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Youtube Video

I've wanted to create a video about Art Fight for a long time and I finally got to do it! Please share it around with your friends and use it as a explanation whenever you can! Big thanks to AuthorOfDragons for making this possible with the awesome voice. 

Click here to watch!

DeviantArt Stamps

We also have some DeviantART stamp goodies brought to you by @Sanguynn! 

(image just a preview, click link below to use them)

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Feel free to use them on your social medias, just credit

Maturity Guides

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working to update our maturity filter guides, along with a few rule changes regarding our body horror filters as well! 
- We’ve edited them to try and make what is allowed without a filter, and what needs a filter, more clear to everyone! 
- We’ve updated and added new visual guides to both the body horror and gore pages, as well as added descriptions of what is and isn’t okay without a filter. 
- We’ve even added a quick “cheat sheet” so you can tell at a glance what needs filtering!
You can go here to see the updated guides!

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How do i put one of those deviantart stamps in my profile? :0
Sorry for commenting on an old-ish post but I was wondering if/or what zippers would have to be filtered for? This character has a zipper on her stomach/arms but her body is plush and can't actually bleed so im not sure what to mark it as. The zippers don't have any mouth features like teeth/tongue or anything either, I was thinking it qualified for body horror?
Biscuit said:
Caine Hmm this seems interesting! I want to say they would be fine without a filter, but it's hard for me to actually say without seeing the character. Would you mind perhaps PMing me with an image of the character? That way I can confirm for sure!
Can someone help me out with putting the moon badge on my profile? I just can't seem to figure it out rip

(edit): nvm!!
Caine said:
I'm really on the fence with this one so I might as well ask: I have a humanoid character who has the torso of a musical instrument (cello), would this be considered worth filtering? He isn't portrayed with horror in mind and isn't horribly disfigured or anything, but it's clear his body's state is unnatural 
Biscuit said:
Caize In general they should be fine! If something specific seems questionable, please feel free to PM a mod for specific clarification on a character!
Caize said:
Should object heads be filtered as body horror?
Biscuit said:
BoundlessB This is tricky! I believe the mention of death, as long as it does not include suicide/abuse/violence or something of the like, should be fine unfiltered!
Thank you for making sure!
Sorry, I know this post is 5 days old, but I have a question about the filters. If there is description of death, but not gore/suicide related(ex. related to murder, ghosts, etc), should it be filtered? If yes, how so?
Dorkface said:
Is it just me, or does anyone else get a chuckle from the term "extreme nudity"?
I'm just imagining somebody knocking on someone else's dressing room door and hearing something like, "don't come in- I'm EXTREMELY naked right now! Like, we're talking full-blown, hardcore EXTREME nekkidness right here!"

Lol, but this is a great guide. Thanks for the update! : )
Cool stamps!  Nice to see the maturity guides got more specific too.  My spider characters will surely be grateful for the eye exception! ^^
Biscuit said:
Crazeexd Skeletons alone are fine! I'll add this to the guide. Thank you for confirming!
I have a question: If a character is a skeleton ( I dont draw her realistically ) does it need to be filtered because of the "visible innards" guidelines? It's technically not innards since she's, ya kno, a skeleton. Will comply if the answer is yes, however.
The guide is super useful! Thank you! Especially the visual guide.
niidles said:
Neat! Thanks for all the hard work you all!