Posted by Biscuit on 21 June 2018 11:50:55 PM (Edited by Biscuit 5 years ago)
New Attack Scoring System and Categories
The new attack category system is here just in time for Art Fight 2018! We hope the categories are clearer, but just in case you still have some questions, we also updated the
Attack Category guide to reflect our changes!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that contributed art to it:

altaria Axel Biscuit @CanaryOfAzurite cedes classicturtle @coconutmoose DatFluffyPillow @Dzuma elikapika emmabebe fable furystarcat iownfish @Jam3sArt JaniToad jenn @KauzAtticfail @KitsuneZakuro LakeLake @LittleWoodlouse Obscuritea ori panstarry Pilot Razouru @razu @Reptonic Rottweiler @RumpPlug Ryderbread @sanguynn Sixbane snarbs @washy Wolfhowl

Also, now would be a good time to go over our rules and TOS again, as well as the maturity guides, in order to insure your Art Fight experience this year goes smoothly!

We hope you guys are as excited for this years fight as we are, happy art fighting!

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part of me's gonna miss that one picture of the elephant
Gyrwolf said:
I like the new guides! I hope they will help us all get more accurate amounts of points.
I have one possible suggestion for the future... what about character complexity? Let’s say I did two character drawings with the same ratings for lineart, shading, etc. (so the amount of points between the two attacks would normally be the same) but then let’s say one character was a plain brown cat, and the other was a cat with lots of spots and stripes of different colors. The cat with more complex patterns would likely take a lot more time and effort for me to draw than the plain brown cat, and therefore it would be nice to earn a bit more points for the more complex attack. Do you think it would be a good idea to implement a complexity rating for character designs, or would that be too difficult? I guess at times it could be hard to decide where to draw the line between a simple character design, one that’s moderately complicated, and one that’s very complicated... I don’t know. This is just something I was thinking about recently.
xaandiir said:
Ahh I really like all the additions to the system! I especially like the more subtle differences of things like minimal shading vs multi tone shading and the difference in backgrounds. It'll definitely make things easier to categorize to receive a more accurate amount of points for each piece!
Uluri said:
Biscuit it seems that the text was changed and corrected by that time, as I was quoting what was written. Good good.
Biscuit said:
Uluri I believe what it says is: "...and is longer than 11 frames" unless I'm looking at the wrong thing! Otherwise maybe that wording is confusing and needs changing..

But thank you so much! We hope these categories and clearer descriptions help to keep everyone feeling more happy with the system and cause less confusion! 
Uluri said:
Ahh I'm really glad that the Categories are still Fair across the board between styles of artwork. I was really worried like mad with your one poll way earlier in the year about how it might change.
Also cool to see 3D artwork has been added into the categories.
Uluri said:
For the last Animation Category "Long Animation" says "No MORE than 11 frames" shouldn't it say "No LESS than 11 frames" instead? Because I sure use a lot more than 11 frames on some of my more complicated works.