm UTC.
  • We recommend that you start preparing yourself now by updating your characters, bookmarking other people’s characters, and getting those refs into shape... there's no time like the present!
  • Remember that drawing attacks before Art Fight starts (July 1st, 6:00pm UTC) is against the rules. Not only is it unfair to others, but it is a direct violation of the spirit of Art Fight. If you attempt to do this, your account may be banned. Please be considerate and show good team spirit! 

Art Fight 2024

Information about changes made to the site, planned updates, and more!

Art Fight Keychain Updates

  • Keychains are now in production, and users who pre-ordered one will receive an email once they've shipped. They'll start shipping out soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • The onsite achievement for users who purchased a keychain will be processed before the event begins. Thanks for your patience!
Site Rules Updated

  • We've given our site rules a long-needed update. Before the event begins, please make yourself familiar with our updated Rules
  • Alongside editing them for clarity, our rules have been updated to reflect our updated Filters Guidelines, our disallowance of AI-generated content, and general information regarding allowed characters and content on the site.
Filters Guidelines Updated

  • We have updated our Filter Guidelines. Please take the time to review them here, as we have made some changes to certain types of content allowed on Art Fight. Notably, we have renamed Sexual Themes to Suggestive Themes, which has been significantly updated as a category. We are also moving away from using the term "Maturity Filters" in favor of simply "Filters". 
  • We'd like to apologize for making these changes right before the fight, as we understand that these kinds of updates can be overwhelming. Internal systems and resources took priority this year; in the future, we will release major rule updates at least a few months before the fight to give users ample time to review them.
  • To make up for this, we will be providing users with a grace period to change or remove any affected content. No penalties will be issued to users whose content may need to be re-filtered or removed from the site. During this time, moderators may hide offending characters and notify users that they need to be filtered or removed, and users will be able to migrate newly-disallowed content off-site. This grace period will last until July 14, 2024. After this point, content found that is in violation of the updated Filter Guidelines may be subject to stricter administrative action. Note that this grace period will not apply to content that is uploaded after the posted date of our new Filter Guidelines.
  • If you have any questions concerning our new Rules or Filters Guidelines, please contact a moderator or ask in one of our Discord's help channels. 
Updated DMCA Procedure for Copyright Infringements

  • In an effort to reduce site-mod strain and balance the creative expression of our users with respect for copyright laws, we have updated our DMCA procedure. 
  • Uncredited photo backgrounds are now handled through reports from the infringed parties via the DMCA system rather than through site reports. We encourage users to credit photo backgrounds if they are using them for attacks.
  • Below are the key points regarding what is now permissible on-site and what will be subject to takedown:
Permissible Content

  • Original characters (OCs) in canon characters' clothes.
  • Redrawing canon characters or logos on accessories; it is acceptable to depict canon characters on accessories such as T-shirts or as plushies, but they must be hand-drawn renditions.
  • Alternate universe (AU) characters can now bear a closer resemblance to canon characters, as long as the AU has at least one noticeable difference from the canon design.
Content Subject to Takedown:

  • Exact replicas and re-uploads of canon characters.
  • Directly uploading company logos as characters.
  • Posting images that are not explicitly free-to-use, such as collages or moodboards. You may however host these moodboards or collages off-site (such as on Pinterest) and link them in the character's bio.
May/June Changelog
Head over to our Changelog to find out more about what's changed!

  • Like in April, we focused on improvements and additions to our moderation tools. In the past, moderators were not able to view certain report types due to permission roadblocks. This has been fixed, and believe that this will lead to better response times on reports. The Tag Search has also been optimized and load times should also improve. Both of these fixes are in testing and will be live on the site this week. 
  • We are also working on implementing a way for users to delete their account. We're hoping to release this before the fight begins, but may not be able to due to the internal work it requires. As always, we thank you for your patience regarding this. 
  • Have an idea for Art Fight? Let us know here! We'll periodically check up on this form and add submitted suggestions to our Trello board. 

Edit (06/12/24): Regarding our new Suggestive Themes rules
- We plan to release a separate newspost clarifying and adjusting some of our recently changed rules
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Financials Update 

Information about our first keychain launch, future merch plans, and more!

Keychain Sale Ends!

  •  Thank you all for the support! Our first merch run was a success. We are excited to begin producing other types of merch, and will be sure to share more news soon!
  •  If you bought a keychain, make sure to fill out this Keychain Achievement Form, which will award you a badge onsite! This information will also be provided in the email that will be soon sent to anyone who preordered. 
  •  If you have any issues with your order, please email us over at [email protected]

We've hit $20,000 (20k)!

  • Since the start of 2024, Art Fight has made over $20,000! This includes both on-site contributions, plus the gross amount made from merchandise sales.
  • Thank you ALL so much for the overwhelming support. As always, if you're interested in supporting us, you can head over to this page to see each tier!

