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 Art Fight Start Date 

As tradition, Art Fight 2023 will be starting on July 1st, at 6:00 pm UTC. Please check the countdown on the front page for the exact start time! We recommend you start preparing yourself by updating your own characters and bookmarking other people’s characters early!
It’s important to note that drawing attacks before Art Fight starts (July 1st, 6:00pm UTC) is against the rules. Not only is it unfair to others, but it shatters the spirit of Art Fight. If you attempt to do this, your account may be banned. Please be considerate, and show good team spirit!

Theme Reveal

The 2023 Art Fight Theme Reveal will once again be streamed on our Twitch! The theme reveal will be happening on June 23rd 2023, at 10:30 pm UTC.
The theme reveal is an annual animated video by Axel that reveals the team before the fight. It will start 12 hours before with music, a live countdown, and little mod driven activities; It will begin at 10:30AM UTC!

Other updates and news

On Coming Site Updates

We will be implementing a few new changes to the site. During this time, please be patient with us during scheduled maintenance, and downtimes. More info will be shared when it's ready!

2022 Achievements

Rest assured, our artist is working away and they will be finished and released in time for the fight. Check back for the July 1st news post!

AI Art

As a reminder, using pre-made, uncredited art (like AI art) in characters and attacks goes against the spirit and rules of Art Fight; Character rule #26 & Spirit of Art Fight rule #1. This method actively hurts artists by stealing their work and Art Fight stands strongly against it. Characters and attacks that contain pre-made & uncredited art will be removed.

Character, attack, and profile pages are only available to those who are logged in. Still, we strongly encourage the user of watermarking images posted onto the site to further protect yourself against theft. And as always, you can report rule breaks using the report feature or get in contact with a moderator.

Here are some helpful resources about the negative impact of AI art and how it hurts artists:

Discord Server

Trying to find targets? Join our Discord Server where you can partake in our channel Target Hunting - a channel designed to find users to attack. Check the server for more updates regarding the theme reveal!

ArtFight 2023 MAP

If you remember last year, scribedhearts and cyxxie hosted ArtFight’s first official Multiple Animators Project, aka MAP. With the hard work of 60 participants split across two MAP videos, we were able to produce THIS and THIS!

Seeing the success of the last project has led to the return of the MAP this year. Cyxxie and Scribedhearts hope to debut the MAP song before the team reveal video on June 23rd, with sign-ups going out shortly after. After taking in feedback from last year, participants will be notified before the event begins as well!

As a reminder, all MAP parts and participants must follow ArtFight rules. While the entire part must be created during the duration of the event, parts may be of any finish level, and we are accepting and welcoming people of ALL animation levels. Participants will be required to join an ArtFight MAP-specific Discord server so the hosts can keep in contact easier, as well as seamlessly do check-ins throughout the month.

We will only be able to accept a certain number of people. After that number is reached, anyone after may sign-up as a backup. This year, parts will be divided in order to hit the music beats, which means part lengths will vary. In order to keep things fair, parts will still be assigned on a FCFS basis, so apply QUICK!

Reporting Guide

As more and more users become active, that means more eyes are on the site and more reports are on the way in! In order to help make your lives (and ours) a bit easier when it comes to helping us keep the site safe, we are currently developing a Guide to Reporting. Please keep an eye out for the release!

Stay Tuned!

More updates will be posted the day of the reveal! Thank you for your patience.


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dldeadly said:
I can see recent attacks now yay!
vamps ftw !!
🦟 🦟 🦟 🦟 🦟 🦟 
SupaArtz said:
Joining vampire but only because of Baz from Carry Zom 🥹
grayvee said:
If Werewolves have a million fans, then I am one of them. If Werewolves have ten fans, then I am one of them. If Werewolves have only one fan then that is me. If Werewolves have no fans, then that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against Werewolves, then I am against the world.
super hyped for my first ever artfight!! gonna submit a bunch o charas tomorrow
venana said:
i'm going with screwed-up cryptid vampires cuz i love my elegant bloodsuckers