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Welcome, Art Fighters!
The time has finally come.

Joining the event
To join a team, click the "current event" button on the top right. You'll be able to be sorted into a team from there!
For more information about the fight, check out our About and FAQ page.

To attack someone, click the submit tab on the top left to be taken to the attack submission page.
When posting attacks, make sure you check if anything needs to be filtered. You can check via our nifty Maturity Guide.
If you are having trouble understanding how to rate your attack, make sure to check out our Attack Guide.

If you have additional questions, get in contact with a moderator or join our Discord server.


Team Badges

To show your team pride, use the badges made by Sangtanic and leafjelly on your Art Fight profile! You can add them to your profile by clicking the little emoji on the text editor.

Theme Reveal

If you haven't already seen the 2023 theme reveal video, you can watch it here.

New filtering system!

We have made some changes to our filtering system. The filter categories are the same, but your personal filter settings are now easier to use and understand. Go to your settings to have a look and adjust the filters to your preferences.

Changes for filters include:

  • New design for your personal filter settings
  • Characters and attacks in filter categories you have set to hide can no longer be accessed. To see them, change the filter to censor or show instead.
  • Extreme nudity and sexual themes are hidden for minors, they will be accessible when a user turns 18
  • With the update to the system, all user filters have been set to "hide" by default. Go to your settings to set your preferences.

Changes to the attack guide

  • The “Drawings” category has changed name to “Drawn / Painted”
  • Clean Color and Painting under the Coloring subcategory has been merged into Clean Color.
  • Added that painting a 3D printed version of a 3D model counts as a self produced texture. (In the 3D section.)
  • Clarified that question 8 under Crafts in the attack FAQ relates to crafts only.

New additions to the team

Please give a warm welcome this year's new additions to the team! banannie mintberry amongus SOCKY and rejoining us is @Virixin !  Thank you for your hard work thus far!

Art Fight 2023 Banners

The 2023 Banners are here!  A big thank you to Axel for all his hard work!  Thank you for your patience.

All characters here can be found in this tag!  The owners are also listed in order below.
Vampire Banner 1, from left to right, front to back: minersblog | @TYTOBITEZ | UnknownSpy | RabbitJaguar | Kayelsea | Santiago | Manakete | yesile | triggerbolt | Nethew | Zaezar | EmbyrFyre
Vampire Banner 3, from left to right, front to back: SharaXOfficial | Kingfreak | @canopicgirl | Managlyph | Lioness | Kirin | Silkirose | Mozzie | @kodyACKbear | Jackster | whichlights | PitchblackDragon
Werewolf Banner 3, from left to right, front to back: neotabu | ClockworkRhapsody | TheLateHeron | SP00KY | wrathberries | @SamisHere | Lanesy | sifyro | @YeenBeanz | Maoilix | PhoeniXXTalon | dreams0da
View the HQ versions on our Deviantart Group!


Comments (673)

congrats everyone and bye :) 
It was fun participating again! So glad I got my attacks done!
 Good Job everyone! Glad I did more then I did the first year I joined 
Kinda disappointed I couldn’t fix my battle ratio, but hopefully I can do better next year, so far I’ve only been on losing teams, but I will not let that happen again next year!
zay_idk said:
sobs i cant finish that second drawing in time aaarg
other people's characters are so cool i wanna hug them all
JDjerm said:
I love ArtFight. Did 3 mass attacks this year, 5988 points and I'll maybe get something done tomorrow? But if I don't that's ok with me. You guys are awesome 
my wrist hurt ☚ī¸
At this point I don’t care about my battle ratio, I’m just glad so many people liked my characters, I feel kinda burnt out, and my team is probably gonna lose anyway but I will do better next year, I promise to myself 
i’ll do better next year 💀
still feel bad for only getting two attacks done this year sobbing crying (still working on that second one, too). life has been busy man
I'm still looking for two of my OC's Vance and Tanaka to be drawn together, so if anybody is willing to draw em you can message me on here!