Art Fight 2024

Information about changes made to the site, planned updates, and more!

Art Fight Theme Reveal Stream

  • We are currently beginning to prepare for the Art Fight Theme Reveal! The date will be announced in the next newspost. 
  • If you're unfamiliar, the theme reveal is an animation made every year by the talented Axel that announces the theme for the event! We plan on streaming it both on our Twitch and Youtube!
  • Like last year, it will run for 12 hours. We plan on hosting many fun activities throughout the stream! You can also expect a surprise sometime during the stream...

Upcoming Rule Changes 

  • We are working on making several changes to our Rules. Several new additions will be made, as well as general improvements in readability and making some rules more clear, like our stance on no AI Art. 
  • Our Filter Guidelines will also be updated at the same time. 
  • Due to mod strain & limited resources, no changes will be made to our rating system this year. 

April Changelog
You can read more about what changed by heading over to our Changelog!

  • We focused mainly on improvements and additions to our moderation tools. Some new systems were introduced in order to better support moderators. We plan on implementing a few quality of life changes before the fight, but we will mainly be focusing on additional improvements to the moderation tools.
  • Have an idea for Art Fight? Let us know here! We'll periodically check up on this form and add submitted suggestions to our Trello board.


Our moderator application is open, but not for very long! Includes information about our first ever Sprout Fight! 

Mod Apps Open

  • Our moderation apps are still open, but will close soon! You have until April 30th to submit an application. Applications will then close until Art Fight 2024 is finished. If you're interested in moderating for Art Fight, check out this page!
  • You can expect a first batch of new mods to arrive soon - thank you for your patience as we worked on an improved mentorship system, which we believe will better help and support new moderators. 

Sprout Fight Info 

  • Thank you to everyone who participated in Sprout Fight and shared their artwork with us! We had a whopping 392 submissions in total (wow!). If you submitted a prompt piece to the form, you should now have an achievement for it.
  • Likewise, Art Fight & Arctic Fight 2021 submissions should have an achievement. Please contact a site moderator with your prompt artwork if you know you had entered but did not receive your achievement!

  • You can view the 2024 Sprout Fight video showcase by clicking here.
  • All artists shown have been linked via Google Doc in the video's description. Show them some love!
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Hey everyone,

The budget newspost is finally here! We thank you so much for your patience, and apologize for the lengthy delay. Holidays ended up being far busier than we initially anticipated, and we ran into unexpected roadblocks during the process, including rewriting some of the code pertaining to the site's PayPal integration. Regardless, we hope the holiday season went well for you all, and that you've had a great New Year so far!

This newspost will be split in two different sections - the 2023 Budget, and the 2024 Expected Budget. The 2023 Budget is fairly self-explanatory - it will be going over our expenses from last year in full. In the 2024 Expected Budget section, we will be showcasing a few different plans for spending, called “tiers.”

The implementation of these tiers will be dependent on the amount of money Art Fight makes, and estimated costs of the site operation are given based on last year’s budget.

2023 Budget

In 2023, Art Fight received approximately 87k USD in contributions. 5k of that total sum went towards PayPal fees, making our gross income 82k USD. We spent $79k of that 87k, which is over 90% of what we received.

The majority of our costs (55%) went towards site upkeep and improvements, such as Linode costs, the server Migration, AWS, and miscellaneous software subscriptions. Approximately $3k was left over (not including contributions from 2024) and will go towards paying site bills.

Here is a simple breakdown of the terms seen on the pie chart:

AWS 27%: Amazon Web Services; for the majority of 2023 this was just image hosting, however we have now moved our web servers to AWS as well, so that is also part of the cost
Linode 10%: Web servers for the majority of 2023
Refunds 1%: Funds given back to contributors
Art 6%:  Funds used to pay for art assets, artists, and related services.
Business Expenses 6%: Software subscriptions Art Fight needs, such as Zendesk, Mailgun, etc.
Taxes 17%: Funds paid to the government for tax purposes
Server Migration 12%: One time cost to Loka to migrate Art Fight’s servers from Linode to AWS

Note on previous owner’s compensation: We understand the concerns regarding transparency about the previous owner’s compensation and are taking time to address them now. In 2023, the majority of the prior owner's compensation came in the form of various tax credits and deductions for business and office expenses, as opposed to being taken directly from Art Fight's income. Keeping in mind a previous lack of formality in bookkeeping, we estimate that the previous owner received approximately 14k in compensation for their work in 2023. Only about 3k of their compensation came directly from Art Fight's funds, which is included in the "Business Expenses" section of the budget.

Going forward, Art Fight plans to continue to utilize these legal tax credits and deductions wherever possible, with the aim of conserving the generous contributions from our community.

