Posted by Axel on 10 September 2023 06:05:28 PM

Hey, Art Fighters
We wanted to update you about the Leadership Transition newspost. As stated in the 2023 Winner newspost, the Leadership Transition newspost was supposed to be released late August.
We have ran into unavoidable delays regarding the legal process of transferring Art Fight and so the Leadership Transition newspost has been affected. We will work as hard as we can to get it out in a timely manner, while respecting the sensitive legal process.
Thank you all for your patience.

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G3mby basically, on july 1st is when artfight starts and you are able to attack! Pick a character that u like from someone else and draw it and submit the attack ! But copy the character’s ID code 
Artfight is a art trading website 
You can also revenge if someone attacks your character ( do the same thing w/ attack but add revenge ) 
And it is the same when uploading a character ( don’t press attack, press the character button on submit ) 
Also, the event ends on august 1

If u have anymore questions, pm :)
G3mby im bad at explaining buttt, art fight is basically when you "attack" another player with art of their character!! And you get points from attacking, noww a person can "defend" ur attack by drawing UR oc !!basically like art trades ^^ and they get points too ! At the end of the month whoevers team has the most points wins. Alsoo theres friendly fire,,, thats when the same team attacks eachother :3 hoped this helped 
G3mby said:
Hey, I'm new to the whole Art Fight thing, and I have trouble understanding things sometimes so could someone explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old?
Puffs64 said:
Since the af server is currently dead, I assume a lot of people are checking this post now, i say hi to all of you :) you guys are funky as shit
I have made over 30 more characters and I can’t wait for 2024 artfight so I can attack again! Thanks for the update!
the updates appreciated!!! im already excited for 2024 artfight! :]
I know I'm not the only one who appreciates the transparency
She say "do you love me" i tell her ↓
Take your time   We appreciate the transparency!
-ov0- said:
Take your time! Thank you for letting us know! 
cool, take your time
Can anyone else not upload images?
Appreciate the transparency and any news at all, hope the legal garble goes  by quick and y'all are able to get the site running well n smooth like y'all want! :D and take as much time as you need!