Posted by Axel on 10 September 2023 06:05:28 PM

Hey, Art Fighters
We wanted to update you about the Leadership Transition newspost. As stated in the 2023 Winner newspost, the Leadership Transition newspost was supposed to be released late August.
We have ran into unavoidable delays regarding the legal process of transferring Art Fight and so the Leadership Transition newspost has been affected. We will work as hard as we can to get it out in a timely manner, while respecting the sensitive legal process.
Thank you all for your patience.

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depth said:
and so, as every newspost has, have slowed down. there are barely any new comments. i declare this newspost, DEAD.
WOOP! so excited for next year!!! Until then i have a super active art server if anyone wants to join :3 We have a trading system, a "draw the OC above" activity, a marketplace, an ongoing DTIYS with prizes (including nitro!), a great community, and sm more!!! Hope to see you.
sw3kk3r2 said:
depth said:
oh dang this guy below me just straight up quit
Still waiting for this account to be deleted it has been over a month and I have already sent three emails.  
The update is appreciated! We'll be looking forward to the newspost, but no hurries, at least we already know the team is doing their best this time
GarBlox said:
Yeh guys we shouldn't judge them, I'm sure they are doing what they can and need to do.  
Rinnpaws said:
Don't be mean to artfight yall they're trying 
Thanks for keeping us updated! I loved participating last July and hopefully will participate next July.
Thank you for the update! Hoping that the site sticks around!
MishaChu do you... do you not understand how tight-lipped legal disputes can force someone to be? do you want them to get in trouble? i'm just very confused at this reasoning. it isn't all about us right now. 
abbey said:
Nice. Keeping us updated and explaining delays. You guys rock. 
People need to chill. It's better to hold off on updates while stuff is still up in the air, especially when legal things are involved. It's better to make an accurate announcement, than to make a timely one.
no idea what the owner did or anything about the drama buuuuut