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Art Fight 2023 Theme Reveal
Teams!  Get your teams here, fresh off the press!

The teams for Art Fight 2023 have been revealed through our yearly countdown stream and one of a kind animation!  The 12 hour stream took place on Twitch, but no worries if you missed it!  The animation reveal is available on our Youtube channel as we speak!

Early Team Registration

If you are just as excited as we are for this year’s Art Fight, you’re in luck: we are once again opening up Team Registration early to level out Day One traffic.  If you have a preference for what night dwelling creature you want to fight for this month, be sure to sign up – you are able to pick your team through early registration as opposed to being sorted randomly on July 1st.

Registration will be open a few days before the fight.  There will be an announcement in the Discord as well as a red banner on the site to signal when you can start picking your team!

Additional Updates & Announcements

Upcoming Attack Guide Update

As always, we are hard at work editing and tweaking the attack guide for this year’s fight.  It is advised to check the guide the closer we get to the fight as final touches and tweaks are made.  Of course, if you ever have a question, never hesitate to reach out to a site moderator!
We will detail all the changes at the beginning of the fight.

Upcoming Site Maintenance

As July approaches, the site will undergo its usual down times to perform maintenance.  These will be announced on our Discord when possible, as the site will be inaccessible.  We appreciate your patience during these times!

Art Fight 2023 MAP Applications Opening

As mentioned in the last news post, cyxxie and scribedhearts are once again hosting an official Art Fight MAP (multiple animator project)!  Please refer to the last news post for some basic information regarding the MAPs and rules concerning them.

The applications for the MAP will go live on this newspost on June 24th at 3:00pm UTC - that’s tomorrow!  Parts will be assigned on a first come first serve basis – after 30 participants have joined, users may apply as a back up.  The MAP will be utilizing a form of this song.  You must also have or be willing to use a Discord to communicate with the hosts of the MAP.

Apply here! - >><<

Art Fight 2023 Prompts

The sunset of June marks our annual Art Fight Prep Prompts!  What better way to prepare for Art Fight than with some thought provoking questions about your OCs and their Art Fight pages?  These are for YOU - you can do as many or as little as you’d like to prepare.  Feel free to share your prompts in the #prompts channel on our
Discord!  Take a look at the prompts below, and please thank the lovely mori and scribedhearts for putting this together for everyone!

Art Fight 2022 Achievements

The 2022 Achievements are here, made by the always lovely Axel !  They have been handed out automatically, so there’s nothing stopping you from going to your page to admire them even further!

Bloom Loyalist - Wither Loyalist - Traitor - 2022 Winner

Thank you to Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.

Stamps by Sangtanic

Posted by Axel on 10 June 2023 10:13:41 PM (Edited by Axel 11 months ago)

 Art Fight Start Date 

As tradition, Art Fight 2023 will be starting on July 1st, at 6:00 pm UTC. Please check the countdown on the front page for the exact start time! We recommend you start preparing yourself by updating your own characters and bookmarking other people’s characters early!
It’s important to note that drawing attacks before Art Fight starts (July 1st, 6:00pm UTC) is against the rules. Not only is it unfair to others, but it shatters the spirit of Art Fight. If you attempt to do this, your account may be banned. Please be considerate, and show good team spirit!

Theme Reveal

The 2023 Art Fight Theme Reveal will once again be streamed on our Twitch! The theme reveal will be happening on June 23rd 2023, at 10:30 pm UTC.
The theme reveal is an annual animated video by Axel that reveals the team before the fight. It will start 12 hours before with music, a live countdown, and little mod driven activities; It will begin at 10:30AM UTC!

Other updates and news

On Coming Site Updates

We will be implementing a few new changes to the site. During this time, please be patient with us during scheduled maintenance, and downtimes. More info will be shared when it's ready!

2022 Achievements

Rest assured, our artist is working away and they will be finished and released in time for the fight. Check back for the July 1st news post!

