Art Fight Filtering FAQ

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Maturity Filtering FAQ

Remember that you can ask for help in our #af-help channel in the Art Fight discord, or you can message a moderator if you are confused about anything. ♥

Please use the report button if you see anything that needs a filter or breaks our rules.


When should I put a filter on the whole character?
You should filter the whole character when their general design contains something that needs to be filtered. You also need to filter the whole character if their thumbnail or description contains something that needs a filter. For example, if the thumbnail of a character’s page contains nipples, the entire character must be filtered for moderate nudity.

Are minors allowed to put filters on their attacks?
Yes, minors can use the body horror, gore, epilepsy warning, and other/sensitive content filters. They can use the moderate nudity filter, but should not be creating, requesting, or receiving any attacks that would need the sexual themes or extreme nudity filter, as stated in rule 10.

When I use the report button, will the person I reported know I reported them?
Only moderators can see who made the report. The reported user will not know it was you.

Should I make a report even if I am unsure if I’m right?
Yes, please do not be afraid to report something. Do make sure you have your filters set to show if filters have been applied, as to not report something that is correctly filtered.

Someone has multiple rule breaks. How do I go about reporting them?
The ideal way to report multiple rule breaks or maturity misratings is to make one report where you link to all other attacks or characters in the comment section and explain what each rulebreak is!

How do I set my filters to show if something has been filtered?
On the Settings page of your account, you can choose to filter, censor, or completely hide other characters or attacks that are filtered. You may tick the checkbox on content you are comfortable being shown depending on your personal preference.


Do I have to filter scars?
If the scars seem fresh or contain other forms of gore, yes. But healed scars are fine.

If a character’s insides are not organs, but something like a cake or crystals, does that need a gore filter if the insides are shown?
If the insides are not mimicking any organs or blood, it should be fine without a filter.

Do skeletons/bones/skulls need a filter?
Nope, no filters needed unless there is flesh or blood involved.

Do amputations/stumps need a filter?
Healed stumps or amputations do not need a filter. Fresh ones do. See “Missing Limbs” in the gore guide.

Body Horror:

Do extra limbs need to be filtered?
No, but if they are distorted or appear in unusual places, they may need a filter for that.

How distorted should a character be to be filtered?
This is up to moderator discretion, but usually we judge on how unsettling the distortion appears.


Why do male nipples require a censor/filter?
Due to United States law, we are obligated to enforce the censoring of female nipples to minors. To stand strongly against sexism and problems with characters of non-binary genders, we have decided that all nipples must be censored on Art Fight, regardless of gender.

Do udders need to be filtered?
They do not.

I put hearts over the nipples on the character to censor them, why do they still need a nudity filter?
If the method for censoring ends up looking too similar to nipples, it may still need the filter. Making the censors a little bigger usually helps!

Do nipples poking through clothes need filtering?

Do naked butts need filtering?
No, unless they are portrayed in a sexual way, then they will need a sexual themes filter.

Do cleavages need filtering?
No, unless they are portrayed in a sexual way, then they will need a sexual themes filter.

Sexual Themes:

When does something need to be filtered for being a sfw fetish? Like focusing on feet or very big characters.
If anything is intended to be sexually themed or appeal to a certain fetish, then it needs a sexual themes filter, even if it is sfw. But not otherwise, like a character merely walking around barefoot would not need a filter.

Does lingerie need filtering?
No, unless it is portrayed in a sexual way, then it will need a sexual themes filter.

Eye Strain and Epilepsy:

What is chromatic aberration?
Chromatic aberration is an effect where a blue and a red layer of the artwork is applied and is shifted a bit to the left and right. This creates an illusion of the image being crisper and some degree of 3D. For some, it can be uncomfortable to look at.

How slow does blinking/flashing have to be to not need a filter?
If the flashing is less than 3 blinks per second, it should be fine according to WCAG section 2.3.1.

Sensitive Content:

Do guns or weapons need a filter?
They do not, unless they are pointed towards the characters own head, which requires a Sensitive Content filter. Or if they are bloody, which requires a gore filter.

Does smoking a cigarette, marijuana/cannabis, or vape need to be filtered?
Nope, all of those are fine without a filter.

Does alcohol use need to be filtered?
Nope. Displaying usage or alcohol units is okay without a filter.

Ask a moderator

Can’t find the answer to a question you have? Our friendly mods are always ready to help you out in the #af-help channel in our discord, or you can shoot them a DM here on artfight.

If you see something that needs a filter, please use the report button, and a site moderator will get to it!