Guide to Nudity Filters

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Nudity refers to any sort of unclothed figure/character.
Warning: This page includes descriptions and depictions of nudity with examples hidden under a spoiler tag.

Visual Guide to Nudity Filters



Humanoid nipples on bipedal characters, regardless of gender, must be filtered for moderate nudity.
Clothed figures that have nipples visibly poking through their shirt need a moderate nudity filter.
Markings on the chest of bipedal characters that can be mistaken for nipples, need a moderate nudity filter.

Feral nipples or markings on anthro/humanoid characters do not need a filter.
Nipples on the stomach on any character do not need a filter.
Feral nipples on feral characters do not need a filter.

Please refer to the Characters section on our FAQ for more information.


Flaccid/closed genitalia must be filtered with an ⚠ Extreme Nudity filter, no matter the gender of the character. Depictions of aroused, open, or erect genitals are not allowed on Art Fight and are subject to deletion.
Feral-like sheathes with detailing (e.g. slits or veins) require an ⚠ Extreme Nudity filter regardless of whether the character is bipedal or quadruped.

Cheat Sheet

Needs Filtering

Doesn’t Need Filtering

NOT ALLOWED on Art Fight

Humanoid nipples (Moderate Filter)Nipples on the stomach of any bipedal characterAroused, erect, or open genitals
Small Nipple censors (Moderate Filter)Body and pubic hairNSFW/Porn
Nipples through a shirt (Moderate Filter)UddersSexual fluids
Genitals of any gender (Extreme Filter)Doll anatomy (no nips or genitals)
Large bulges (Extreme Filter)Large Breasts