To improve bookkeeping records and emphasize future financial transparency, Art Fight has onboarded to a new banking system. Our new bank has managed expense accounts, budgets, and detailed spending reports. We will also hire an accountant quarterly to reconcile our spending, with reports planned to be made available to the community at the end of each year.

Proposed 2024 Budget

We are making it our priority in the 2024 budget to fund features that will improve user experience, mod tools, and overall site function.

In addition, we are allocating funds to go towards fixing internal parts of the site. The core of the site is old, having served us for about seven to eight years. For the long-term stability of Art Fight, we need to develop an API, which will streamline the development process, and also do a partial overhaul of a lot of systems. Another priority is improving security, which includes adding features like Two Factor Authentication.

Art Fight incurs substantial operational costs. As our current budget is now,  the site doesn’t currently bring in enough money to invest in high-quality, experienced developers. Although we are eternally thankful for the generous volunteer devs who have given us their time in the past, we cannot solely rely on them. Moving forward, we would like to prioritize hiring developers to bring new features to the site, and support our current volunteer developers who would like to remain volunteers. This will benefit users and improve their experience, as well as making it far easier for moderators to accomplish their duties.

In terms of “when,” Art Fight makes approximately 90% of its money during June and July. In the offseason, the site only makes around $1.2k USD per month, which is just barely enough to cover our monthly AWS costs. In order to begin paying for new developmental work, it is integral that we begin fundraising now in order to have new features and improvements ready for July. As such, we will be investing time into producing merch as one of our ways of fundraising. We are also considering user submitted advertisements (with proper guidelines in place) as another way of fundraising, but we have not solidified any specific plans yet.

To reiterate from the November newspost - all staff members have been working on Art Fight on an unpaid volunteer basis. As the Co-Owners, we all either work full-time or attend school, while also working ~20 hrs/week on Art Fight. Due to the estimated budget and prioritization of development work, Rainy, Axel and Turtle are choosing to NOT pay themselves, in order to put more money back into the site. The exception to this is paid artwork.

In terms of compensating moderators, we hosted conversations and sent out a survey on if and how they would want to be compensated, including options for financial compensation. The majority of the team members opted to be compensated via some form of free, and possibly staff exclusive merch, which we are incorporating into the budget.

Co-owners will only be paid if certain fundraising milestones are reached, which we estimate to be around $175,000. We are intending to pay ourselves ~10 USD/hr. Accounting for Axel’s work as being the lead artist, alongside co-owner work, an additional 2.5k will go towards the art role which works out to an additional 22.5k/yr of the budget.

Fundraising & Merch

We previously stated that there was a "special winter surprise" intended to help with fundraising. However due to continued legal delays we were unable to move forward with those plans. We still wanted to ensure we could provide something special for our userbase, so we've made the decision to start producing merch as part of our fundraising plans!

We’ll be taking pre-orders of an exclusive new keychain illustrated by Axel! This amazing keychain will be on sale for $15 USD for the first week, and then $17 USD for the rest of the month.

We're using Shopify to handle this sale and also any future merch sales. You can also find this at the top of the header. Money from these sales will go directly to the site and our proposed tiers. We are aware that international shipping is expensive and we deeply apologize for being unable to lessen that for this release. In the future when, we have the means, we will be sure to explore ways to make it more affordable.

This keychain is a limited run, and won’t return in a future sale. Pre-orders will be open for a month starting from today, and will end on April 8th. You can find more information, including shipping details on the Shopify page! Make sure to include your Art Fight username in the order form to get an on-site achievement as well!

If you are a Sponsor and are eligible for the 2024 Art Fight Banner this year, then you will be emailed with a special 10% discount code that you can use on the Shopify!

In the future, we hope to expand our merch line to include old team stickers, pins, and more! We also plan to provide discounts to all Sponsors on future releases, alongside discounts to VIPs+ as well.

If you’re interested in purchasing a keychain, you can visit our store by clicking here!

2024 Contribution Tiers

These are our projected tiers for 2024. These numbers are not meant to be set in stone, but rather a rough estimate that can better communicate our future goals for the site.

The tiers are representative of paid work; we still have devs who wish to remain volunteers and are free to work on features they'd like to implement, so some features may be added or completed outside of the tiers.

We have 3 goals for 2024, plus extra stretch tiers. If a tier is reached, certain features and goals can be achieved, which will be outlined below.

Tier 1: $98,000

Tier 1 is the absolute essentials; the services that run Art Fight. This also includes high priority and necessary items that will help ensure the success of Art Fight in the long run. There is also a table below which showcases each service and its estimated costs.

