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Financials Update 

Information about our first keychain launch, future merch plans, and more!

Keychain Sale Ends!

  •  Thank you all for the support! Our first merch run was a success. We are excited to begin producing other types of merch, and will be sure to share more news soon!
  •  If you bought a keychain, make sure to fill out this Keychain Achievement Form, which will award you a badge onsite! This information will also be provided in the email that will be soon sent to anyone who preordered. 
  •  If you have any issues with your order, please email us over at [email protected]

We've hit $20,000 (20k)!

  • Since the start of 2024, Art Fight has made over $20,000! This includes both on-site contributions, plus the gross amount made from merchandise sales.
  • Thank you ALL so much for the overwhelming support. As always, if you're interested in supporting us, you can head over to this page to see each tier!

Art Fight 2024

Information about changes made to the site, planned updates, and more!

Art Fight Theme Reveal Stream

  • We are currently beginning to prepare for the Art Fight Theme Reveal! The date will be announced in the next newspost. 
  • If you're unfamiliar, the theme reveal is an animation made every year by the talented Axel that announces the theme for the event! We plan on streaming it both on our Twitch and Youtube!
  • Like last year, it will run for 12 hours. We plan on hosting many fun activities throughout the stream! You can also expect a surprise sometime during the stream...

Upcoming Rule Changes 

  • We are working on making several changes to our Rules. Several new additions will be made, as well as general improvements in readability and making some rules more clear, like our stance on no AI Art. 
  • Our Filter Guidelines will also be updated at the same time. 
  • Due to mod strain & limited resources, no changes will be made to our rating system this year. 

April Changelog
You can read more about what changed by heading over to our Changelog!

  • We focused mainly on improvements and additions to our moderation tools. Some new systems were introduced in order to better support moderators. We plan on implementing a few quality of life changes before the fight, but we will mainly be focusing on additional improvements to the moderation tools.
  • Have an idea for Art Fight? Let us know here! We'll periodically check up on this form and add submitted suggestions to our Trello board.


Our moderator application is open, but not for very long! Includes information about our first ever Sprout Fight! 

Mod Apps Open

  • Our moderation apps are still open, but will close soon! You have until April 30th to submit an application. Applications will then close until Art Fight 2024 is finished. If you're interested in moderating for Art Fight, check out this page!
  • You can expect a first batch of new mods to arrive soon - thank you for your patience as we worked on an improved mentorship system, which we believe will better help and support new moderators. 

Sprout Fight Info 

  • Thank you to everyone who participated in Sprout Fight and shared their artwork with us! We had a whopping 392 submissions in total (wow!). If you submitted a prompt piece to the form, you should now have an achievement for it.
  • Likewise, Art Fight & Arctic Fight 2021 submissions should have an achievement. Please contact a site moderator with your prompt artwork if you know you had entered but did not receive your achievement!

  • You can view the 2024 Sprout Fight video showcase by clicking here.
  • All artists shown have been linked via Google Doc in the video's description. Show them some love!

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Comments (62)

Gimme the teams!!! I wanna decorate so bad!! pls update soon 
Gotta start getting ready for July woooo preparing extra early this year (hopefully)
69_weed said:
Nineteen said:
Just gotta update my ocs refsheet and I’ll be ready for JULY!!!
AeroHail said:
I only have 2 more icons to pixel then I'm pretty ready for July!!!

Ready to pixel all the sillies!!
also can we pleeeease get fossils and crystals I wanna be fossil so bad 
Starr_ said:
My preferences for this year!!

Arctic vs. Tropic - Arctic
Clouds vs. Caverns - Clouds
Comedy vs. Tragedy - Tragedy
Destruction vs. Creation - Creation
Flora vs. Fauna - Fauna
Fossils vs. Crystals - Crystals
Heroes vs. Villains - Villains
Knights vs. Dragons - Dragons
Spring vs. Autumn - Autumn
Rain vs. Shine - Rain
Heart vs. Soul - Soul
Seafoam vs. Stardust - Stardust
Time vs. Space - Space
Trinkets vs. Treasure - Trinkets
cna w epleasdaaesesea get time vs space pleasdaaddadadadas :sob:
In top-down order of my favorites :0

Seafoam vs. Stardust - Seafoam
Heart vs. Soul - Heart

Trinkets vs. Treasure - Trinkets
Time vs. Space - Time
Knights vs. Dragons - Dragons
Fossils vs. Crystals - Fossils
Destruction vs. Creation - Creation

Flora vs. Fauna - Flora
Rain vs. Shine - Shine
Spring vs. Autumn - Random
Clouds vs. Caverns - Caverns
Comedy vs. Tragedy - Random
Heroes vs. Villains - Random
Arctic vs. Tropic - Arctic
Cryptic9 said:
My take in the teams!

Arctic vs. Tropic - Arctic
Clouds vs. Caverns - caverns
Comedy vs. Tragedy - tragedy
Destruction vs. Creation - creation
Flora vs. Fauna - Fauna
Fossils vs. Crystals - fossils
Heroes vs. Villains - Villains
Knights vs. Dragons - dragons
Spring vs. Autumn - Autumn 
Rain vs. Shine - Rain
Heart vs. Soul - Soul
Seafoam vs. Stardust - Seafoam
Time vs. Space - time
Trinkets vs. Treasure - trinkets

miskit said:
I can’t wait for Art Fight omg
Won’t do a lot like I did last year because I’ll be on vacation but still… YIPPEEE
Arctic vs. Tropic - Tropic
Clouds vs. Caverns - Caverns
Comedy vs. Tragedy - Comedy
Destruction vs. Creation - Destruction
Flora vs. Fauna - Fauna
Fossils vs. Crystals - Fossils probably, depends on color
Heroes vs. Villains - Villains probably, depends on color
Knights vs. Dragons - Dragons
Spring vs. Autumn - Autumn
Rain vs. Shine - Rain probably
Heart vs. Soul - Soul unless Heart is anatomical and not pink
Seafoam vs. Stardust - ... I don't really like either of these, but maybe Seafoam? depends on color ig
Time vs. Space - Time probably
Trinkets vs. Treasure - Treasure
Soo exiteddd! I couldn’t compete in last one so I’m super exited for 2024!