Guide to Gore

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This page includes descriptions of gore and example images hidden under a spoiler tag.


This refers to any sort of violence or physical trauma to the body.
Notice: Art examples are still being developed and will be added over time.


Small amounts of blood, like a nose bleed, scraped knees or blood drop to show a character’s blood color is okay without a mask. Large amounts of gore, like deep cuts and wounds need a moderate gore filter.

"Fake" Gore:

Candy gore, flower gore, sparkle gore, robotic gore, and any sort of non-realistic blood needs to be filtered. Small amounts of gore to show a character's blood is okay without a filter. Fake gore needs a moderate or extreme filter depending on the intensity of the representation to real gore/organs.


Small bruises, such as a black eye or a bumped knee are fine without a filter. However, extreme bruising (large or multiple bruises) should be under a moderate gore filter

Open Wounds:

Small cuts are okay to be posted without a filter. Large wounds need to be under a moderate gore filter, as well as any infected wounds. Healed scars are fine without a filter, however healed scars with self harm inflicted wounds need the sensitive content filter.

Flayed/Missing Skin:

Visible muscles/tissue and torn skin need to be filtered. If there is no detail beneath the missing skin (ie, just a color), this uses the moderate gore filter. Detailed tissue and muscle needs an extreme filter.

Spilling Guts:

Any sort of organs or innards (cartoonish or otherwise) outside of the body need an extreme gore filter.

Eye or Nail Trauma:

Nail and eye trauma, like extremely injured eyes and ripped off nails, need an extreme gore filter.

Missing Limbs:

Simplified or cartoonish bone stumps with a single color are fine without a mask. Those that show moderate detail should be under a moderate gore filter. Detailed musculature requires an extreme gore filter. Healed amputations are fine with no filter


Cheat Sheet:

Needs Filtering

Doesn’t Need Filtering

Large amounts of bloodSmall amounts of blood, like nose bleed
Deep cutsSmall cuts
Extreme bruisingSmall bruises, like a black eye
Any fake goreA cartoon bone stump with a single color
Bone stump showing inner muscleLife/battle scars
Spilling guts (Filter for Extreme Gore)Body stitches
Self harm scars (Filter for Sensitive Content)
Eye or nail trauma