AI Art

As a reminder, using pre-made, uncredited art (like AI art) in characters and attacks goes against the spirit and rules of Art Fight; Character rule #26 & Spirit of Art Fight rule #1. This method actively hurts artists by stealing their work and Art Fight stands strongly against it. Characters and attacks that contain pre-made & uncredited art will be removed.

Character, attack, and profile pages are only available to those who are logged in. Still, we strongly encourage the user of watermarking images posted onto the site to further protect yourself against theft. And as always, you can report rule breaks using the report feature or get in contact with a moderator.

Here are some helpful resources about the negative impact of AI art and how it hurts artists:

Discord Server

Trying to find targets? Join our Discord Server where you can partake in our channel Target Hunting - a channel designed to find users to attack. Check the server for more updates regarding the theme reveal!

ArtFight 2023 MAP

If you remember last year, scribedhearts and cyxxie hosted ArtFight’s first official Multiple Animators Project, aka MAP. With the hard work of 60 participants split across two MAP videos, we were able to produce THIS and THIS!

Seeing the success of the last project has led to the return of the MAP this year. Cyxxie and Scribedhearts hope to debut the MAP song before the team reveal video on June 23rd, with sign-ups going out shortly after. After taking in feedback from last year, participants will be notified before the event begins as well!

As a reminder, all MAP parts and participants must follow ArtFight rules. While the entire part must be created during the duration of the event, parts may be of any finish level, and we are accepting and welcoming people of ALL animation levels. Participants will be required to join an ArtFight MAP-specific Discord server so the hosts can keep in contact easier, as well as seamlessly do check-ins throughout the month.

We will only be able to accept a certain number of people. After that number is reached, anyone after may sign-up as a backup. This year, parts will be divided in order to hit the music beats, which means part lengths will vary. In order to keep things fair, parts will still be assigned on a FCFS basis, so apply QUICK!

Reporting Guide

As more and more users become active, that means more eyes are on the site and more reports are on the way in! In order to help make your lives (and ours) a bit easier when it comes to helping us keep the site safe, we are currently developing a Guide to Reporting. Please keep an eye out for the release!

Stay Tuned!

More updates will be posted the day of the reveal! Thank you for your patience.

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Hello Art Fighters,

As a team, we’ve recently been working on alterations to our Discord server’s rules, the clarification of Art Fight’s financials, and updates/clarifications regarding the site. This post will summarize these clarifications alongside some changes still to come.

NSFW Content On and Off Site

As you may have noticed through the #changelogs channel in our Discord server, we have updated the wording of some of our rules, specifically regarding what kinds of art can be shared. The first of these changes involve Art Rule 5, which has been altered to remove “NSFW content” from the list of topics that are allowed under a spoiler. This wording implied that we allowed explicit 18+ material within the server. This was never intended, despite the rule being badly worded.  Sexually themed art is allowed under a filter on site only, and must adhere to our maturity guidelines, which can be found here.  The allowance of sexual themed art in the server was a miscommunication on our end, and is not allowed within the server, even with a spoiler. We apologize for our rules being worded in a way that made it seem like it was allowed, however, and apologize once again for any confusion the incorrect wording may have caused. Additionally, we have reiterated our ban on NSFW content in our new Art Rule 6.

Keep in mind that this ban on NSFW content and sexual themes extends to questions related to said themes in the #af-help and #af-help-2 channels. Any inquiries about these topics should be discussed in DMs with moderators, with any NSFW text/images sent in DMs being spoilered and given a warning for. If you see any posts that break our rules on NSFW content and sexual themes, don’t hesitate to send an online moderator a DM so that it may be removed.

Site Updates

In a similar vein, we are diligently working on fixing a bug with filters not working as intended on the site. To avoid bug exploitation, we will update everyone with details after we have ensured the fix is complete. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

We are also working on updates for “Design a Character” attack rules and clarity regarding who to contact for issues on-site. For design attacks, we will be updating our rules to specify what is necessary for design attacks targeted towards more than one user and the rules regarding ownership of said character designs. This will be updated before the next fight and will be announced when it has been implemented.

