Guide to Body Horror

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This page includes descriptions of body horror and example images hidden under a spoiler tag.

Body Horror

This refers to unnatural distortion of the body that some may find unsettling.
Notice: Last updated on June 1st, 2020
Art Example Credits: VOIDSPACER luphorics classicturtle bearlissa Chrysanthanos leafjelly

Excessive Eyes

More than 5 eyes must be filtered with the exception of real life species with more eyes than that (e.g, spiders). In addition to this, 3 or more eyes that are clustered together in a way that may trigger trypophobia also need to be filtered.


Extra heads and limbs

Extra limbs and heads are okay to be posted without a filter.

Detached Limbs

Detached limbs that do not show gore are okay to be posted without a filter.


Parasites on a character

Character features that are replaced with parasites need to be filtered.


Visible Innards

Visible cartoonish hearts do not need to be filtered. All other organs (e.g. brains/intestines/lungs) need to be filtered regardless if it is cartoonish or not. Bones are not considered innards and do not need a filter.


Features in Unusual Places

Features in unusual places (like a mouth or eyes on a character's belly, or a single eye inside of a mouth) need to be filtered The exception to this rule is features placed on a character's tail.


Eyeless Sockets

Hollowed, black eyes are ok without a filter. Eyeless sockets with visible gore or insides need to be filtered.


Gooey / Melting Characters

Gooey and melting characters are okay posted with no filter.



Unsettling imagery, like photo-realistic features that contrast with an otherwise Cartoonish character, needs to be filtered. Other examples include characters that appear squashed, stretched or deformed, and characters that have out of place hyper realistic parts (such as eyes, mouths, etc).


Cheat Sheet:

Needs Filtering

Doesn’t Need Filtering

6+ eyes and 3+ eyes that are clustered together1-5 eyes
Eyeless sockets with visible gore or innardsHollowed or black eyes
Realistic visible innardsBones and skeletons
Photo-realistic features on a cartoonish characterGooey or melting character
Cartoonish brains/intestines/lungsCartoonish hearts
Features in unusual placesExtra limbs/heads
Parasite replacing character featuresFloating limbs
Features on tails
Missing features