Guide to Nudity

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This page includes descriptions of nudity and sexual themes with nudity example images hidden under a spoiler tag.


This refers to any sort of unclothed figure.


Humanoid nipples, regardless of gender, must be filtered for moderate nudity. Please refer to the Characters section on our FAQ if you would like to read about our reasoning.
Feral nipples on feral characters do not need filtering.
Feral nipples on anthro/humanoid characters do need filtering.


Genitalia must be filtered as extreme nudity, no matter the gender of the character.
While genitals that are flaccid/closed are allowed under a filter, genitals that are erect/open are not allowed at all and are subject to deletion.

Sexual Themes:

Anything drawn with the intention to appeal to a fetish must be filtered with sexual themes.
Lingerie can remain unfiltered unless it contains sexual themes.
An image with overly sexual posing (including hand gestures) will be filtered at moderator discretion.
Sexualized art depicting characters younger than 18 years-old may not be submitted on Art Fight. This includes characters that visually appear like minors, no matter the age listed

Note that explicit NSFW or pornograpic art is not allowed on Art Fight at all and will be removed. Images containing sexual fluids and aroused genitalia will also be removed.

Cheat Sheet:

“Barbie doll anatomy”: No Filter
Any Humanoid Gender Nipples: Moderate Filter
Feral Nipples on a Feral: No Filter
Feral Nipples on an Anthro: Moderate Filter
Any Gender Genitals: Extreme Filter
Aroused Genitals: !! Not allowed on Art Fight. !!
SFW Fetish Art: Sexual Themes Filter Needed
Lingerie without Sexual Themes: No Filter
Sexual Posing: Sexual Themes Filter Needed
Sexualized minors under 18: !! Not allowed on Art Fight. !!
NSFW/Porn: !! Not allowed on Art Fight. !!
Sexual Fluids: !! Not allowed on Art Fight. !!

Nudity Art Examples