Additionally, we have updated our Contact a Mod page to add a section about reporting users. If you are having issues with another user on Art Fight, you should speak to admins or a site lead for help, as regular site mods cannot deal with user-related reports, because of the potential of dealing with private information. We encourage users to contact moderators or admins directly when dealing with reports that could be considered emergencies (example: exploitation of minors).

Regarding the report backlog itself, we will be re-evaluating our process for dealing with reports in the coming months to hopefully relieve some of the delays in report resolution. We apologize again for any lengthy wait times, and encourage you to reach out via site messages if you require immediate help.

Lastly, we want to make a quick update about Cloudflare and some recent concerns about a website they previously supported. Luckily, Cloudflare did the right thing and has since dropped supporting the website in question, so it appears these concerns have now been resolved, but we still wanted to mention that we only use Cloudflare for DDOS / high traffic protection, and nothing else. Art Fight is not hosted on Cloudflare, nor are its images/etc.

Donation & Financial Clarifications

Recently, we’ve noticed there have been some concerns regarding donations and the way Art Fight is categorized. First, we want to clarify that we are not a non-profit organization. We are considered a sole proprietorship - in the past, Art Fight has mistakenly been referred to as a non-profit, but that is not the case, and we apologize for the confusion. We have looked into becoming a non-profit, but it’s not something that’s feasible for us right now.

Art Fight is a passion project that sustains itself via donations from its user base. The majority of these funds go towards maintaining the site. The largest site expenses include: image hosting, web servers, other web services, and commissioned art assets. This is not cheap, especially for a site of our size that approximately doubles its user base every year. After the bills are paid, the leftover money is significantly lower than a fair wage. Therefore we are unable to hire anyone, though Takaia receives a small amount of compensation for work she does as the site owner and coder.

All moderators, designers, and administrators are completely volunteer. This is something they agree to when they sign up to be a moderator, and is a standard practice for small websites. We would love to pay more of our staff, as well as hire an accountant (for proper financial breakdowns, etc.). The reality is that none of that is financially feasible for us at this time, because Art Fight does not earn enough to pay for these services.

In the past, we worked very hard to try to be transparent with Art Fight finances. However, because Art Fight does not earn enough to be able to hire an accountant or any other professionals, all estimates were being done by Takaia. Due to the fluctuating nature of Art Fight's costs and donations, many of the reports ultimately ended up being unintentionally inaccurate. Takaia tried as best as she could with the resources she had to make as close to an exact estimate as she could.

Because of the inaccuracy, Art Fight's estimations received backlash, some of which was personally directed at Takaia. After considering the sheer amount of time and effort needed to make these, the resulting backlash, the private nature of the amount people get paid, and looking at similarly run websites who don’t publish this information, we decided it was best to simply stop making estimates/breakdowns. However, to give an idea of how much things can cost, here are some examples of recent bills we’ve paid. Please note that this is a fraction of the total we pay per year, these are individual examples:

Image-hosting alone for the month of July 2022 cost around $7,200 USD. The web server for hosting the site itself costs around $500 USD a month. For 2022, Art Fight needs approximately ($500 x 12 months) $6,000 USD to pay for the web server. Again, these numbers do not take into account future site growth, art/image assets, the rest of the image hosting costs, and other miscellaneous costs, both planned and unplanned, during the year.


We would like to extend our gratitude to our users for your understanding and continued patience, alongside your willingness to help in our shared goal of improving the site. As always, we encourage you to come to us with any questions you may have and to share any concerns you feel need addressing. You are welcome to either comment below, DM a moderator, post in our Discord server’s help channels, or send us an email at [email protected]. We appreciate any questions or concerns being brought to us, and thank you in advance for your patience, as potential replies may be slow due to moderators being busy with life commitments outside of Art Fight.

We greatly appreciate your continued support as we all move forward together.


The Art Fight Team
Posted by Axel on 16 August 2022 06:39:55 AM (Edited by Pika 1 day ago)


Final Score...
29,951,789 vs 29,849,429

#1 Top Attack
The attack that did the most damage is "Been a hell of a ride-Mass attack" by Leaffons. It earned 13,567 points!

