Guide to Suggestive Themes Filter

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Suggestive Themes Guidelines

Suggestive themes is anything drawn with adult or suggestive intent, such as pin-ups.
Warning: This page includes descriptions of suggestive themes.

Disallowed Content

Art and descriptions with suggestive themes depicting characters younger than 18 years old may not be submitted to Art Fight. This includes characters who are physically and/or psychologically under 18, with the final ruling on this being left to moderator discretion.
Art and descriptions with suggestive themes depicting “feral” or non-anthropomorphized animal/animal-like characters may not be submitted to Art Fight. This also includes fictional or made-up animals.
Explicit NSFW or pornographic art (even if cropped or censored) is not allowed on Art Fight at all and will be removed. Images containing sexual fluids and aroused genitalia will also be removed.
Words that refer to explicit sexual content or acts are not allowed, even under a filter. This applies site-wide.
Fetishes that involve people/objects entering the body are disallowed, as are fetishes that involve ageplay, consent play, or bodily fluids/waste.


  • Lingerie does not need to be filtered unless it is accompanied by suggestive posing or purposefully highlights genitalia. Similarly, harnesses or collars are permitted on-site without a filter so long as they are not framed in a sexual manner.

  • An image with suggestive posing (eg. spreading, hand gestures, pinups) may need a filter at moderator discretion. The main focus of the image is taken heavily into consideration.

  • Mentions of subjects such as sex work, succubi/incubi are allowed, but must be filtered under suggestive themes.

  • Some fetishes are allowed on Art Fight, but MUST be filtered under suggestive themes and cannot include disallowed content.

  • Cheat Sheet

    Needs Filtering

    Doesn’t Need Filtering

    NOT ALLOWED on Art Fight

    Lingerie with suggestive themesDoll anatomy (no nips or genitals)Aroused genitals of any gender
    Suggestive posingLingerie without suggestive themesWords that refer to explicit sexual content
    Brief mentions of adult subjects (i.e. sexual occupations)Collars/harnesses without suggestive themesFetishes involving the insertion of people/objects into the body, ageplay, consent play, or bodily fluids/waste
    Fetishes that don't include anything in the disallowed categorySexual fluids
    NSFW or Porn
    Sexualized minors (under 18)