Moderation Tools

  • Ability to perform moderation changes on multiple attacks, characters, etc
  • General improvements to mod tools and report system

  • Produce Merch
  • Compensate staff members with merch
Tech Debt

  • Upgrading laravel, bootstrap
  • Configuring AWS
  • Creating a setup guide
Security Features

  • Implement 2-Factor Authentication
  • Improve the blocking system on site
User QoL Updates

  • Allow users to delete their own accounts (with proper security measures while removing mod strain)
  • Bookmark improvements: folders, mass delete, bookmark icon in searches
  • Turning off user CSS by default in settings
Below the spoiler is an overview of each service and the expected cost (spoiled due to it being big): 

Tier 2: $150,000

Now that we have some money, we can begin working on requested user features, but with a priority on improvements to moderation tools and new features for contributors.
Moderation Tools:

  • Implement a modmail system to allow moderators to message users without using their personal account. Includes templates/canned replies.
  • General improvements to internal tools
New Feature: Discovery Page

  • A new page on the site that allows for different search options, replacing the old search feature
  • A place to showcase different types of users (e.g new to the site, low battle ratio)
  • Contributors relevant to each respective search will be marked with a special decoration to indicate what type of contributor they are (Supporter, Supporter+, Premium, VIP, VIP+, Sponsor)


  • Tally Pro (used for surveys, internal work, and applications, allows us to connect’s domain)
  • Notion Pro (for internal staff work)

User QoL Updates:

  • Auto-crop icons and thumbnails
  • Reply button on comments
  • Attack button directly on character, autofills character information

Contributor Features:

  • Extra character images for Supporter+
  • Character CSS for Premium Members

Tier 3: $175,000

The Co-Owners are now able to be compensated for their time. Developers will be focused on projects that require a lot of time, like switching our text editor.

Overhaul the filtering system

  • Introduce tags to allow users to block certain content
Moderation Tools:

  • New tools for the proposed filtering system change
User QoL Updates:

  • Convert BBCode text editor into HTML
  • Character pinging (instead of a link, it shows the character’s name)
  • Separate credit option for Art Fight users
  • Various email notifications (when you get attacked, when you get messaged, etc.)
Paid Co-Owners ($22k)

Stretch Goals

As we become closer to these goals, we will work on expanding and developing them. If we do reach a stretch goal, we’ll keep you involved in the process.

Goal 1: $300,000

As we become closer to these goals, we will work on expanding and developing them. If we do reach a stretch goal, we’ll keep you involved in the process.

Contributor Features:

  • Implement a new badge System

    • Change depending on if you are a Supporter, Premium, VIP, or VIP+
    • Visible by your username and icon
  • Develop an Art Fight Discord bot to manage contribution roles
Paid Staff:

  • Hire admins (5hr/week)
Partial redesign of the site

New Feature: More Themes

  • Add specific site color schemes (instead of just lightmode vs darkmode)

Goal 2: $400,000

  • Create ways to utilize Art Fight in the off-season
  • Develop forums on Art Fight
  • Complete site redesign!

Ending Notes

Thank you for sticking with us this year, and for your patience. Information about the tiers is also present on the contribution page! 

We have also brought back the contribution bar, which can be found on the footer of the site. It corresponds to the goals in the 2024 Contribution Tiers section, and updates hourly.

In addition, you might have noticed that the header has been updated! We are now utilizing the changelog page, and will regularly update it when changes have been made. There is also a new art assets page that showcases the official art made for Art Fight.  

As stated previously, we want to move away from using the term “donation”. With that said, you might notice the above URL leads to “” - we do plan on changing this to contribute, but it requires a bit of backend work. This should happen in the near future.

Please note: if you have a monthly Art Fight subscription, we are asking you to cancel as we have a new PayPal account that was created for the LLC. You can learn how to do that here.

With that said, the site will be transitioning its PayPal integration to the new SDK in the coming weeks. The old-style subscription button has been deprecated by PayPal and monthly subscriptions will be unavailable until this process is completed.

Your money is safe either way, but your benefits may be delayed if you don’t switch over since the old PayPal will no longer be directly connected to the site.  After a future grace period (about a month), your old subscription will be canceled so that we can consolidate and automate this process. Those who are subscribed will also receive an email with this information.

If you don’t receive benefits from any contribution made to the old PayPal within a reasonable amount of time, please contact [email protected] so we can input your contribution manually.

We’re super excited for the future of Art Fight, and can’t wait to share more news soon!

-  Art Fight’s Higher Up Team

Edit (04/09/24): Keychain Sale Ended!

  • Pre-orders for the Art Fight Supporter keychain have ended! Thank you all for your support.
  • Those who purchased a keychain will soon receive an email with more information.   

