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We are now accepting new applications for positions like: 
- chat moderators for the Discord server 
- attack moderators for when AF starts (July/August) 
- programmers to help develop the site
- more! 

Old applications that didn't get a response from us will still be considered, but feel free to reapply if you feel you have more to add. If you previously applied and want to withdraw your application, please contact Takaia

To apply, please fill out the volunteer form:
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Here you have it, folks! This is our last and final poll to determine the teams for the up-coming, 2017 fight!
Once again, you have one week to vote in the poll!
Please remember that teams will remain secret until the fight begins, and do not ask staff for the winning teams intending on getting a serious answer.
Ready? Set? Go!
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We've got another poll coming your way! This time we've narrowed down the options based on the previous poll, however, you only have one week to vote in this poll! After this, we're planning on having a final vote.
Vote over here:
Go go go!
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We have made the privacy policy much briefer, (hopefully) easier to understand, and more accurate. It has been completely revamped, so please read the new policy carefully. 

Click here to read the new privacy policy.
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Thank you so much everyone for your patience on the achievements! According to our records, we’ve now successfully given out all achievements to those who earned them, however, since we did this by hand it’s possible we might have made some mistakes. If you feel like you got too few (or too many!) achievements this round, please message Takaia, @morichinatsu, or Biscuit and one of us will sort it out for you as soon as possible. To check your achievements, go to your user page and click on the statistics tab.

Some of you asked for physical merchandise to purchase related to art fight, so we've signed up with Redbubble to bring you some things like tshirts with the Art Fight logo on them. In the future, if there’s some interest, we’ll plan on making any team graphics large enough to print on things as well. Hope you enjoy!
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 Final Score
 113,622 vs 113,943
 It was so close! Good job everyone!

 We've got a selection of achievements that we'll be passing out for participation! Unfortunately it has to be done manually as we didn’t have time to program in automatic ones, so please don’t worry if it takes us a while to get to you. We’ll let you know when we’re done, and if you’ve still not gotten yours you can contact us.

 Here's a list of all of the possible achievements you can get:


Team Magic | Team Technology | Traitor | Winner


1 Attack | 10 Attacks | 35 Attacks | 75 Attacks


Supporter | Contributor | Backer | Sponsor


Magic Valedictorian | Technology Valedictorian | Longest Chain | Helpful Member

More than 10,000 people signed up for our first fight on the new website.
Of those users, 7,173 of them took part in the fight!

A total of 30,876 attacks were made!
3,709 of the attacks were friendly fires.
Magic made 15,413 attacks.
Technology made 15,463 attacks.
That means there's an average of 4.3 attacks per participating user.

The attack that did the most damage was “SEISMIC OVERKILL: waifu” by shiinkaku for a whopping 135 points!

There were 5 other attacks that did more than 50 points of damage. Click to check them out:

101 people donated a total of $1,649.
10 of the donors were anonymous.
An average of $16.33 was donated per donor.
We accomplished 2 tiers of our donation goal and part of the way into the third!
Thank you everyone who donated! You can still donate by clicking the button in the footer <3
Other Info
The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before. However, you will not be able to upload attacks, nor will you be able to rate them.
If you’d like to continue attacking others, you will have to do it privately via PM or on another site!

You are still more than welcome to donate while there is no fight! Any donations made during that time will be put towards your donation total for the upcoming fight, so you’ll receive any perks that you donated for. Donation perks from this year’s fight will expire at the beginning of the fight next year. Takaia will be contacting those who got art perks shortly.

We want your feedback!
Please fill out the final survey and tell us what you thought.
Feel free to also discuss what you thought in the Discord server as well.
We're looking for theme suggestions for Art Fight 2017! Click here to tell us your ideas. Please no joke entries, however.

Last Words
Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2016: Magic vs Technology!!
Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

And thank you to all of our generous donators!
@silverpinerock, @alienalfredo, Russet, mdragonflame, @sabertooth, @themunstacat, Ghostsenpai, @reth, @spaghettore, Varkarrus, jenn, @thegeekynobody, KingGrif, kyogre, Pika, AbsoluteDisaster, Pax, @azmaven, Brad1816, cyaf, @qeoffrey, skulldog, Redd, Gainstrive, quoting_mungo, bizarrebloodyprince, Zixmix, cbts004, Serigruh, Sixbane, Blue, city-kings, cannibalism, @bts, @kiwikidd, Delle, PastelNebulas, trashguts, pitbullie, infinipede, Uluri, mute-owl, Mychelle, boobun, Shinkei-Shinto, dragonair, arcanine, catty, SurferVelocity, foxpotion, @criminals, Yesterday, Squabble, CircusBalloon, Xshadowstar, @sadgem, Kitsunka, wxu, @SoulBeater, cat-mum, @fauxnee, lucifer , nyxibun, @sakuragx4nina, dally, @eIectrify, meszzy, Case, @spottedphyre, @wolpertingerprince, Santi, @erleuchtete, Erradox, @cutesatan, @iinewsii , rabbitos, @eIectrify, @sardlne, Biscuit, cat, Brimzy, cedar-bastion, @whovianrinny, @kiruraki, @soly, @quantumnightmare, @tackytician, spritesock, @aquaodle, and StarWaffle
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It’s crunch time and you’ve only got 24 hours left to fight! We encourage everyone to try to go out with a bang! The score is very close, so it’s anyone’s game. We’ve also got a variety of achievements to give out at the end, and the more you play, the more likely you’ll get one of these.

As you may have noticed, we replaced the countdown timer on the home page with just a clock. It turned out that the countdown was not using the site’s timezone, but instead the timezone of the viewer’s computer (local time), so to avoid any confusion, it has been removed until we can fix it. The clock, however, runs on site time and can be trusted!
(The countdown timer is back!)