(please see the attack's description for the full animation!)

#2 Top Attack
The attack that did the second most damage is "Smooth Criminal" by Massena. It earned 13,205 points!

#3 Top Attack
The attack that did the third most damage is "Gibberish!" by Apollion. It earned 12,589 points!

Art Fight 2022 MAP
Before we get into the featured attacks & statistics, we'd like to present the 2022 Art Fight MAP(s)! For 2022, we wanted to do something different and create an official Art Fight MAP (multi-animator-project)!

We hope everyone enjoys this amazing creation brought to you by fellow Art Fighters. Click on the respective link below to watch the video! 

Featured Attacks: High Character Count
These are some attacks that feature a lot of different characters. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Character Interaction
These are some attacks that have strong character interaction. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Film / Animation
These are some attacks that have strong animation or great video editing. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Traditional
These are attacks that are made with traditional art! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Crafts
These are some attacks that were uniquely done with physical materials! Click the thumbnails to check them out:These are some attacks that were uniquely done with physical materials! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Comics
These are some attacks that are comics! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: 3D Render
These are some attacks that were done using a 3D software. Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: VTuber Model
These are some attacks that were done using software to create a Vtuber model, which also feature complete rigging! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Featured Attacks: Game
These are attacks that are made in a video game format! Click the thumbnails to check them out:

Staff Picks
Here are some staff favorite attacks!

Revenge Chains
Revenge chains are when two users attack each other repeatedly! Each time you both create an attack on each other, the higher the chain will be.
The longest revenge chain belongs to Little_Angelbun and Bunbiiit with 600 levels!! WOW!!!! 

The second longest revenge chain belongs to  BlankBlyke and  Astrinyx with a total level of 420. Great job you two!

The third highest revenge change is by SQU1SHU and @MildlyImperfect, with a total level of 231. WOO!


General Statistics
Wow, a total of 1,364,595 attacks were made... This is the first time we have hit a million!
Bloom made 682,336 attacks, resulting in 29,951,789.5 points
Wither made 682,259 attacks, resulting in 29,849,429.5 points

User Growth
We have over 534,352 users total. Of those users, 212,017 of them took part in the fight!
96,009 new users participated in their first fight. 116,008 are returning users!

User StatisticsThe 3 Team Bloom users who made the most attacks are:

qatoqat - 3,024 attacks
DaGrandDragonn - 1,657 attacks
@acidcasc - 756 attacks

The 3 Team Wither users who made the most attacks are:

Sixbane - 2,261 attacks
EdgyCatWolf - 2,010 attacks
RevlisFox - 1,713 attacks

Helpful Members
Thank you to these users that were helpful in all different aspects this year. All of these users did something worth recognizing. Give them a follow! 







A big thank you to the entire Art Fight Staff and Support Team for making this event possible with all their hard work!

Answers to Common Questions

The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before, just without the ability to attack.
If you’d like to continue attacking others, a good alternative is an art trade conducted via PM here, our Discord, or other platform of your choice.

All rating reports that moderators did not get to will be automatically closed, since the points are final. Moderators will be still working on non-rating reports throughout the year.

Team achievements for Art Fight 2022 will be automatically awarded to accounts sometime before the start of Art Fight 2023.
Their assets are still being created, so thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Minigames will open sometime in a couple months after the fight. We'll release a newspost when they open! 

We want your feedback!

If you have a few minutes to spare, we would appreciate receiving your feedback on Art Fight 2022 via the following surveys! There is also a poll for Art Fight 2023's theme, so be sure to check that out!

General Feedback Form
Want to give some general feedback surrounding Art Fight as a whole? This form is for you!
Ratings Feedback Form
Ratings are an integral part of Art Fight. We're always looking to improve them, so please give your thoughts about them here.
Art Fight Usability
We want to hear your thoughts about the layout/UI and how you use certain features!
Art Fight 2022 Theme Poll
Vote for your favourite theme in the Art Fight theme poll for next year!

Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2022: Bloom vs Wither
Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

 |  |   |   |  |   |  |  | 

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Time flies... there are about 48 hours left of Art Fight 2022!!

Here's what to expect for the end of the fight:

  • As established last year, team point totals will now be hidden until the winner reveal.

  • The winner reveal and final point totals will be announced on August 15th, 2022 by end of day.

  • Site moderators will spend the time between the fight's end and the reveal going through as many attack reports as they can and making rating adjustments as necessary.
    You may report incorrect ratings on attacks until August 5th, 2022 at 12:00PM MDT (18:00 UTC). After this point, you will no longer be able to report attacks for incorrect ratings from Art Fight 2022.

  • The official end date of Art Fight 2022 is August 1st, 2022 at 12:00PM MDT (18:00 UTC). You can view the countdown to the end of the fight on the front page of the site.

  • Don't wait until the last minute to submit your final attack- the site will likely see some slowdown in the final hour of the event, and you will not be able to submit attacks once the the clock hits 12:00PM MDT on August 1st. Staff will likewise not be able to submit attacks for you after the event ends.

  • Please note that the "Recent Attacks" section on the front page will be removed once the event ends, and won't return until next year's fight.
We're in the homestretch now- good luck out there!!
Posted by Rainy on 1 July 2022 06:01:18 PM (Edited by Rainy 1 year ago)

Welcome, Art Fighters!
The time has finally come.

Joining the event
To join a team, click the "current event" button on the top right. You'll be able to be sorted into a team from there! 
For more information about the fight, check out our About and FAQ page. 

To attack someone, click the submit tab on the top left to be taken to the attack submission page.
When posting attacks, make sure you check if anything need to be filtered. You can check via our nifty Maturity Guide.
If you are having trouble understanding how to rate your attack, make sure to check out our Attack Guide.

If you have additional questions, get in contact with a moderator or join our Discord server.



Team Badges

To show your team pride, use the badges made by Sangtanic on your Art Fight profile! You can add them to your profile by clicking the little emoji on the text editor. 

Theme Reveal

If you haven't already seen the 2022 theme reveal video, you can watch it here

Lead Moderators are here!

We have been working on our staff structure recently, and have made the decision to introduce two new roles: Chat and Site Lead Moderators! These are the folks that have final say over important decisions, guide moderators, and help out behind the scenes. 

Give a warm welcome to our Site Lead Dartwind, and our Chat Lead cyxxie!

New Contact Page

We've added a new contact page that should make it easier for you to access help on the site! It lists all the moderators, what languages they speak, and what they can help with. Check it out here. The footer will be edited to reflect this.

Collaboration with HelloPaint

As you may have seen us announce in our previous newspost, we are collaborating with HelloPaint, the successor of iScribble!

We invite you to join us on July 15th at 7:00pm UTC on a board exclusively for Art Fight, where you will be greeted by a special Art Fight 2022 background for the respective teams. Your job is to draw your character on top of the background, interacting with background elements. We will feature the finished drawing on our Discord and the 2022 winner newspost! Come join the fun~

Another note to 3D artists

We would also like to address what we announced about bases in our last newspost. We've gotten some feedback and now have a better understanding of how important bases can be to a 3D artist's work process. This is why we are reversing our decision and are allowing base usage (with limitations) and vroid models this year! You can read about the changes in the section beneath! We want to apologise if we hurt anyone with our previous post or made it seem like we don't care about the 3D community. That was never our intentions!

We would also like to remind you that we are made up of volunteer efforts. We make art fight what it is on our free time, whether its development or moderating. We are just a group of people who want to bring you the best possible event, and on our way we may make a mistake or two!

We hope the 3D community will be happy with these changes. We worked very hard to bring you something that would let your creativity run free AND guards the game against any loopholes like spray painting a sims 4 cat as an attack (this would NOT be allowed under our current guidelines). And remember to give feedback in the forms at the end of the fight!

Art Fight aims to create a welcoming space for artist diversity and we hope these changes reflect that. Happy fighting from the team!

