Guide to Filter Nudity

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Gore - Body Horror - Nudity - Sexual Themes - Eye Strain / Epilepsy - Sensitive Content


This refers to any sort of unclothed figure.


This page includes descriptions of nudity with nudity example images hidden under a spoiler tag.

Quick visual guide to nudity



Humanoid nipples, regardless of gender, must be filtered for moderate nudity. If the figure is clothed but the nipples are poking through, they also need to be filtered due to the implication.

  • Feral nipples or markings on anthro/humanoid characters do not need filtering.
  • Nipples on the stomach on any character do not need filtering.
  • Feral nipples on feral characters do not need filtering.

  • Please refer to the Characters section on our FAQ if you would like to read about our reasoning.


    Genitalia must be filtered with ⚠ Extreme Nudity filter., no matter the gender of the character. While genitals that are flaccid/closed are allowed under a filter, genitals that are erect/open are not allowed at all and are subject to deletion. Feral like sheathes with detailing (eg. slits, veins,) require the ⚠ Extreme Nudity filter.

    Cheat Sheet

    Needs Filtering

    Doesn’t Need Filtering

    NOT ALLOWED on Art Fight

    Humanoid nipples (Moderate Filter)Nipples on the stomach on any characterAroused genitals
    Too small of censor (Moderate Filter)Body HairNSFW/Porn
    Genitals of any gender (Extreme Filter)UddersSexual fluids
    Doll anatomy (no nips or genitals)