Guide to Gore

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This page includes descriptions of gore and example images hidden under a spoiler tag.


This refers to any sort of violence or physical trauma to the body.
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Small amounts of blood, like a nose bleed, scraped knees or blood drop to show a character’s blood color is okay without a mask. Large amounts of gore, like deep cuts and wounds need a moderate gore filter.

"Fake" Gore

Candy gore, flower gore, sparkle gore, robotic gore, and any sort of non-realistic blood needs to be filtered. Small amounts of gore to show a character's blood is okay without a filter. Fake gore needs a moderate or extreme filter depending on the intensity of the representation to real gore/organs.


Small bruises, such as a black eye or a bumped knee are fine without a filter. However, extreme bruising (large or multiple bruises) should be under a moderate gore filter

Open Wounds

Small cuts are okay to be posted without a filter. Large wounds need to be under a moderate gore filter, as well as any infected wounds. Healed scars are fine without a filter, however healed scars with self harm inflicted wounds need the sensitive content filter.


Flayed/Missing Skin

Visible muscles/tissue and torn skin need to be filtered. If there is no detail beneath the missing skin (ie, just a color), this uses the moderate gore filter. Detailed tissue and muscle needs an extreme filter.


Spilling Guts

Any sort of organs or innards (cartoonish or otherwise) outside of the body need an extreme gore filter.


Missing Limbs

Simplified or cartoonish bone stumps with a single color are fine without a mask. Those that show moderate detail should be under a moderate gore filter. Detailed musculature requires an extreme gore filter. Healed amputations are fine with no filter


Eye or Nail Trauma

Nail and eye trauma, like extremely injured eyes and ripped off nails, need an extreme gore filter.


Cheat Sheet

Needs Filtering

Doesn’t Need Filtering

Large amounts of bloodSmall amounts of blood, like nose bleed
Deep cutsSmall cuts
Extreme bruisingSmall bruises, like a black eye
Any fake goreA cartoon bone stump with a single color
Bone stump showing inner muscleLife/battle scars
Eye or nail traumaBody stitches
Spilling guts (Filter for Extreme Gore)
Self harm scars (Filter for Sensitive Content)