Edit (03/09/24): Clarification regarding contribution bar: 

  • Currently, the bar only shows on-site contributions. We are working on updating it with the money that Shopify receives, but it may take some time as we need to edit the code to prevent automation from breaking. We'll update you once that works!
  • The contribution bar will now update every day at 10:00 PM MST to include the money we receive from merch. On-site contributions will continue to update every hour. Thank you all for your support! 
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Draw This In Your Style Raffle

We’re hosting a little event for the month of February! Redraw the drawing above in your own style, for a chance at winning a year of Art Fight Premium.
This event is cross-posted throughout our social medias:
 Tumblr Post Twitter Post Instagram Post |  DeviantART Post

Rules & How to Enter

  • To be entered in the raffle, please submit your entry via this form. All submissions on the form are guaranteed an entry.
  • The deadline is on MARCH 1ST.
  • All submissions must comply with our site rules and guidelines. This includes strictly no tracing or AI - we want to see YOUR art style!
Optional: Tag your submissions with #AFmascotDTIYS on social media for a chance to be featured! You can also @ our socials directly, or upload your art to the mascots' Toyhouse pages: and

Budget Update

The 2024 budget numbers are being finalized; most of the text is written out and completed. Thank you for your patience; the holidays were busier than expected!

Art Assets

All past official art assets including banners, badges, pixels, and animations are now available all on one page! This page will continue to be updated as more assets are made in the coming years. User-made assets are also available for use on this page, these are made by members of the Art Fight community! Check them out to add some personalization to your profile.

Social Media Update

Lastly, we just wanted to let you know that we're active on social media, and would love if you could give us a follow on the platforms you are active on! We plan to host more cool events in the future.

Posted by admin on 9 December 2023 05:22:17 PM (Edited by Rainy 5 months ago)
Hi Art Fighters,

Happy December! This update contains a few reminders, updates, and the release of the AF Developer Application!

This or That!
Graphic by scribedhearts

Out of all the possible themes, which team would you be on? We'd love to see your picks!
Fill the image out and tag us on social media, or in the comments! 

Full image here!

Theme Poll Reminder
Art by Axel

Reminder: the theme poll for Art Fight 2024 is still open! Rank the themes from your favorite to least favorite. Poll ends December 10th at 5PM EST! Link is in bio! Which theme are you voting for?!
Update: The theme poll has ended! Thank you all for voting.  

Oh... and don't worry why Wormston is blue... he fell into some paint...

Arctic Fight Prompts
Graphics by  banannie
Illustration by @cyanspiders

December brings Arctic Fight! Use a prompt or palette into your art. Show it off using the #prompts channel in our Discord server or the #arcticfight2023 tag on social media.

We're also holding a raffle on our Discord server for Art Fight premium; all you have to do is submit artwork that incorporates either a prompt or a palette (or both!). Your artwork can be a sketch or fully rendered - it's up to you! The raffle entry form is located in the #minigames-showcase channel. Three winners will be announced sometime after the form closes on January 1st, 2024 at 12:00 AM EST.

The transcript can be found here.


Art Fight Developer Application

Art Fight is hiring a developer! This is a paid position, and are expected to onboard sometime in 2024. If we are interested in your application, we will contact you with more information.


  • Must be 20 years old or older
  • Familiar with AWS
  • Knowledgeable in PHP
  • Payment is per implemented feature as quoted by developers, and may adjust depending on labor, complexity, etc.

If you are interested in applying, please see this form

Art Fight Social Medias 

As 2024 rolls around, one priority of ours is to make our social medias an active and consistently updated place of knowledge.

We'd love if you could follow us on the social medias you are active on!

That's all from us for now! Stay tuned for future updates. 

- Art Fight Team 

Edit (12/09/23):

  • Clarified a point regarding Developer compensation model
Posted by admin on 26 November 2023 12:26:29 AM (Edited by Rainy 3 weeks ago)
Hey everyone,

As mentioned in the last newspost, we are working on a budget update regarding the site’s finances.  This is still in progress as, unfortunately, we are still stuck in the legal closing process. Certain legal costs need to be included in this year’s reported budget, and they cannot be accurately reported before the legal process concludes.

This process has taken substantially longer than we expected, and we’re very sorry for that. We want to be as transparent as we can through this process, and thank everyone for their patience.

Since things have already been delayed due to the legal side of the leadership transition, we don’t want to make any promises on future timelines. However, assuming no additional legal hurdles emerge, we predict the budget news post will be ready before 2024.

In the meantime, we do have some exciting news to share with you all!

Addressing the Annual Site Slowness

Historically, Art Fight has been very slow during the first week of the event. In past years, it has sometimes even gone down completely, leading to many users unable to access Art Fight until days into the fight. This is due to the old site architecture not being able to support the amount of traffic we received. For improved stability, a complete re-architecture of the backend is required. This is a complicated process, requiring a substantial amount of time and resources to be completed.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’ve engaged Loka, a team of AWS Cloud Experts and engineers, to make that transition happen! Loka is a service that helps companies restructure their older systems. With Loka, Art Fight will transition off our previous Linode servers, and add traffic auto-balancing too! Once work is completed, the site will hopefully perform fast and remain stable for ALL Art Fights in the future.

