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Welcome, Art Fighters!
The time has finally come.... Art Fight.... IS HERE!!!!!

Joining the Event
To join a team, click the "Current Event" button on the top right. You'll be able to be sorted into a team from there!
For more information about the fight, check out our About and FAQ page.

To attack someone, click the Submit tab on the top left to be taken to the attack submission page.
When posting attacks, make sure you check if anything needs to be filtered. You can check via our nifty Filter Guide.
If you are having trouble understanding how to rate your attack, make sure to check out our Attack Guide.

If you have additional questions, get in contact with a moderator or join our Discord server.

Additional Updates & Announcements

Team Badges

Be sure to show your team pride on your Art Fight profile by using a badge! You can add them to your profile by clicking the little emoji on the text editor. Thanks to leafjelly for making them this year!

Seafoam vs Stardust CSS

If you are a Premium member ($25), you can use the new fancy Art Fight CSS brought to you by cyxxie and leafjelly
Seafoam Code 
Stardust Code

Theme Reveal

If you haven't already seen the 2024 theme reveal animation, you can watch it HERE! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stream this year. Speaking for all of staff, we had a wonderful time! 

Art Fight x Makeship

As you all know, we've collaborated with Makeship to bring you guys the super adorable Wormston plushie and our awesome Werewolves vs. Vampires enamel pin! They're only around for six more days, so if you're interested in buying them, check out our Shop button at the top of your screen!

June / July Changelog

You can read more about what changed by heading over to our Changelog! Have an idea for Art Fight? Let us know here! We'll periodically check up on this form and add submitted suggestions to our Trello board.
Once again, we prioritized improvements to various moderation tools. That being said, we do have some really exciting quality of life updates for you this time around! 

These features are currently in testing and will be available sometime this week if all goes well.

Resize Image + Border Decoration: Art Fight is no longer in 2010 - you will now be able to resize images directly on the upload page! In addition to this, say hello to "Border Decorations," a way to decorate the thumbnails of your attacks and characters. We hope you are as excited as we are about this!

Option to globally turn off CSS: An option to permanently turn off CSS will be added. You can turn this setting on via user settings

Reply Button on comments: Yes, you heard me... you'll now be able to reply directly to comments. Long gone are the days of pinging someone manually!

Account Deletion: Users will sooon able to delete their accounts by heading over to the settings page. Deleting your account is permanent, cannot be reversed, and the data associated with your account cannot be retrieved once the deletion is processed. If you've changed your mind, there is a 15 day grace period in which you can cancel the request. 

Please thank our volunteer dev  fuzzyfuture for spending countless hours developing these features in time for the fight. He's also new to Art Fight (and drawing in general), so give him a big welcome! We appreciate you! 

Rules and Filters Updates

As we've outlined in our last two newsposts, we've made some adjustments to our Rules and Filter Guidelines. With the event now here, it is especially important now to be familiar with all of our Rules and Filters.

Changes to Rules include:
  • Created General Rule 11 to combat fetish mining
  • Clarified that "point farming" is not allowed in Spirit of Art Fight Rule 6
  • Clarified that characters based on current, real-life tragic events are not allowed in Upload Rule 6
  • Added examples and clarity regarding small creators to Upload Rule 5
  • Added additional bullet point regarding uncredited photography to Upload Rule 3
  • Added additional bullet point to Upload Rule 1
  • Added comments to content included in General Rule 7

  • New additions to the team

    Please give a warm welcome this year's new additions to the team! 

    Developers: fuzzyfuture jenn

    Chat Mods: zouzzie aesiete arakkami epitheterased hanuh Doodul mechabond 

    Site Mods: CondensedMilk eman Sea_Ville elessar Rainby KaminooniSeika Nyxxdotexe

    Art Fight 2024 Banners

    The 2024 Banners are here! As we do every year, we'd like to extend a huge thank you to Axel for all his hard work and thank you all for your patience. Owners of the characters are tagged below. 

    awryze YeenBeanzArts Luminoux RabbitJaguar

    ClockworkRhapsody Trinket Coelagirl TheCandyHoIic

    Freeway EmbyrFyre WitchyWhosit Kirin

    Manakete Nisnow EchoDutchie cinnamonbunnydog

    Comments (580)

    I noticed that team seafoam has been been behind for almost the entire art fight
    for some reason the submit attack button just isn't working for me rn? it doesn't do anything when i click on it, is that happening for anyone else or is it just me ;-;
    AeroHail said:
    one attack and one revenge from today!
    hey so they state on the newspost I believe that these tiers aren't set in stone, so some might be developed outside of these tiers or before we reach their goal amound :)
    Dogma50 said:
    Would really really love some art of my silly girl

    I did have a icky day so revenge may not be today but will be done hopfuly soon!
    Sletmi said:
    I want to make mass attack with white/light cats! 
    Tag me! 
    I always attack back!!!
    omg a reply button? when was this added? im so glad these features are here! i thoguht they are tier 2 though but, we havne't reached it yet? are tier 2 things already being added?
    I need 2 more Bluey OCs for a mass attack :0 tag me!
    HDJZJSNJDKZ completely forgot art fight exists
    i am NOT finishing my animation haha
    someone attack me i kinda wanna make some more art!! i will see if i can revenge
    I know I keep asking this, but when will account deletion be out of testing and available to the public? 
    ATTACK ME ‼️‼️‼️ 

    My fight year doing art fight! Have fun everyone!