Posted by deactivated7 on 25 August 2016 04:13:46 AM (Edited by Takaia 5 years ago)
Hey guys! We’re coming up on almost a week of being a live site and we wanted to give you all a look at some features to come, as well as an update on known bugs!

Many of you have noticed that there’s an Achievements tab! What’s this for, you ask?
Achievements are currently completely unavailable as we don’t have any badges ready for them yet, but this year’s badge artist is Morichinatsu! We’ve got at least eight badges planned for this year, and once they’re all finished, we’ll make another news post and start handing them out. They will be given out completely manually, and most at the end of the fight, however. We’ll give you some more information once they’re all ready, though!

Suggestions & Ideas
As some of you may know, we have a Discord server setup and in that server, we have the channel #suggestions. This channel serves as place to suggest possible features and ways to make the site better. There are many common suggestions that we are noticing pop up a lot… And many of these are great ideas that we hope to implement in the future! Some of these suggestions include:
  • Random character feature

  • A “Like” or “Favorite” function

  • Direct comment replies

  • Profile commenting

  • Character organization and rearrangement function

  • Content box made available for non Custom Species

  • Content box for “Other” filters

  • Notification clear all

  • And plenty plenty more!

  • Known bugs
    A lot of you over in our Chat have been reporting bugs and it’s fantastic what you guys have found! Here’s a list of currently known bugs that we will be working on getting fixed up for you guys, and if you notice anything else you think might be a bug, please jump on over to the discord Chat and let us know in the #bugs channel!
  • Description search doesn’t take other search options into account

  • Broken emote parsing when typing

  • Deleted attacks don’t update on receiver’s current team stat page

  • Overall battle vs Team battle point stats don’t match up

  • Deleting revenge doesn’t clear the revenge data

  • Unable to remove bookmarks on hidden or banned characters

  • Notification counts are whacky

  • Team leads by negative points

  • If you have any questions, or perhaps more suggestions, the quickest way to let us know is to join our Discord server which serves as our chat for this year.

    Thank you for reading!

    Comments (28)

    Rainy aww okay, thank you!
    Rainy said:
    Abandon3dRain torterrart,

    The site will remain up, but you will not be able to rate attacks, nor will you be able to attack others!
    Rainy the site will remain up? Does that mean that we would still be able to attack other users, Just not recieve any points for us or the teams? ;0;
    So after the time goes out we wont be aloud to fight any more?  :o 
    Rainy said:
    The next planned event will be in summer 2017. However, the site will be remain open until then! Although, we have discussed another round happening in perhaps winter/spring! It's just talk though, nothing has been planned yet.
    Just a few days left before final results. Will there be another round? Or will this site close once this round ends?
    I'll be so excited when you can do character organization & rearrangement function! I have a ton of ocs DX golly still uploading them all to this site still even though my DA of my characters & are listed to look at them until all are submitted XD
    And will there be a way to order around the art posted on images of our characters? I had to upload the pieces of said oc the way I wanted since we couldn't arrange them. Will be a feature later on?
    Wendiz Thank you for the suggestion! We had thought about such a feature to the blocking however it seemed extremely troublesome and difficult to implement, so it was not added.
    @eikthyrmir We're aware of this bug and currently don't know why it does what it does. I've been looking into it, but it's quite a tricky one to figure out.
    selkiegal Thank you for the information! We're aware of the reason but it just seemed really odd to us, so we're thinking perhaps have it state base points + vote points.
    baigel Whoops! So if you have multiple font names in the text editor, it works just fine but it's not actually a feature of our bbcode, so it breaks.
    onj-art Unfortunately we started running out of time to get the site up and running in a reasonable amount of time, so we had to pick and choose what to leave out for the launch, and figured comment replies would be fine to leave out since we have the pinging feature (as it appears others showed you already!).
    onj-art said:
    onion thank you so much for telling me i really need to know this
    Rainy said:
    yup! pings work and will notify people :>
    gentaro said:
    onj-art you can still tag people (although i'm not sure if they get the notification that they got pinged rip,, so i don't know if you can see this reply xD) it's [@ user] w/o the space!
    onj-art said:
    Really want to be able to reply to comments. and everything else sounds amazing. I just find it weird one can't already do that? the only way for them to see something is if you comment on their work and you can't really hold a conversation over anything so..  
    korvas said:
    Looking forward to those features! Also how would people feel about changing the notifications a bit? For me I find the red notifications button below out avatars to be a bit distracting, and instead of having it represent all notifications that it would only show new ones. So it would essentially represent 'read and unread' notifications. Just because on other forms of social media that is what that icon represents. Still like that it shows a breakdown of specifics when you mouse over your avatar though.
    Also in the sites layout would you all consider limiting the 'content' area of the page to 800px or so? I have a 1080p resolution (and even higher on another monitor) so things are getting real tiny and stretched out. Just an opinion.
    A like function would be fantastic! And comment replies yes yes yes! I like the idea of a random button too, and a lot of those other ideas!