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Art Fight Volunteer Applications & Theme Poll

Volunteer Applications

In time for the new year, we decided to open up volunteer applications! We are now accepting new applications for positions like: 
chat moderators for the Discord server.
- attack moderators for when AF starts (July/August).
programmers to help develop the site.
- more! 

It is required for you to have at least participated in at least 1 Art Fight event. You must be at least 13 years old to apply. 

Old applications that didn't get a response from us will still be considered, but feel free to reapply if you feel you have more to add. If you previously applied and want to withdraw your application, please contact Takaia

Apply here

Theme Poll 

We apologize for the little delay, but the theme poll is now out and ready for your votes! This is stage 1, which means there’s 25 themes to vote on (you can vote for multiple). Stage 2 will bring you the top 5 most voted themes from stage 1, and whatever gets the most votes on Stage 2, will be the theme of Art Fight 2018. 

Vote here

We hope everyone has a great 2018!
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Hello everyone! 

We wanted to release an update news post since it has been a while since we last released one, but also because we have exciting news!  

Art Fight Secret Santa 

We are proud to announce that Art Fight will be officially hosting a Secret Santa on the official Art Fight Discord!

What is a “Secret Santa”?

Secret Santas are pretty simple. Once you sign up to participate, you’re put into a pool of participants. Then, you will be randomly assigned to a person to be their secret santa, meaning it’s your job to secretly give them a nice gift. You will, of course, also get a random secret santa of your own, who will be giving you a gift. Since this is Art Fight, we are limiting gifts to be art created by the secret santa themself. It’s basically like Art Fight but more structured, and in winter.

How To Enter

You will need to enter using this form. The form will be open for the rest of November, closing on the 30th at 11:59pm (AF time). You will then be DM’d through Discord sometime between the 1st - 3rd of December with a notice of who you are to draw a gift for. The deadline for finishing gifts will be 31st of December. It is required you are in the Discord Server to be able to participate. The level of finish of your completed piece should, at minimum, be colored. If you use lines, you should at least refine your sketch.


A few weeks ago on the Art Fight Discord, we started a bi-weekly drawing prompt event, and we thought it was about time we told everyone else about the fun! Every 2 weeks, a new prompt will be released. Each prompt will rotate between situation based prompt, a character based prompt, and an environment based prompt.

At the end of each prompt, we release a collage of all the entries and a collage for the staff’s favorites! It’s completely optional to participate, just something fun for the Discord to help it stay alive!

More info can be found in the Discord Server at #prompts-info.

Theme Poll

Like last year, we released two polls concerning next year’s theme. The first poll (first stage) had around 20 options you could vote for, and you could vote for as many as you would like. We would give that a few weeks, and then release a second poll (second stage) with 3-5 top voted themes from the last poll. Whichever theme got the most votes on the second poll would be the theme for next year!

We expect to release the first voting stage of the Art Fight 2018 Theme poll December 17th, so look forward to that!


Thank you for being so patient on waiting for your achievement badges! More news on them will come soon.

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Final Score 

599,644.7  vs 598,258.52  

Good job everyone! 


We are working on coding in an automatic achievement system, so achievements won’t be handed out right away. We will be releasing a separate news post showcasing the badges when we are ready! 


The attack that did the most damage, with the most amount of characters from the opposing team, is “THE COLOSSAL ATTACK OF 2017” by Dapuffster for an amazing 397.75 points, featuring 57 characters!  

There were 5 other attacks that did more than 150+ points of damage. Click to check them out:

Staff Picks:

some attacks that the staff loved:


A total of 143,381 attacks were made!

16,614 of the attacks were friendly fires.

Moon made 62,753 attacks.

Sun made 64,014 attacks.

Over 35,000 new users joined us this year. In total, we have over 45,000 users total, including those from last year. Of those users, 26,562 of them took part in the fight!

Our discord server also saw massive growth and now boasts over 9,000 users!

The longest attack chain belonged to @Habentes and @sardlne, with a chain of 158!

Sixbane did 431 attacks for team Sun, the most out of anyone once again!

Roseyshining did the most attacks for team Moon with 257 attacks!

Participating users averaged 4.8 attacks for the month.

303 different people donated, making a total gain of $6001

That’s an average donation of $19.50 per person.

We accomplished all 4 tiers of our donation goal!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated! We are so grateful for all the donations this year.

Thank you to these users that were very helpful and  earned the helpful member achievement this year:


For being an amazing person and offering to do donator art rewards.

