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Draw This In Your Style Raffle

We’re hosting a little event for the month of February! Redraw the drawing above in your own style, for a chance at winning a year of Art Fight Premium.
This event is cross-posted throughout our social medias:
 Tumblr Post Twitter Post Instagram Post |  DeviantART Post

Rules & How to Enter

  • To be entered in the raffle, please submit your entry via this form. All submissions on the form are guaranteed an entry.
  • The deadline is on MARCH 1ST.
  • All submissions must comply with our site rules and guidelines. This includes strictly no tracing or AI - we want to see YOUR art style!
Optional: Tag your submissions with #AFmascotDTIYS on social media for a chance to be featured! You can also @ our socials directly, or upload your art to the mascots' Toyhouse pages: and

Budget Update

The 2024 budget numbers are being finalized; most of the text is written out and completed. Thank you for your patience; the holidays were busier than expected!

Art Assets

All past official art assets including banners, badges, pixels, and animations are now available all on one page! This page will continue to be updated as more assets are made in the coming years. User-made assets are also available for use on this page, these are made by members of the Art Fight community! Check them out to add some personalization to your profile.

Social Media Update

Lastly, we just wanted to let you know that we're active on social media, and would love if you could give us a follow on the platforms you are active on! We plan to host more cool events in the future.

Comments (51)

spo-orks said:
New servers are working great! Thank you guys for all your hard work :D
rabbitos said:
whats up gamers
Missed it, but happy to see the new pixel art page!!
solarixi said:
was a fun little DTIYS, gl everyone! :D
MoonGoth said:
damn its closed
SpiritStudios yeah, no worries! i hope you got it submitted. :)
Coopbella OMG, Thank you SO much!! Before it had said it was closed ha, can't thank you enough! 
TheBugAutistic Lopaaz SpiritStudios the form is back open! according to art fight's tumblr, it should be open until 12 AM MST.
Dang!! Had my submission finished, simply forgot to upload!! I'll try again next time, haha! 
Lopaaz said:
Form is closed?? But it's still feburary..
agghhh i waited too long to enter !!! the form is closed <\3 didn't even realize it was February 29 
Friku said:
Dang, I didnt even know this site had donation rewards until now

Good luck everybody!
This 87 year old diner in nyc still serves up their coke the old fashioned way
leafjelly ohh Tysm!! 
Autistica Twinklestar Social media isn't required to join! Posting onto social media is optional. To enter the raffle you just have to be able to submit your drawing to the form