The cost for this engagement is $10,000 (and has already been paid for). We expect the migration to be completed by the end of December. The site will be going down for maintenance for this reason, happening on Monday, November 27th at 9:00am UTC for about 12 hours. There will be a notice made on our social medias and Discord server beforehand.

Addressing Leadership Concerns

Due to concerns from the community, we also want to take the time to address Takaia’s role at Art Fight. As of now, they are being kept on a temporary basis for site development (coding), and to facilitate the site transition. They are not involved in any decision making processes, nor are they involved with the site’s finances. They have been working closely with the Loka team to help migrate the site architecture, and they are making many backend/frontend changes to the site in support of the transition.  After the transition, Takaia will leave the Art Fight team.

Originally, Takaia was the sole manager of several critical site operations. Therefore, they must remain involved in some capacity during the leadership transition as a guide and as part of the architecture migration: Amazon Web Services accounts, Linode servers, email service (Mailgun), and many more services that AF needs to function are still in the process of being transferred over. This means their current involvement is integral throughout this process. Once the transfer has been completed and the co-owners are knowledgeable with the backend services, they will depart from the staff team in entirety.

We understand that some of you are concerned about their involvement, so we want to be honest about why this is a necessary process.

A new EIN is also being issued to the company. Plus tax information, registration information, new banking info, and lots of other logistical hurdles need to be overcome before the site transition is complete. Especially to those who have never operated a website before, or dealt with the complexities of running your own business, we ask for your empathy and understanding during this time.

Please also note that Rainy, Turtle, and Axel are all full-time employees/students: Art Fight is still something we do in our free time, so we appreciate everyone’s patience with us.

Art Fight 2024 Theme Poll

We are beginning to prepare for Art Fight 2024, so you all know what that means… It’s Theme Poll time!

We’re trying something a bit different this year. Instead of voting for only one theme, this year you will be able to order the themes based on your personal favorites! This poll will close on the 10th of December at 5pm EST. Since we have implemented a ranking system, this will be the only poll - so make sure to get your vote in before the poll closes!

You can vote for your favorite themes by clicking here!

Volunteer Moderator Applications Open

Ever wanted to help out Art Fight? Now’s your chance!

We have positions for both site and chat moderators open. If you think you have what it takes to be a moderator, please apply below!

  • You must be 18 years old or older to apply. You also must have participated in one fight. 
  • If you already applied this year, please do not apply again unless you have something significant to add to your application, thank you! 
  • Additionally, if you do not hear back within 6 months, then we will unfortunately not be going forward with your application at this time. 

Check out this page for more information!

Thanks for sticking with us throughout this year. We'll share more details when we can!

- Axel, classicturtle, Rainy  
Posted by admin on 6 October 2023 04:24:54 PM (Edited by admin 4 months ago)
Hey everyone,

As you may have heard, Art Fight is currently undergoing a change in leadership. Takaia, who has been the owner of Art Fight for the last nine years, has made the decision to step down from this role and take on a support role behind the scenes. In her place, former admins Axel and classicturtle, will be stepping up as co-owners, alongside a third co-owner who will be introduced later on in the newspost.

Due to the ownership shift, Art Fight will be undergoing a series of changes in the upcoming months. Art Fight will be filed as an LLC, and will no longer be operating as a sole proprietorship. We have always been an entity that requires money to operate, but we will expand into focusing on things such as merch, sponsorships, and more site perks, to relieve the pressure for individual users to contribute financially.

Additionally, any monetary support provided to the site has been labeled as a donation up to now, and we apologize for the confusion this previous wording has caused. Art Fight is neither a charity nor is it legally classified as a non-profit entity. From this point onwards, what we previously called “donations” will instead be referred to as “contributions” to clear up and avoid any further confusion. The current donation page will be updated to reflect this in the coming weeks. 

We understand this change is a considerable one, and we’d like to address a few different aspects of the changes being made below.

Why did the administrators resign from staff during the fight?

On July 22nd, former admins Turtle and Axel resigned from the Art Fight team. Their reasons for doing so are as follows:

The site remained stagnant for years, and we were frustrated with the lack of paid, forward development. Although some smaller changes were made, we did not feel these changes were enough.

Financial transparency had broken down over the years.  The lack of communication to the staff team regarding financials attributed to this - even if it wasn’t done intentionally or maliciously.

As a result of this, we wanted to help the owner make the finances more transparent, oversee further expenses, and make sure that more of the money went into developing the site, rather than allowing the site to continue to stagnate. We weren’t given this opportunity, and this combined with the previous issues in communication led to feelings of frustration. Because of this, we no longer felt that we could continue working as volunteers with Art Fight unless there were considerable changes made, and we made the difficult decision to leave the team.

