Attack Categorization Surveys

Posted by Rainy on 21 March 2018 03:24:55 PM (Edited by Rainy 1 month ago)

As some of you might realize, the Art Fight rating system is not flawless, and needs some improvements. So in an attempt to improve the attack rating system, we were hoping to get some user feedback via surveys! There are currently 2 surveys you can take. 

How do you categorize attacks?

This survey consists of 22 attacks that you will be categorizing yourself. Please categorize the following art pieces based on how YOU think they fit each category. Please do not refer to Art Fight's category guide for this survey. We want to see how you categorize attacks by your own standards. You can take the survey here.

How do you want to see attacks categorized?

In this survey we're trying to gather information about how people feel about our current categorization system as well as get everyone's opinion on potential changes. Take the survey here.

Thank you for participating in our surveys! Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. 

Comments (22)

I think it would be cool to have a system where you first specify the medium/type of attack (lineless painting, clay, animation, etc.), and then the categories you rate yourself on appear (based on which one you picked).  Like, if your attack was a traditional, lineless watercolor painting, you wouldn't be asked to rate yourself on your lineart, but you'd still be asked to rate yourself on how detailed the background is.  Or if your attack was made out of clay, you wouldn't miss out on points just because nothing in the system applies to clay.  I think that could potentially encourage people to use other media.
done ^^
i was thinking you should make something like that survey during art fight to keep track of the attacks that are marked wrong to get more points. it can work like "uping" with a random attack
 Reptonic you can make one drawing last 20 frames so it should be drown frames (also i agree)
Done! We need better categorization for animation based on if they're done by hand-drawing, simple color changes, and how many frames. 
Done, and I thought I'd add something I included in the survey too in case anyone has any insight.
I feel like I'm at a disadvantage in general because I use a traditional medium, and it discouraged me from participating in the fight last year.
...though maybe it's just me, I don't know.  Just thought I'd say something before I retreat to my hole.
Done! ^^
ahh,,, i want more surveys haha!! i really liked rating art
also, does anyone know if/how i can delete old attacks? i hate having embarassing old art on my profile lol
That first poll was so helpful cause at times it does get confusing what one thing could be considered for another :,D
o.o I feel these are extremely important Polls. There are some ideas I'm very concerned about in the second one. 
Also, I'd be glad to do more polls. i actually enjoy sitting down for polls. 
So glad to see that there's still so much love behind this project. Took both.