Rating updates

Apart from some minor text changes, point tweaks, and some new examples, here are the bigger changes in the guide this year:

3D Modeling
- Vroids, digital doll paintovers and base usage is now allowed and have their own subcategory.
- Rigging has been added as a subcategory.
- Finish and light subcategories have been removed as they were redundant or confusing to define.

- Clarified that painting figurines (fully) is okay for craft paintovers.
- Added brick builds to the bead category.

- Renamed "type" to "amount of movement" for clarity.
- Added "mixed movement" as a way to categorise attacks with both partial and full animation.
- Added PMV to the animatic subcategory
- 3D animation have been moved to tweening, as rigging is covered under the 3D category now.
- 2D vtuber models now have their own category to make up for any rigging work.


Some reminders of changes we made last year:

Art Fight 2022 Banners


Like a character you see here? Click here to view the official tag
Thank you to Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.
View the banners in HQ on our DeviantART group here

Posted by Rainy on 22 June 2022 10:39:26 PM (Edited by Anolee 7 months ago)

Art Fight 2022 Theme Reveal
The themes have been revealed! 
made by Sangtanic

It's an Art Fight tradition to reveal the themes with an animation exclusively created for Art Fight! 
We streamed the reveal on Twitch, but if you missed the stream, you can find the video uploaded to Youtube.

Pick your team early @!

In order to level out traffic, we've decided to open up Team Registrations EARLY. The advantage of signing up early is that you get to pick which team you want to be on, as opposed to being sorted to a random team on July 1st. 

We are currently getting things setup on our end, and in a few days you will be able to pick your team by accessing this link. You'll know when picking a team is available by a site notice (a red banner at the top of your screen).

Additional Updates & Announcements

Upcoming Attack Guide Update

If you have been reading up on how to rate your attacks for this year via our attack guide, make sure to check it again closer to the fight start! We will be making some category changes to the animation section, as well as some minor change of wording to other categories. We thank you for your patience, and hope you will like the changes we are working on.

A note to 3D artists

Edit: This section is currently being re-discussed because of some valid criticism. We hear you. <3 

 Lots of love from the team!

Collaboration with HelloPaint

As you may have seen us announce in our previous newspost, we are collaborating with HelloPaint, the successor of iScribble!

We invite you to join us on July 15th at 7:00pm UTC on a board exclusively for Art Fight, where you will be greeted by a special Art Fight 2022 background for the respective teams. Your job is to draw your character on top of the background, interacting with background elements. We will feature the finished drawing on our Discord and the 2022 winner newspost! Come join the fun 

Art Fight 2022 MAP

Yes, you heard right... We're spicing it up this year and are hosting an official Art Fight MAP. This is brought to you by scribedhearts & cyxxie!

A MAP, or multiple animator project, is a collection of short, animated clips created by various artists compiled together, usually to a specific song. This ArtFight season, we'll be hosting a FCFS (first come first serve) MAP where your assigned song section will be an attack on another user, and then at the end of the month, compiled with all the other attacks and edited into the chosen song. The song we have chosen can be found HERE. Afterwards, the video will be uploaded onto our official Youtube channel!

You may apply to the MAP by accessing this link. Please note that the first 30 submissions will get accepted, and after that you may apply to be a back-up. 

Art Fight 2022 Prompts

Like every year, we have some fun prompts for you to prepare a little every day until the fight starts. You can do as many or as few of these as you want. Have fun with it! When you do a prompt, you can also post about it in the #prompts channel in the discord! Have a peek at the graphic below to see what this years preparation prompts are!

Art Fight 2021 Achievements

2021 Achievements are here! They have been automatically given out, and you must have submitted at least one attack to be eligible.  

Cyberpunk Loyal - Steampunk Loyal - Traitor - 2021 Winner

Thank you to Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.

Posted by Rainy on 12 June 2022 10:38:07 PM (Edited by Pika 1 year ago)

Art Fight Start Date

As tradition, Art Fight 2022 will be starting on July 1st, at 6:00 pm UTC. Please check the countdown on the front page for the exact start time!
We recommend you start preparing yourself by updating your characters and bookmarking some characters early!

