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Biscuit said:
Uluri It is for sure not an idea we will throw out the window yet! If there is enough interest and we can make it successfully work, it might become biannually one day. 
But for now we can enjoy Art Fight in the small dose we get.  <3  
Thank you for the input!
Uluri said:

Biscuit Ah man, it would be really awesome to have Art Fight Twice a year, though. Hope that the idea can continue to be talked about for the future.
You'd have to think about the best placed times for scheduling them, though. I really liked the last one being in august since there's not much
to do during that month. It's right before schools start, and there's not really much in the lines of holidays at that time.
Jin-chan said:
can't wait for the next event hmu
Biscuit said:
Abandon3dRain There was talk to possibly make Art Fight biannually (Summer/Winter), but nothing was ever confirmed. For now, Art Fight will remain as just an annual event for the time being. 

Sorry for any misdirection you may have gotten!
Biscuit I thought the next was here in jan? Least that's what I was told by someone a few months ago when it ended.
Biscuit said:
As of right now, Art Fight is an annual event. You can expect the next fight to happen in the Summer again!  <3 
Howee said:
Is there a new fight coming anytime soon?