For making the amazing illustrations in our About page and advertising Art Fight quite excessively.


For being a friendly presence in the Discord and helping out users.


For also being a kindhearted and helpful person in the Discord.


For doing a ton of Art Fight related streams, advertising it in a positive way.


For helping the moderators out and reporting attacks a lot!

For also helping out the moderators by reporting a ton!

Give these users a follow, they deserve it!

P.S.: Goodies!
by Daarka

Answers to common questions:

      • The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before, just without the ability to do stuff with attacks.

      • If you’d like to continue attacking others, a good alternative is an art trade conducted via PM here, our chat, or other platform of your choice.

      • We are still accepting donations! Any donations made during the time between fights will be put towards your donation total for the upcoming fight.

      • Donation perks from this year’s fight will expire at the beginning of the fight next year. Takaia will be contacting those who got art perks shortly.

We want your feedback!

You can tell us what you thought with the 2017 feedback survey and the #suggestions channel on Discord

Want a say in next year’s theme? Tell us which ideas you like! (Please no joke ideas though, it’s a lot to go through)

Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2017: Moon vs Sun!!

Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

And thank you to all of our generous donators!

@silverpinerock @thegeekynobody @foxeye Kattles @finnabun @relicsage @Iwai traditionalbelle @Sanguynn @AlienAlfredo @Tenhei @Aurigami Biscuit Sixbane Poppln bizarrebloodyprince @Kunfex jenn @TheMunstacat Chillinq Uluri CLOWN @sardlne AllyRat HAMON-HUNTER codycrumbs Xionatia @Deuyuni provie anon PuppyParade sodakissed @mindbite Daarka pansol @owliegator Blue @HorrorSympathy lurkingintheburbs smolsketch @Habentes NaritaCoree clefable SquallyScribbler BiscuitMom @carev50 Devria Delle Zem-Zem TalesofTales cedes @fauxnee Liss-ka rabbitos @Chrysanthanos Kitsunka Mirandemia @Gheysnakelady @clarabellums-art SushiAddict tacitgrey Dia-Dear loofs @wifitears @DivideByZiro Muckmon @arxcanis miinmo @Cat-Mum soot @Sabertooth pencilhandz CircusBalloon lulu @Tackytician @WingedWolfAlari @DemonicMapler AbsoluteDisaster Aku @ZyanShepard @CircusCeal SoloRoko Harambe Leviathel Whelpsy minniesalinas echobade Ember RuffledGryphon sweetienectar MondaiSenshi Pomihei @BlzingAshez @BlazingAshez Rillrex @Moonaloo midnight-soliloquy @BillyMaws AcrylicIce Goldkin lavellan @Goldflower CosmicBites @Friskyfrisks @Adralie @CharlyBell @andonuts @Sneaky oaakart @warpstrike Kaii @YukiKitty KingGrif boobun Mychelle Erradox Windreda Herobula AxisGenesis sharkboy lucifer @Appletail @darkstarthegreat Ezilyn synchra MEAT Twinsharks GreaserParty gaydeer Feather-Dancer @kotorozec @Sayskel alchemy CoffeyTime Garrot @bittydanca @xia-che softserveshiba leaffkun Pika MissZas @ninairy ChuraGhost MagicaJaphet @Donutley MugOfAtmosphere @ hyskm @asianlyobsessed jerk CosimaRose lewis Boeing @katriel Gainstrive Anima @Dimitrix trashguts ARTFIGHTwoof MaxBlossom @zeezie Featherkissed MyEmeraldTears @TickTockTimepiece @Miracledoq @l0wlife KibblesDoodles Raven606 inkygem hoxau bookfangeek @ghostiart @Bunnikkila jakdacrowe PkingSora tenta Doqfood RottenCavity NotMerdoc @necroire Murderdoc @Jeffotron @wonkabee @Ørion RicePoison @rainydaysforus @KatzenErzahlung skulldog Broeckchen @SilverEEclipse LittleGoats novatea Forelle @MyxxItUp neuroticmoths -Prince- @bagelish captainsparx @habentes @mer-cy kelso skullbird Midinion zazpie transparentChaos MeowChirp @Aainsleyy raichu @Litl Smol Otter Eclipsion cryptidcore Sedoris @mafaniko Hiro @WhovianRinny ball-pythons Shinkei-Shinto Ahstraval @Penumbrawolfy Zors-toychest Sno Captain-Bird dispictured lankylunatic teethfangz pangosachi vorpos Riaburr teasprout SpamJamz Glitterbark tesla TheCentaurIsMe @reiketto Melybelly @Soup-medic Coelacanth Dapuffster @Danny_Phantom @TheGeneraless wrexie catsthetics Marshie @Ursidaed @sproutpaw @karpoi @sashimisenpai TaytoSeal @BonsaiBurger @shl33b @ Xilac SailorBeezus Megalodon @panicdog @PelicanBitten HoleWeet cattun @Zoraproxi @Mistydash @quarkury KenazRavenTooth Nekato ArachneNet @Xenophillia cedar-bastion Dai @nona darkmysterycat hatoCAFE @Pupom Varkarrus RedRed TGI sleepystarpup @The_Shadster universeofnya @Gauntlet lulubelleluna @Riivih Jerichoe brotienshake crowqrince MissyR bunnicat HunterStirling Arlihoo genia anonBIRD Sweetntreat sweetmalva Ashkitty plumepox J_N @doodlebot RamenMeow @Yuki14208 letscake @oliveanimates stars Pentbellz hedgemaze @morichinatsu
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We diligently skimmed through your attacks looking for stuff like missed duplicates and making sure we got the blob characters fixed. We were hoping that by doing so, it would cause the score to trend in an obvious direction, but instead throughout the day it went back and forth. Since the score so close even now, I've decided the mods need more time to go through everything so that we make sure the final verdict is fair. I've also decided that they need some rest as well, so we're delaying our final call. I appreciate your patience. Please also note that your chance to report any incorrectly rated attacks has also been extended a little bit, and you're encouraged to do so!
Thank you all so much for participating in Art Fight this year! I'm so happy you're here.
- Takaia
Posted by Takaia on 3 August 2017 06:04:13 PM (Edited by Takaia 2 years ago)
To end another great round of Art Fight. Please stay tuned as we make some last-minute adjustments and make sure everything is in order. This may take a while, but you should hear from us by the end of the day Art Fight time at the latest. Also please be aware that the winner of Sun vs Moon isn't official until our announcement later. 

