Guide to Body Horror

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Gore - Body Horror - Nudity - Sexual Themes - Eye Strain / Epilepsy - Sensitive Content

Body Horror

This refers to unnatural distortion of the body that some may find unsettling.


This page includes descriptions of body horror and example images hidden under a spoiler tag.

Parasites on a character

Character features that are visually replaced with parasites need to be filtered.

Features in Unusual Places

Features in unusual places (like a mouth on a character's belly) need to be filtered. The exception to this rule is features placed on a character’s appendages (such as hair, tails, etc.)

Hyper Realism

Characters that have out of place hyper realistic parts (such as eyes, mouths, etc) need to be filtered.


Characters that appear squashed, stretched or contorted in an unsettling manner, need to be filtered.

Cheat Sheet:

Needs Filtering

Doesn’t Need Filtering

Characters that appear distorted in an unsettling wayMissing features
Photo-realistic features on a cartoonish characterBones and skeletons
Features in unusual placesGooey or melting character
Parasite replacing character featuresFloating limbs, detached limbs without muscle detail
Extra heads, arms and legs
Unusual features on tails/hair