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Guide: Filter Rating of Your Attack & Character

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There are updated changes as of June 1st, 2020. Please read through each guide carefully to view the changes


We are aware of the flaws in our system, and in the future will be working on a tagging system to replace our current. For now, please continue to filter as the rules say.


Links lead to example descriptions and images hidden under spoiler tags.
Please only go to these pages if you are comfortable with this sort of content.

Guide to Filtering Body Horror

Body Horror refers to unnatural distortions of the body that some may find unsettling.

Guide to Filtering Gore

Gore refers to any sort of violence or physical trauma to the body.

Guide to Filtering Nudity and Sexual Themes

Nudity refers to any sort of unclothed figure while Sexual Themes is anything sexually suggestive.

Guide to the Epilepsy warning Filter Category

This filter refers to images that could potentially cause epileptic reactions or eye strain, including flashing animated images, optical illusions (like chromatic aberration), and multiple bright colors.

Guide to the "Other" Filter Category

This filter refers to characters or images which contain sensitive content not specified in the gore, body horror, nudity and sexual themes filter categories. The other filter is in addition to the rest of the filters.