On another note, if you happen to notice your scores change from now until the end, don’t worry too much as that is just the mods doing last minute checks to see that people scored themselves correctly. Because it’s crunch time for us, too, you probably won’t be getting any kind of notifications or warnings when a mod modifies the score on a piece.

We will try to have the final results and statistics ready for you as soon as we can after the event ends! Please remember to stick around afterwards for voting on next year’s teams and to check out any achievements you might’ve received, as well.
Posted by deactivated7 on 25 August 2016 10:13:46 AM (Edited by Takaia 7 years ago)
Hey guys! We’re coming up on almost a week of being a live site and we wanted to give you all a look at some features to come, as well as an update on known bugs!

Many of you have noticed that there’s an Achievements tab! What’s this for, you ask?
Achievements are currently completely unavailable as we don’t have any badges ready for them yet, but this year’s badge artist is Morichinatsu! We’ve got at least eight badges planned for this year, and once they’re all finished, we’ll make another news post and start handing them out. They will be given out completely manually, and most at the end of the fight, however. We’ll give you some more information once they’re all ready, though!

Suggestions & Ideas
As some of you may know, we have a Discord server setup and in that server, we have the channel #suggestions. This channel serves as place to suggest possible features and ways to make the site better. There are many common suggestions that we are noticing pop up a lot… And many of these are great ideas that we hope to implement in the future! Some of these suggestions include:
  • Random character feature

  • A “Like” or “Favorite” function

  • Direct comment replies

  • Profile commenting

  • Character organization and rearrangement function

  • Content box made available for non Custom Species

  • Content box for “Other” filters

  • Notification clear all

  • And plenty plenty more!

  • Known bugs
    A lot of you over in our Chat have been reporting bugs and it’s fantastic what you guys have found! Here’s a list of currently known bugs that we will be working on getting fixed up for you guys, and if you notice anything else you think might be a bug, please jump on over to the discord Chat and let us know in the #bugs channel!
  • Description search doesn’t take other search options into account

  • Broken emote parsing when typing

  • Deleted attacks don’t update on receiver’s current team stat page

  • Overall battle vs Team battle point stats don’t match up

  • Deleting revenge doesn’t clear the revenge data

  • Unable to remove bookmarks on hidden or banned characters

  • Notification counts are whacky

  • Team leads by negative points

  • If you have any questions, or perhaps more suggestions, the quickest way to let us know is to join our Discord server which serves as our chat for this year.

    Thank you for reading!
    Posted by deactivated7 on 20 August 2016 06:47:05 PM (Edited by Takaia 7 years ago)
    Congratulations! You can now officially participate in the 2016 ArtFight!
    To get you started, here’s some how-tos!

    How to get sorted:
    Now that the event has officially started, you can click “Current Event” in the upper right hand corner to check it out. Once there, you can go ahead and get sorted into a team.
    Team sorting is done manually to help prevent teams from being flooded with abandoned and inactive accounts. Which team you get sorted is mostly based on how many users are on the teams already, to help make sure that the user count is balanced and each team has an equal chance based on member count.
    If you do not like the team you are sorted into, you can switch to Spectator and get sorted again. You are not guaranteed to be sorted into the other team because of this, but it is the best way to help ensure that no team’s population majorly outweighs the other’s.

    How to attack:
    Once you’ve been sorted into one of the two teams, you are then able to click the Submit button in the navbar and there should now be “Attack!”. To be able to attack someone, you’ll need to have their username and their character(s)’s ID. You can attack multiple characters at once with a single attack, if they’re in the image, but only one user will be informed that they’ve been attacked, so pick the user that you originally or mainly intended the attack for.
    The owners of the other characters included in the attack will still receive the attack! It will show up on their character’s profile when they go to the Attacks tab.
    You’ll also be asked to enter information about the level of completion of the attack, such as the main image detail, the background detail, any animation detail, etc. What you enter here will influence how many points your attack is originally worth, giving more points for attacks done with more effort.

    What is rating?
    Once the fight has started, you may notice a Rate Attacks option show up under Browse. Here, you can rate attacks that have been submitted, giving them a small addition to their points if you upvote them. You can only vote on each attack once a day.
    This is not a required part of gameplay! It’s just if you want to take part in it.
    You also do not need to be on a team to rate! Spectators, if you want to have a little part in the game too, now’s your chance!

    What if I have extra characters on X site? / Can I accept new design attacks?
    Due to the nature of how attacking works, people will be unable to “attack” your characters from other sites or do new design attacks on you. However, this does not mean that you need to upload everyone here to ArtFight or that new design attacks are impossible!
    To allow people to do these kinds of attacks on you, you can upload a “general” character, or rather, it’s not a character at all. Title the new ‘character’ something along the lines of “Extras”, “New Design Attacks”, or the website(s) that you have your other characters listed on. Giving the ‘character’ a thumbnail/reference image for the site or purpose really helps too.
    People can then direct any off-site character attacks, or new design attacks, towards this “general” character, where all of the attacks will then be collected into the Attacks tab that you can then sort through later.
    A great example of this would be Russet’s Characters.

    Is friendly fire a thing?
    It most definitely is a thing! You’d attack them just like you would anybody else, except your attack will not count for points.
    Posted by Takaia on 20 August 2016 05:52:09 PM (Edited by Takaia 7 years ago)
    We're working very hard to optimize everything on the server, but seeing as we scheduled the fight to start in 9 minutes from now, we might need a little more time to work things out. Thanks for all your wonderful support and patience!