Guide to Body Horror

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This page includes descriptions of body horror and example images hidden under a spoiler tag.

Body Horror

This refers to unnatural disorientations of the body that some may find unsettling.


[Covers cyclopes, multiple eyes, clustered eyes, hollow sockets]
1 - 4 eyes are allowed [with the exception of real species with more than 4 eyes, such as spiders].
More than 4 eyes must be filtered, regardless of where they are on the body [eyes that aren't on the face count as features in unusual places regardless].
Clustered eyes must be filtered [three or more eyes close together in a mass; can easily trigger trypophobia].
Solid black eyes are fine, whether the character just has black eyes or it’s stylistically drawn that way. Defined hollowness from missing eyes needs to be filtered.
[Note that the eye limit is per head the character has].


[Covers distortion, gooey/melting characters]
If a character is drawn stretched and skewed in a way that it appears distorted, it must be filtered.
Characters that are drippy in a way that they appear to be melting must be filtered. [Characters who are made of a material that would regularly drip ie, honey or some sort of liquid, are the exception].
Characters that have a gooey texture are normally okay unless gore is shown, or it’s drawn in a manner that they appear to be melting.

Extra Features:

[Covers extra limbs, extra heads, extra mouths
Characters with multiple limbs are allowed without filter. This includes multiple heads and characters with floating limbs, as long as there is no gore involved [such as bone stumps].
Excessive mouths [more than 3] need to be filtered. If they are elsewhere on the body it will count as features in unusual places and need filtering.

Visible Innards:

A character with transparency to show their innards, regardless of if it’s realistic or fake/candy gore, must be filtered with body horror and gore.
Skeletons by themselves are okay unfiltered.

Features in Unusual Places:

Facial features places you would not normally find them (on the face). [Such as eyes or mouths other places on the body].
Tails are not considered unusual placement. Tail mouths, tail hands, heads on the tail, and tail eyes are all okay.


Missing features generally don’t need to be filtered. If a character is missing their eyes/mouth and it’s just flat it doesn’t need filtering; if a character is missing their eyes/mouth and it’s visibly hollowed or gorey, it does need filtering.

Cheat Sheet:

1-4 eyes: doesn’t need filtering
5+ eyes: needs filtering
3+ eyes that are clustered together: needs filtering
Solid black eyes: doesn’t need filtering
Hollowed eyes: needs filtering
Distortion: needs filtering
Regular gooey character: doesn’t need filtering
“Melting” character: needs filtering
Extra limbs: doesn’t need filtering
Extra heads: doesn’t need filtering
Floating limbs: doesn’t need filtering
1-3 mouths: doesn’t need filtering
4+ mouths: needs filtering
Visible innards: needs filtering
Skeletons: doesn’t need filtering
Features in unusual places: needs filtering
Features on tails: doesn’t need filtering
Missing features: doesn’t need filtering

Art Examples