Attack Guide Help + Art Fight Start Date + Twitch Streaming!

Posted by Rainy on 10 May 2018 04:53:21 PM (Edited by Rainy 1 week ago)

Volunteer Attack Examples Call

With the help of your feedback via the user surveys, the staff has been working on revisions to the attack categories and attack guide! 
Since Art Fight is just around the corner we were hoping to get a hand from you guys once again but this time with art examples for the guide! We want our examples to show diversity in art style so the categories are clearer!
If you're interested in joining the Guide Art Crew, and providing art for the guide, please fill out this form! Those accepted will gain access to a temporary server focused around improving the guide.

You can apply here!

Art Fight Start Date Confirmed

We recently have confirmed that Art Fight will start July 1st! We understand it can be confusing to new people, so I've made up a little informational thing about Art Fight. 

What is Art Fight?

Art Fight is a web-based graphic art game that was created in 2007 in order to inspire creativity and fun among different communities of artists! The fight lasts for one month each year, usually in the summer, and returns annually.

How does it work?

Players are split into two teams (based on a theme) and "attack" by drawing art for members of the other team. Each attack is worth a specific number of points based upon effort, completion, and detail. At the end of the month, the team with the greater score wins.
Read more here. 

How do join teams?

You cannot join a team yet. You will be able to when the event starts on July 1st!
While waiting, come join us on the Discord server! We're super friendly and would love to have you.

Twitch Streaming

We recently started streaming on Twitch for our Featured Character minigame. If you don't know what that is, catch us in the Art Fight Discord and read #minigames-info after you've been verified. Everyday at 8:30 AF time we stream the random selection of the featured character. If you would like to join in, catch us at the Twitch!

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Aaaah i can't wait !
I hope i have enuff time this year owo
2nd year here i come
hell yEAH caNT WAIT
god i wish it'd be earlier :")
Abandon3dRain, one month as always!
hype hype! how long will artfight last this time?
hype hype! how long will artfight last this time?
really excited for this! it'll be my first time participating. c:
aaaAA can't wait until it starts this year!!!
good luck to everyone else this year! 
Aaaaaaaaah, can't wait! My second year!
Second Year, here we go!!
aawh yiss
cant wait
Oh boiiii, fist time here and I just can't waaaiiiiit XD
*joyful noises*
Heck yeah !! I can’t wait!!
Ahhh so excited for July!!!
Can't wait for July! :>
hell yeah!!!