As admins, we did NOT have an issue with Takaia paying themself as the owner of Art Fight, and we sincerely believe people should be fairly compensated for the work that they do. While we understand there wasn’t ill intent behind anyone’s actions, the lack of transparency regarding financial issues and a lack of site development made us feel disjointed as a team and made it hard to perform our admin duties.

After multiple conversations about Art Fight and the future of the site, we have rejoined Art Fight staff upon reaching an agreement with Takaia to become two of the three new co-owners. We are excited for this opportunity to move forwards together and help Art Fight thrive!
As stated at the start, Takaia will be stepping back from her role as owner and will take on a support role for the site behind the scenes.  We will all continue to work together to support Art Fight and let it grow to its fullest potential.

We would also like to thank and apologize to the staff, especially those who continued to work during the end of the fight after the admins resigned, as we recognize the difficult position they were put into. Additionally, we would like to reiterate that harassment towards any involved individual is unwarranted and will not be tolerated. This includes the previous admins who stepped up to their positions after the current co-owners resigned as admins. They did so with the intent to help keep the site running, and they just did their best in a complicated situation. Please be understanding and respectful to all involved parties.

Any further harassment towards any involved individual for any reason will result in a ban.

Third Co-Owner✨

Our first big step in ensuring Art Fight’s stability is re-introducing Rainy back onto the team as the third Co-Owner. She has been an invaluable member of the Art Fight staff since 2015 and previously held the role of head admin, so we hope the community is as excited as we are to bring her back! Together we will be overseeing the site, its finances, and ensuring Art Fight’s growth safely as an equal entity.


Going forwards, we want to make an active effort to ensure there is transparency regarding Art Fight’s finances. With this in mind, we want to address some concerns regarding the past and present financial states of Art Fight as a whole. First and foremost, we do want to reiterate that Art Fight was a sole proprietorship. Takaia, as the owner, worked under this sole proprietorship for approximately $12/hr, which is far below living wage. As confirmed after review by the current co-owners, taxes (which we are unable to share publicly due to security and privacy concerns) were paid and accounted for on all of Art Fight’s income. While Art Fight will no longer be a sole proprietorship, we will still operate as an official business under an LLC.

All staff, at the time of applying and at the time of hiring, were aware of and agreed to the fact that their position was as a volunteer, and that they were not going to be receiving monetary compensation for their work. As of now, this will still be the case for all site and chat moderators, though we are open to exploring paid positions (both for moderators and for site developers, such as coders) sometime in the future.

Budget 2023 - 2024

While we begin planning for the site’s future years, we are taking into account the expected budget for 2023 and 2024.

We hope to release a news post specifically about this sometime in the coming months. This news post will include more information about Art Fight’s past and future financials, and details on our goals for the rest of 2023 and 2024. In addition to this, the financial goal bar will also return!

In the past, Art Fight has functioned entirely off of the generosity of volunteer site developers. But volunteer developers obviously cannot devote all their energy to fixing and updating the site for us. We plan to rely less on volunteer developers in the future, and allocate as much of our budget as we can to lowering server-side costs, which we can use to re-invest into additional, paid developer contracts. On that note, please give a warm welcome to stokori! Originally a volunteer developer, Stokori has rejoined the team, and will be transitioning into a paid developer role. 

Here are some of the things we want to implement this year and the coming year:

*This is by no means an exhaustive list, and is subject to change.
1. Hiring a paid developer, to help us do the following:

  • Improving overall site performance
  • Overhaul/improve current moderation tools
  • Implement new features for users and staff alike
2. Begin looking into merch, and more perks for site contributors
3. Preparing for a certain surprise to be released sometime during the winter season 👀

Feedback Forms

Like in the previous years, we want your feedback! There will be a general feedback form, as well as a UX feedback form. It isn’t required to fill these out, but we would definitely appreciate your input!

Art Fight 2023 Feedback Form
UX Feedback Form 
* The Art Fight 2024 Theme Poll will be released at a later date.

Before we conclude our news post however, we wanted to give you all a message from Art Fight’s former owner and founder:
I wanted to take a quick moment to apologize for communication deteriorating within the team towards the end of my time as owner of Art Fight. I never intended to let it break down like that, but good intentions don’t really excuse the fact that I let the team down. I also wanted to sincerely thank the staff who stayed behind to hold down the fort while things were sorted out at the end of the 2023 fight. You kept Art Fight alive, and I’m very grateful for that. I am, however, deeply sorry I put you in that position because I know how hard it was and I wish I hadn't put you through that.

As I’m stepping back and passing the helm to Rainy, Axel, and Turtle, I’m glad to be here to support them as they carry Art Fight into the future. I am endlessly grateful to ALL of the staff and users who supported myself and Art Fight through my time here. Thank you, everyone, for going on this adventure with me these past 9 years!
With that, we also wanted to thank you all for being patient with us as big changes happen behind the scenes.  We’re confident that Art Fight will continue to grow and we’re excited to see where things will go!