In the meantime, you can go tell us your theme ideas for next year (please no joke ones, the first couple can be funny but when there's tons it gets old) or chat with us while we do our last minute house cleaning.
Posted by Takaia on 31 July 2017 11:13:59 PM (Edited by Takaia 2 years ago)

There has been some concern recently over how attacks of minimal characters have been getting a disproportionate amount of points. To address this we ask that when categorizing your attack you categorize attacks of characters similar to the ones shown above, as well as characters that have simply lines for their body/limbs, as “head/bust shot”. 
While these attacks feature the character’s entire body they do not include “an entire body” and as such should not be categorized as full body. Thank you for understanding! We will be going back and adjusting the categorization of attacks to fit this interpretation of the rules. If you see any related attacks that are marked incorrectly, you may report them (don't worry, such attacks will not get an official warning). We plan on addressing this in a more integrated manner before next year's fight.
Art courtesy altaria <3
Posted by Takaia on 24 July 2017 03:45:46 AM (Edited by Takaia 2 years ago)
Because of the slowdown at the beginning of this year's fight, we're extending Art Fight by  a couple days, so now it will end at 12:00PM on August 3rd. The event and the timer on the front page have been edited to reflect this. Thanks again for your patience during the downtime!
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Please fill out this survey if you're interested in Art Fight shirts!
Posted by Biscuit on 2 July 2017 06:51:56 AM (Edited by Takaia 2 years ago)
I am happy to announce that the site should be stable right now and hopefully will stay up at a normal speed. We are monitoring the situation yet and are working on maintaining the site's stability. 

Thank you everyone for baring with us in our struggles.  

A huge thanks to our awesome owner and coders who figured it out! 

Takaia @morichinatsu Pika

Posted by Biscuit on 2 July 2017 04:05:58 AM (Edited by Takaia 6 years ago)
We are sorry for the amount of lag Art Fight has had since opening up earlier today. 

The lag is due to heavy traffic, and staff is doing everything we can to get the site back up to normal speed for everyone here as soon as we can!

Please be patient as we work through this. It would be appreciated if users use the site minimally until the issue is resolved, so that there will be less site traffic slowing things down. 

Thank you for your support! We will announce when the site is fixed. 

For now, please feel free to participate in our Discord chat, and follow our Social Medias for updates!