Posted by Biscuit on 9 May 2017 05:52:20 PM (Edited by Takaia 5 years ago)
We are now accepting new applications for positions like: 
- chat moderators for the Discord server 
- attack moderators for when AF starts (July/August) 
- programmers to help develop the site
- more! 

Old applications that didn't get a response from us will still be considered, but feel free to reapply if you feel you have more to add. If you previously applied and want to withdraw your application, please contact Takaia

To apply, please fill out the volunteer form:

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Biscuit said:
Happy early birthday! 
Attack Moderators are mostly responsible for moderating images uploaded on-site, making sure that users are giving them the proper maturity filters and scoring. 
Overall, Attack Moderators help out on keeping an eye on the site and profiles! Answering questions through comments like this as well! 
Gecko998 said:

Just wondering, what do attack moderators do? 
Gecko998 said:
July being my birthday and being the month that Artfight starts means that July couldn't come soon enough
I cant wait
Biscuit said:
I'll be sure we take note of the incorrect name! Thank you for letting us know. 

As always, the event will only be one month long. July/August is just an estimate time for when to expect it to start.

Thank you for asking and for applying!  <3 
Is art fight scheduled for 2 months this year? Or just either or. Also I accidentally put Rivaxorus down for my app for my Art fight name when it's actually Centipedle.
Biscuit said:
We are working diligently to get through applications as swiftly as we can! We are looking into hiring in waves, but hopefully you should hear back within the next month or two!
You will be notified if you do not get a position.
Thank you so much for applying! 
Hey, will we be notified if we DIDN'T get a position? And how long do you think it will take to look over the second step of the application? I don't wanna be rude or impatient, I'm just curious! ;v;
Pim said:
I'm excited AAAA
Aviivix said:
Awesome, hopefully you guys can get the help you need. Hype for AF17!