Posted by Biscuit on 1 January 2018 01:15:05 AM (Edited by Biscuit 2 years ago)
Art Fight Volunteer Applications & Theme Poll

Volunteer Applications

In time for the new year, we decided to open up volunteer applications! We are now accepting new applications for positions like: 
chat moderators for the Discord server.
- attack moderators for when AF starts (July/August).
programmers to help develop the site.
- more! 

It is required for you to have at least participated in at least 1 Art Fight event. You must be at least 13 years old to apply. 

Old applications that didn't get a response from us will still be considered, but feel free to reapply if you feel you have more to add. If you previously applied and want to withdraw your application, please contact Takaia

Apply here

Theme Poll 

We apologize for the little delay, but the theme poll is now out and ready for your votes! This is stage 1, which means there’s 25 themes to vote on (you can vote for multiple). Stage 2 will bring you the top 5 most voted themes from stage 1, and whatever gets the most votes on Stage 2, will be the theme of Art Fight 2018. 

Vote here

We hope everyone has a great 2018!

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Well, I placed my vote. I'm personally routing for Creation vs Destruction
Junip3r said:
Voted! Really hoping for neonXpastel or yinXyang
Voted ! Can't wait :0
Yoo! The two themes I suggested (Space VS time, Tea Vs coffee) were added! That's so cool!

I really cannot wait for this event again. Really, it's so fun. I am ready for 2018- and have been since artfight 2017 ended!
I voted!! Can't wait for 2018 artfight!!
Dr-Nova said:
Voted! I'm super excited!
Voted!! Ready for ArtFight 2018!!!
Voted! Can't wait until this ArtFight 2018!

Voted! I'm excited for this year's competition! 
Ikayuro said:
Voted! c:
Awesome! Voted!
Stereo said:
sweet I can't wait to see the results for the theme!