Guide to Sensitive Content Filters

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Gore - Body Horror - Nudity - Sexual Themes - Eye Strain / Epilepsy - Sensitive Content


We are aware of the flaws in our system, and in the future will be working on a tagging system to replace this category. For now, please continue to filter as the rules say.

Sensitive Content

This filter refers to characters or images which contain sensitive content not specified in the gore, body horror, nudity and sexual themes filter categories. The other filter is in addition to the rest of the filters.


This page includes descriptions of possible disturbing or triggering themes.
It also includes descriptions and example images hidden under a spoiler tag.

Drug Use

(Refers to the presence of, mention, or depicted use of drugs)

Schedule I and II drugs (those that are illegal/have high abuse potential) must be filtered in any form. Includes: opioids, heroin, cocaine, oxys, acid, etc.
Over the counter drugs, including liquid products, and pills of any sort must be filtered. Alcohol, tobacco cigarettes, marijuana, and vapor pens do not need to be filtered.


Suicide-Related Topics

(Refers to depictions or mentions of suicide)

Allusions to suicide, such as guns pointed to the head, depictions of hanging, suicide-related language or imagery and symbolism, etc. must be filtered. Open self-harm injuries must also be filtered for gore; healed scars of any kind don't require a filter.

Common Phobias

(Refers to elements of character designs that may trigger certain common phobias not specifically related to gore or body horror require this filter.)

  • Holes or excessive clusters of eyes that take up a large mass. Clothing patterns are exempt from this rule at mod discretion. (Trypophobia)

  • 6 or more eyes with the exception of real life species with more eyes than that (e.g, spiders).

  • Photo-realistic or photographed spiders (arachnophobia) and insects. Characters with prominent realistic bug features need to be filtered. (Entomophobia)

  • Medical needles, whether in use or not, need to be filtered (Trypanophobia)

  • Spoiler:

  • Realistic or fake vomit depicted in art or and photos; or depicting the expressive motions of being about to vomit. (Emetophobia)

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    Sensitive Topics

    (Refers to other, unspecified topics which are controversial or otherwise uncomfortable.)

    Mentions of physical, mental, or sexual abuse fall into this category for filtering. Staff may remove characters, attacks, or other content that holds extreme cases of this category. Additionally, hateful symbols are not allowed onsite at all, even with a filter.

    Depictions of dead animals or characters need to be filtered, even if there is no gore present. Undead creatures like zombies and skeletons are exempt from this rule.


    Other topics that should be noted.

    Cultural appropriation

    Participating in and depicting cultures other than your own can be very fun and a great learning experience, but please make sure you represent the cultures respectfully in your depictions! Consider doing research before drawing and designing characters in order to avoid misrepresentation or caricatures. If you have a friend from said culture it can be good to ask them after doing your own research. Any blatantly disrespectful depictions of cultures, especially minority cultures, are not allowed on Art Fight, and could be removed at moderator discretion.

    Cheat Sheet

    Needs Filtering

    Doesn’t Need Filtering

    NOT ALLOWED on Art Fight

    All highly dangerous drugsAlcohol, marijuana, and vapor pensHateful symbols
    Medical needlesCartoonish bugs and spidersHate speech
    Needle simulating poking through skinMinor realistic bug features on humanoidMisuse, misrepresentation, or misappropriation of cultures
    Photo realistic bugs, including spidersGuns and other weaponsExtreme depictions or descriptions of sensitive topics
    Cluster of 6+ holes or eyes (trypophobia)Mild profanity/swearing (hell, fuck you, etc)Racist depictions or descriptions
    Mentions of any type of abuseSee our rules for more info
    Controversial or uncomfortable topics