- classicturtle, Rainy, Axel

Edit (10/06/23): Hello! We noticed there were some questions about Takaia's future involvement with Art Fight, so we wanted to provide some clarification: 

  • Takaia's role as a staff member will exclusively be as a developer/coder for site features.
  • She is no longer involved in financials, staff decisions, or moderator actions.
  • As mentioned in the original newspost, we as now co-owners have access to Artfight's funds and can verify that the money from Art Fight's donations were not embezzled. More information regarding Art Fight's budget/financial situation will be provided in our upcoming budget newspost.
Posted by Axel on 11 September 2023 12:05:28 AM (Edited by Axel 3 weeks ago)

Hey, Art Fighters
We wanted to update you about the Leadership Transition newspost. As stated in the 2023 Winner newspost, the Leadership Transition newspost was supposed to be released late August.
We have ran into unavoidable delays regarding the legal process of transferring Art Fight and so the Leadership Transition newspost has been affected. We will work as hard as we can to get it out in a timely manner, while respecting the sensitive legal process.
Thank you all for your patience.

Posted by Axel on 13 August 2023 01:33:02 AM (Edited by leafjelly 4 months ago)


Final Score...
36,466,616.5 vs 36,875,472

#1 Top Attack
The attack that did the most damage is "Wowie" by dizzy_drizzled. It earned 14,402.5 points!

(please see the attack's description for the full animation!)

#2 Top Attack
The attack that did the second most damage is "The Artfight 2023 Mass Moon Watch" by paintballguncat. It earned 13,891 points!

#3 Top Attack
The attack that did the third most damage is "Fandom Mass Attack (Animation in description)" by Cruxian. It earned 13,775.5 points!

Art Fight 2023 MAP
Before we get into attack stats, we'd once again like to present the Art Fight MAP, brought to you by 30 of your fellow Art Fighters! This year's song was Drop Pop Candy, come check it out!

Featured Attacks: High Character Count
These are some attacks that feature a lot of different characters. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Character Interaction
These are some attacks that have strong character interaction. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Film / Animation
These are some attacks that have strong animation or great video editing. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Traditional
These are attacks that are made with traditional art! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Crafts
These are some attacks that were uniquely done with physical materials! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Comics
These are some amazing comic attacks! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: 3D Render
These are some attacks that were done using a 3D software. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: VTuber Model
These are some attacks that were done using software to create a Vtuber model, which also feature complete rigging! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Game
These are attacks that are made in a video game format! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Staff Picks
Here are some staff favorite attacks!

Revenge Chains 

The longest revenge chain belongs to Bunbiiit and Little_Angelbun with 1000 levels!
The second longest revenge chain belongs to cookiu and CeramicGlue with a total level of 707!
The third highest revenge change is by maddie_jean and Crackerly, with a total level of 703.


General Statistics

A total of 1,221,665 attacks were made.
Vampires made 603,933 attacks and 198,203 friendly fire attacks, resulting in 36,466,616.5 points
Werewolves made 617,693 attacks and 230,012 friendly fire attacks, resulting in 36,875,472 points.

User Growth

We have over 700,000 users as of August. Of those users, 258,279 of them took part in the fight!

98,166 new users participated in their first fight. 160,113 are returning users!

User Statistics

The 3 Team Vampires users who made the most attacks are:

ZAVIXEL - 3026 attacks
2 - 1005 attacks
Bunbiiit - 677 attacks

The 3 Team Werewolves users who made the most attacks are:

RevlisFox - 4265 attacks
CatNoir - 1231 attacks
EdgyCatWolf - 920 attacks

Helpful Members
Thank you to these users that were helpful in all different aspects this year. All of these users did something worth recognizing. Give them a follow! 






A big thank you to the entire Art Fight Staff and Support Team for making this event possible with all their hard work!

Things to Note

The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before, just without the ability to attack.
If you’d like to continue attacking others, a good alternative is an art trade conducted via PM here, our Discord, or other platform of your choice.
All rating reports that moderators did not get to will be automatically closed, since the points are final. Moderators will be still working on non-rating reports throughout the year.

Future Newspost Regarding Leadership
Thank you for everyone’s patience while we transition our leadership roles. There will be a newspost in two weeks that will outline the changes that have taken place, along with what the future of Art Fight will look like.
Due to delays, this newspost has been delayed. Stay tuned for further updates.

Team achievements for Art Fight 2023 will be automatically awarded to accounts sometime before the start of Art Fight 2024.
Their assets are still being created, so thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Minigames will be delayed for sometime while we focus on site development. We'll post a newpost when we plan to open! 

We want your feedback!

Please come back in the next week to have a look at our feedback forms! Thank you for your patience.

Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2023: Vampires vs Werewolves
Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

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