We also wanted to remind you that drawing attacks before Art Fight starts (July 1st) is against the rules. Not only is it unfair to others, but it shatters the spirit of Art Fight. 
If you attempt to do this, your account may be banned.

Theme Reveal

The 2022 Art Fight Theme Reveal will once again be streamed on our Twitch!  The theme reveal will be happening on June 22nd 2022, at 10:30 pm UTC. 
The theme reveal is an annual animated video that reveals the team before the fight. This video is brought to you by our lovely artist Axel. Mark your calendars! 

Picking a Team Early

At some point before the fight starts, you will be able to join a team early on the site. Different from last year, it will be hosted on the site, rather than a form. 
The advantage to picking a team early is that you get to pick what team you want to be on! If you don't pick before July 1st, you'll be sorted on the team that has less members in order to keep balance. 

Other Updates…

Site Rule Updates

We have made some changes on our multi-account rule. You now can have multiple accounts, but only one can be active and on a team. 

Changes to Sponsor Tier

Due to increased amount of characters on the banner, we have made the decision to raise the Sponsor tier to $800. This will become effective when Art Fight starts, July 1st.
Anyone who has donated up to 300$ this current year (2021-2022) will still be eligible for the banner reward and grandfathered in. Similarly, anyone who donates $300 before July 1st will be eligible for the banner. 

Collaboration with HelloPaint

If you've been on the internet for a while, you may have heard of a website called iScribble. It allowed you to draw with your friends on the same canvas! HelloPaint is iScribble's successor, and we're proudly partnering up with them! 

Sometime in July, we're inviting you to join us in a massive drawing collab featuring the 2022 theme. This collaboration will happen in real time, and partaking might even reward you a little something? Who knows...Dates and details will be released soon! 

100 Character Limit

This update is from last year, however we just wanted to remind you that there is now a 100 active character limit. This decision was made because profiles with more characters than this were becoming difficult to moderate, and having no limit on characters uploaded can greatly increase the number of images Art Fight needs to host.

In addition to this change, there is a new "Character Archiving" feature that will allow you to "keep" characters beyond this limit. Archived characters will not be attackable and will have minimal profiles, but their names and any attacks made on them will still be visible to users. Archived characters may later be restored to an active profile, though they will need to have images and text re-added. More information on archiving will come when the feature releases.

Not to be confused with the user character limit, we have also added a limit to the total amount of characters able to be added to attacks. There is now a hard limit of 100 characters per attack.

2021 Achievements

You might be wondering about the state of the 2021 achievements. Rest assured, they are still happening! Our artist is working away and will be finished in time for the fight.

Discord Server

Trying to find targets? Join our Discord Server where you can partake in our channel Target Hunting - a channel designed to find users to attack.  

Posted by Rainy on 11 February 2022 01:59:30 AM (Edited by Rainy 5 months ago)
Hello Artfighters! 

The time to choose the Art Fight 2022 theme has come. To vote, please visit the Google Form below to submit your vote. 

Before you do, here's a few things to remember: 

  • You only have ONE vote. Unlike the first poll, you can't vote multiple times. 
  • You may edit your response after voting. Just visit the same google form under the same email. 
  • You'll receive an email once you vote with your answer! 

* New: 
The form is now closed and the theme for 2022 has been picked! Stay tuned for more details. 
Posted by Rainy on 3 January 2022 06:47:17 AM (Edited by Rainy 10 months ago)
Ever wanted to help out Art Fight? We have positions for both site and chat moderators open. If you think you have what it takes to be a moderator, please apply below!

If you have already applied in 2021 and have nothing new to add, please do not re-apply. We are still heavily considering and processing those applications.

• You must be at least 18 years old to apply
• You must have participated in one Art Fight Event (does not include minigames)
• We are looking at users who are active on the Art Fight site or Discord server
• Being in the Art Fight Discord server is a requirement. Any applicants that are not will be ignored

Please apply here.