Guide to Other Filters

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This page includes descriptions of possible disturbing or triggering themes.


This filter refers to characters or images which contain sensitive content not specified in the gore, body horror, nudity and sexual themes filter categories. The other filter is in addition to the rest of the filters.

Drug Use:

(Refers to the presence of, mention, or depicted use of drugs.)

Schedule I and II drugs (those that are illegal/have high abuse potential) must be filtered in any form. Includes: opioids, heroin, cocaine, oxys, acid, etc.
Pills of any sort must be filtered.
Alcohol, tobacco cigarettes, Marijuana, and vapor pens do not need to be filtered.

Self-Harm and Suicide-Related Topics:

Refers to self-harm scars or wounds (open self-harm injuries must also be filtered for gore). This includes other self-inflicted injuries. Other allusions to suicide (such as guns pointed to the head, depictions of hanging, suicide-related language or imagery and symbolisim, etc) must also be filtered.

Bodily Fluids:

Includes excrement and urine, excessive saliva, and vomit. Does not include tears or sweat.
Blood must be filtered under moderate gore, not other.
Sexual fluids are not allowed on Art Fight at all.

Common Phobias:

Refers to elements of character designs that may trigger certain common phobias not specifically related to gore or body horror require this filter.
-Holes or clusters of objects (trypophobia). Three or more eyes that are clustered together should also be filtered with body horror.
-Spiders (arachnophobia) or insects (entomophobia). Refers to realistically depicted insectoid characters, not those which are cartoonish or very stylistically depicted, or realistic insectoid appendages on humanoid/anthropomorphic characters.
-Pregnancy or the process of giving birth (tokophobia).
-Medical needles (Trypanophobia).

Eye Strain and Epilepsy Warnings:

Covers images which can potentially trigger epileptic episodes or may cause visual strain.

Images with bright colors usually do not need this filter unless the entire image is extremely saturated.
Images which cause optical illusions (including chromatic aberration) need to be filtered.
Animation with a rapid flashing/strobe effect require this filter.
Animation utilizing very bright colors, especially red, green, yellow, and cyans, require this filter.

Sensitive Content:

Refers to other, unspecified topics which are controversial or otherwise uncomfortable. Mentions of physical, mental, or sexual abuse fall into this category for filtering. Hateful symbols or socially-sensitive topics need filtering as well. Staff may remove characters, attacks, or other content that holds extreme cases of this category.

Cheat Sheet:

Tobacco or e-cigarettes: No Filter
Marijuana: No Filter
Alcohol: No Filter
Rapidly flashing or moving images: "Other" Filter
Single bright color: No Filter
Pills or Needles: "Other" Filter
Chromatic Aberration/Fake 3D: "Other" Filter
Open self-harm cuts: "Other" and "Gore" Filters
Self-harm scars: "Other" Filter
Descriptions of abuse: "Other" Filter
Tears: No Filter
Vomit: "Other" Filter
Suicide Mention: "Other" Filter
Sweat: No Filter
Sexual fluids: Not allowed on Art Fight.
Holes in character design: "Other" Filter