Guide to Gore

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This page includes descriptions of gore and example images hidden under a spoiler tag.


This refers to any sort of violence or physical trauma to the body.


Any sort of blood within an image needs to be masked with the Moderate Gore filter. This includes fresh or dried blood. Bruises also use this filter.

Cuts & Open Wounds:

Any fresh cuts within a character, usually paired with blood. This requires at least a Moderate Gore filter. More serious wounds may be Extreme. Old scars, however are fine. (This excludes self-harm scars, which need an Other filter for sensitive material).

"Fake" Gore:

This includes candy, flower, sparkle, robotic, and any sort of non-realistic blood and needs to be filtered. This can need a Moderate or Extreme filter depending on the intensity of the representation to real gore/organs.

Flayed/Missing Skin:

This includes visible muscles/tissue and flaking skin. If there is no detail beneath the missing skin (Just a color), this uses the Moderate filter. Tissue and muscle detail needs an Extreme filter.

Spilling Guts:

Any sort of organs or innards outside of the body. This needs an Extreme Gore filter.

Eye or Nail Trauma:

Black eyes use a Moderate filter. Anything else that falls under this filter, such as gouged/injured eyes or gorey ripped nails use an Extreme gore filter.

Missing Limbs:

Any sort of missing/floating limb that shows blood and bone. Heavily detailed instances require an Extreme filter. If no blood is showing and the limb ends in just a stub or white indicator, this does not need to be filtered.

Cheat Sheet:

Blood: Moderate Filter
Bruises: Moderate Filter
Black Eyes: Moderate Filter
Cuts & open wounds: Moderate Filter
"Fake" (candy) blood: Moderate Filter
"Fake" (candy) innards/guts: Extreme Filter
Missing skin with no details: Moderate Filter
Exposed detailed tissue: Extreme Filter
Eye trauma: Extreme Filter
Nail trauma Extreme Filter
Spilling guts/innards: Extreme Filter
Missing limbs with simplified exposed blood and/or bone: Moderate Filter
Missing limbs with detailed exposed blood and/or bone: Extreme Filter
Nubbed limbs/white reference cut-offs: No Filter
Body stitches: No Filter
Life/battle scars: No Filter
Self-harm scars: "Other" Filter for Sensitive Content

Art Examples